TITLE: Blackmailing The Sister In-Law
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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There are times when we desire things that we know will never happen. Sometimes dumb luck is on our side and sends us an experience we never expected. One such event happened that is hard to believe even to this day.

I met my wife Tina 10 years ago and we dated several years before getting married. She is a pretty brunette, 5’ 2”, C-cup breasts and a captivating personality. She works hard and helps when others are in need. Everyone loves her.

Her sister Wendy is far different. She is self-absorbed and could care less about others. The only thing she has going for her is her body. She is perfect from head to toe. She has long blonde hair, blue eyes and a set of 44 D’s that are all hers. I’ve seen her in a bathing suit which left me in lust with a rock-hard cock.

Wendy married a wealthy man named David. He is 20 years her senior. She is the trophy wife. I always wanted to fuck Wendy. The few times I was around her we always butted heads. She and Tina had a good relationship, but I was nothing to her.

I have a friend named Robert who owns a small motel on the outskirts of town. He hired me to install a new security system for his business. One evening while finishing the installation, I got the shock of my life. In the camera I observed Wendy and another man entering a first-floor room. I asked Robert the couples name. “Lisa and Tony Williams” he replied. Without a doubt it was Wendy and some man. It was not her husband David. I waited an hour for them to come out and sure enough, it was her.

For several days I pondered the implications of this discovery. I was going to confront Wendy and see where this led.

I decided to set the trap with a simple email. “I saw you at the motel Monday night” was the only words I typed. Several minutes later I got a response denying being at any motel. I said: “video doesn’t lie”. “What do you want”? was her reply. “Let’s meet tomorrow” I said.

The meeting took place in tiny restaurant near the motel. She was nervous and almost in tears as she walked to the table. “Hi” I said with a smile on my face. “I see you’ve been having fun”. “What the fuck do you want from me”? was her response. “What’s the story”? I asked.

David had several medical issues over the last few years. Their sex life was all but over. She was fucking David’s accountant Thomas. They had got together several month ago.

David has several businesses and had made millions. Wendy had been a secretary and soon was the trophy wife. She enjoyed the luxuries and stood to lose it all in a divorce.

“I want to fuck you” was my answer to her question. She offered money, but I said “no”. She balked at first then considered the alternative.
We went to the motel and got a room. I undressed and watched her hesitate as she stripped. “Can’t we handle this another way”? “No” was my response. She slipped off her dress and panties. My jaw dropped as those 44 d’s were exposed. I been waiting for years to see them. She lay on the bed and we fucked for half an hour. She moaned and had a small climax. I came several times in my excitement over having her. We met several times over the next week. “I’m done” was her message to me one day. I said that I would send the video to David that day. “Please don’t” she said. We continued fucking until one day I wanted her to do something else.

My friend Robert owned the motel. He was large and unkept. He took a bath every few days, but hygiene was not a priority. He hadn’t been with a woman in years. “I want you to fuck Robert”. She was repulsed by the request. The thought of being poor made her consent. Robert stood before her naked. At 300 lbs and sloppy, she was incensed. She rode Robert and he orgasmed for the first time in years. After the encounter Wendy ran to the shower.

Over the next month several more friends fucked Wendy as she worked to keep her money. She was livid and seethed at the thought of this continuing sex circus. On one occasion several of my buddies requested a gangbang. She was pissed but was reminded of her loss of status.

On my way home one evening, I stopped at a tavern I frequent. I walked in and was surprised to see Wendy’s husband David at the bar. I knew David, but we were not close. He was always involved in his work and had little time for outside social events. “How are you David” I said. “OK” he said. We chatted for a few minutes about his work. I ask him about his health. He was struggling with some issues and was doing better. As he drank, he lamented the loss of his sex life. He knew Wendy’s needed to be satisfied but he couldn’t keep up with her. He confided to me that he encouraged his accountant Thomas to start an affair with Wendy to satisfy her need to be fucked. I was stunned at this revelation. Wendy was fucking a man her husband already knew about. She was unaware that her husband had orchestrated the whole thing. His next suggestion blew my mind. He told me he knew I had an eye for Wendy. He said I could fuck her anytime. She was young and beautiful and needed to be fulfilled. You could have knocked me over with a feather. Here I was already doing these very things and Wendy was totally clueless.

I pondered the craziness of the whole situation. If Wendy knew, the fucking would immediately stop. If I remained silent it could go on for years. I continued to fuck her for several more months. She told me one day that we were finished. She would confess to David and ask for forgiveness.

Wendy stood before David crying as she confessed to fucking Thomas and me. She told him about the meetings at the motel and all the sex we had had. David looked at her and told her not to worry. He told her he had encouraged Thomas and me to seduce her into sex. Wendy was speechless. She had been fucking the very guy she despised while worrying about losing her luxury lifestyle.

Wendy never told Tina and never spoke to me again. On the rare occasion I see her, I say “nice body”.