TITLE: Lovers Of Sin
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I left work without even telling my boss. I had to get home before my husband did. I have to make sure no Trace is left behind, I will surely die for if he catches my sin. My husband went away for two days and well I had someone come over. It's not the first time I have cheated but it will be the first time I was sloppy with the cleaning. I met him at the door with only bra and panties on. When the door gave way by my hand turning and pulling the knob. He entered closing the door behind him and immediately went straight for my thong. His left hand quick with his grip, straighting my posture as he grasped the back of my neck. After forcefully grabbing at my bare skin of my ass, he tugged somewhat uncontrollably ripping off my panties causing me to gasp. He backed me up into the wall, looking at me, through me as it was me he was going to mull. My panting got heavier as he explored my ever pour. He whispered, I'm going to fuck you. Your going to want more. As his steamy lips worked around my collar bone, that massive buldge beneath his pants was what I was wanting to get to know. It didn't matter what words fell from his lips. It didn't matter if rythem was not well rehearsed in his hips. Once that piece of enormous man meat was under me and I clamp down on it while claiming my seat. It wouldn't matter what he thought of doing as it would be me and my addiction that were doing the screwing. The muscle and tone in his every limb, would soon realize that not tieing me down was his only sin. Punishment for his ego believing he had caught me, was what he would regret once I reveal that I had him beat. My bra which lay partly on the floor and the other piece on the handle of the door. Is a clue that no doubt discloses forced entry and rough sex. Though all the evidence couldn't piece together that the intruder was a lover out of passion and the killer came alive well before she was orgasmic, wet rational. As he pushed her againtst the tucked in silk creasd neatly. While boasting his undeniable thrill. She glistens on the uncountable stitched threads while feeding her jealous lover a sedative pill. As the air becomes full of hormonial rage, the lover to far gone to take in the plan and stage. Growing heavy his eye lids pulling down with ease, blurred vision a loss of strength and sexual desires throughout thier bodies. Why has he not landed on the smooth pale skin of his wife and lover. Why are the shades drawn lights dim and flashes before him as the camera shutters. A faint laugh stemming from something evil. He notices what appears to be another body in a chair knodding helplessly as it swivels. The odd paper stretched on the walls, looking down on him as he feels the wicked ones claws. Shhhh, the phone rings. Hello a seductive voice answers. Why yes baby, Let me give you my address! Oh and hurry, My husbands upstairs taking a nap. Hurry up babe I'm so fucking wet.