TITLE: The Accidental Exhibitionist
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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Several years back I rented a home in a mobile home park. I was divorced and lived alone. The trailer had one bedroom and a bathroom. There was a small backyard surrounded with a rickety wooden fence. I would come home each afternoon and grab a beer and head for the back yard. I wasn’t seeing anyone, so I took to masturbating. I would strip naked and pleasure myself to porn.

One day as I was masturbating, I heard a noise next door. I glanced over to find my neighbor looking through an opening in the fence. I was immediately excited at having been caught in the act. I had chatted with this lady several times. She was in her 60’s and had aged well. Her husband died 2 years ago. I hadn’t given her much thought until this moment.

The weekend came and I was sure she was watching me masturbate every day. I made the opening in the fence a little larger to accommodate her view. I installed a hidden camera and pointed it to where she would be standing to watch me. The following Monday afternoon I went into the back yard and masturbated. I went inside when I finished and watched the video. There she was on video watching me but also masturbating with me.

The weekend came and I took a walk around the neighborhood. I saw her and we stopped and chatted for a bit. Her name was Linda. She was retired and a part time volunteer. I talked about my job and asked her what she did with her spare time. She said she watched TV and liked to sit outside in the afternoon and read. She had dated a few times but didn’t like any of the men. She invited me for dinner and I readily accepted. I was 20 years younger but excited at the prospect of fucking this cougar.

As we ate, I used the opportunity to find out more about her. She had done many jobs in different places. The last ten years she was a massage therapist. I asked if she still did them and she said occasionally. I told her it had been years since I had one. She told me she would be happy to give me one. I asked her if we could set the massage table outside. She didn’t offer draping and I didn’t ask. After a great massage she offered me some wine and we sat outside talking about life.

Several weeks went by and I continued my daily routine of masturbating in the back yard. I told her to drop by anytime. I got home at 4 every day. One day while lying in the yard I was getting ready to climax when my gate opened. There she stood catching me in the act of having an orgasm. I didn’t stop and she just watched. There was awkward silence. “How was the show”? I asked. I know you’ve been watching me for months. She just grinned. “I hoped I would catch you” she said. She said she heard a noise one day and looked through the fence and couldn’t stop watching.

She confessed that since her husband died she missed the touch of a man. I stood up and embraced her. She stripped and told me to fuck her. We went to my bed and we fucked for a good while. She was well trained in the art of pleasure. She used her tongue to tease my cock until streams of cum covered her tits. As I licked her clit and fingered her ass, she erupted with a wave of juice that covered my face. She had been denied too long. We showered together as she used a finger to stimulate my prostate and massage my cock. I was ecstatic at the new-found pleasure. She worked me until I could no longer hold out. She dropped to her knees as I filled her mouth with load after load of hot cum. It ran down her chest and she used her fingers to scoop up every missed drop.

We fucked many times after that until I moved to another job.