TITLE: College Step-Daughter & Roomie
LOCATION: bbrocks - USA
CLUBHOUSE: bbrocks
AGE: 18 - 21
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My step-daughter Julie is in college and lives in an apartment in town with 3 really hot and sexy room mates. She is an avid nudist when she is home, and living on a farm that means she can be naked on acres of land outdoors as well as indoors. When she first moved into an apartment for college she told her room mates about the fun she has at the farm - most of it naked - whether it is sunning by the pool, sitting in the sauna or hot tub, skinny dipping in one of the farm ponds, having a bonfire/party, and many more things she has done over the years.

Well it wasn't too many weeks after they all moved in together that they all came to the farm to check things out and see what Julie was always talking about. They spent the day sunbathing and swimming and even went fishing, all of them wearing teeny little bikinis all day long - including Julie. The night ended with a bonfire near the water and quite a bit of flirting and suggestive story telling. I managed to watch Julie pee outside in the wide open twice that night - something she knows I love to watch. The next day Julie texted a message saying they were all talking about the previous day and evening and couldn't wait for another weekend to visit.

A few weekends later Julie and two of the girls (Fran and Lisa) showed up on a Saturday afternoon, and coincidentally Julie's mom was gone for the day, so I decided to go to the farm store in town for some parts and then stop by the grocery store and get supplies for a bonfire [you have to make smores with a bonfire going right? :-) ] - just in case they stayed that later in the day into evening time. When I returned from town I drove the scenic back way to the farm which meant they couldn't see my truck coming down the road or hear it very well as that direction is well shielded from the pool area. I brought the snacks in the house and looked out the window and they were all sunbathing topless, or so I thought....Fran was obviously topless wading in the shallow end of the pool but when she came out of the water and up the ladder I saw a dripping wet teeny set of tight pussy lips shaved so baby-butt smooth that I wondered if she has hit puberty and had ever had any hair at all? (She was 19 at the time and a college sophomore).

I quit watching, got some chips and cold drinks ready, put on a very loose fitting and very see through pair of shorts on, and carried a tray of snacks out to the girls where they were all laying out flat on the deck. When the back door on the house swung open onto the pool deck area Lisa quickly flung her towel over her perky little tits, Fran slowly made a feeble attempt at covering up - she was very obviously giving me time to get a good all-over look, and Julie just sat up and said "Hi, we didn't hear you come home but glad you are here and with a tray of snacks - we are starving!". I set the tray down and turned to leave as they said thank you and Fran made a very small attempt at staying covered while she smiled and waved as I walked away.

I went to get a pool skimmer out of the pump house to scoop out some leaves and I could hear them asking Julie if she was always so casual being naked around me and she told them we spent most of our time at home together naked (when mom isn't home) and often even catch each other (on purpose most of the time) masturbating and watching each other doing so, or peeing for each other, or just hanging out naked doing whatever daily things people do. She assured them that we never have sex or touch each other's junk but that she does enjoy eating my cum in front of me if I jack off on or near her. She said that they are more than welcome to act the same way she does whenever they are here and that I would never do anything to them unless they specifically wanted to be played with - and she was correct - I enjoy watching and feel very lucky to be around gorgeous girls with hot sexy tight bodies and wouldn't want to scare them off! That seemed to relax Fran and Lisa to the point that they never covered up the rest of the day and eventually Lisa was skinny dipping in the pool completely in the buff with Fran and Julie. They didn't even mind when I dropped my shorts and did some free diving with the pool vacuum hose sucking debris from the pool bottom - and checking out their pussies underwater too! They probably wondered what I was doing cleaning the pool so long but they also appeared to always wander closer to me when I was underwater so I am sure they were purposely part of the game too!

As the sun started to set they wanted to get ready for a bonfire so one by one they showered off the chlorine water from the pool using our open-air outdoor shower. Lisa went first and was done fairly quickly and drying off a few feet from the pool when Julie got in and started soaping up - before Julie finished her tight abs and perfect tits Fran jumped in with her and started soaping Julie's back and ass, which then went quickly to soaping her ass-crack and causing Julie to spin around and tell Fran she might as well do the front too. :-) Once she lathered up Julie's hairy pussy she handed the soapy scrunchy sponge thing to Julie and told her it was her turn - so Julie took an extra long time with Fran's body - knowing I was watching and was hard as a rock too, so erect you could have hung all three of their towels on my cock as a place to dry!

Julie and Fran finished rising off and Julie started toweling off near Lisa - who had been intently watching those horny sexy girls the whole time just like I was. The difference was that Lisa was now wearing a teeny pastel pink g-string bikini bottom - and no top - which showed us all how gorgeous her firm little A-cup tits and tiny erect nipples were, and once she stopped rubbing her clit we all saw a huge wet spot where she had turned her bottoms a darker shade of pink :-) .

Well Fran must have gotten extra turned on and extra bold seeing Lisa's wet bottom and my erect cock and she hollered to me - "It's your turn to get cleaned up so get over here!" She didn't have to ask twice, I was there in a heartbeat! She gave me the same wash job that Julie received from her, and maybe even spent a little more time on me than Julie, especially when she was washing my very hard (and now very leaky with pre-cum) cock and balls. She did multiple trips with a bar of soap and bare hands making sure my puckered asshole and ass cheeks were clean too! Once Fran and I looked up and saw the other girls watching the show, and we realized BOTH Julie and Lisa had their hands inside each other's bottoms fiercely rubbing each other's pussies - and they had their tongues on their titties - we both smiled and laughed and said we shouldn't let them cum alone should we?

We agreed and then Fran turned and stood facing me with a finger going in and out of her tight pussy hole while I was firmly and slowly stroking my cock, and her other hand was rubbing her asshole, only stopping her hands to show me how swollen and erect her clit was and smiling at me with her gorgeous smile. I had really been working hard to hold off cumming - and it wasn't an easy job for sure - then Fran and I looked at Julie and Lisa and noticed that they had stopped masturbating just to watch us. Well Fran was such a tease that she stopped rubbing her pussy too and instead got on her knees and grabbed my cock with both hands - and three or four stroked later I blew a huge load all over her face - laughing she wiped as much as she could off with her hand, licked her fingers, and headed back to the shower.

Once Fran finished showering the rest of my cum out of her hair - and off her face, neck, and chest - she helped me get cleaned up and then we all got dried off and into our skimpy outfits for the bonfire. I knew none of the three had cum yet and I had to ask them why not - Julie told me that while I was gone to the store she and Fran had planned this all out - to get Lisa comfortable being naked with everyone and to see how long they could make me watch them in the pool and sunbathing before I would grab my cock and/or jack off. Once the shower part had started they figured they would watch me cum and then tease me more by saving themselves for later by the bonfire - and they also knew they would get extra horny knowing I would watch them masturbate by the bonfire. They made good on the end of the plan and it was a great night for all! I am not sure if shy Lisa had an orgasm, or just played along when Fran and Julie did, but she sure convinced me that she came when watching her face and listening to her moan.

And the best part of all was probably that the very next Monday, Lisa, who later confessed to being really shy and inhibited sexually, skipped class and came out to the farm for an afternoon with just me. We didn't have sex or masturbate that day but when she got home she sent me a great video or her masturbating in her car just about a mile from our house - she said she was too shy that day to play with herself in front of me when it was just the two of us - but said she was so horny and heated up that she couldn't even manage to drive the 15 miles home to have an orgasm so she pulled over on a side road and rubbed one out! And I watched that video and rubbed one out for her that night too!

The saga has continued for several years now with Julie bringing out new room mates every few semesters and it is really fun watching and playing with them, but I sure miss the old ones too!

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