TITLE: China Fun
AGE: 41 - 50
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My job involves a lot of travel to other countries, and more recently I have been in Asia a fair bit, especially China. Wow Chinese ladies are very different firstly in language problems but they want to learn English and can be great fun as I have found out.

I was in Shenzhen, which is just across the border from Hong Kong and went to a known ex-pat location called Sea World which is on the coast opposite HK. Lots of pretty young ladies looking to meet foreigners and I thought it would be fun. There is a bar on the corner and grabbed a beer and sat outside in sun, not long after a couple of early 20 Chinese ladies turned up and asked the normal stuff, where from etc and they joined me. Soon got chatting and the talk got pretty raunchy when they started talking about the small cocks that Chinese guys have and asking if mine was bigger. Now I was getting turned on and asked maybe it was just that Chinese ladies were just as small below. They looked at me, laughed then chatted a few seconds before getting up and walked away. Damn I thought I was doing pretty well, and was surprised when they came back a few minutes later with cheeky smiles on their faces and sat back down.

Lin took my hand and pulled it below the table and pushed it up her skirt and onto her pussy….. oh my, instant hand on as I felt a bit of silky soft pubic hair and then her tight moist pussy. She was just looking me in the eyes and smiling as I gently pushed my finger into her wet cunt and started to explore, then she leaned on table and put her head in hands and started to moan. Her friend Shu was grinning like a Cheshire cat and told me that I needed to check her out too which I did very happily. Needless to say we were heading back to my hotel very shortly after.

In my hotel both went into shower (Chinese thing) and started washing each other as I watched and wanked my cock slowly then could not wait and joined them… 4 small hands rubbing me down and playing with my cock, kissing me and softly biting me I was I in Oriental heaven.

Dragging them both dripping wet into the bedroom and had them lay down giggling as I licked their pussys in turn and fingered the other. Lin had a little public hair and Shu was bald, naturally, but both tasted so sweet It was not long before I was primed to fuck. They were worried as I was bigger than they were expecting so I lay down and Shu lowered herself on my cock while Lin held it and watched …… she was so tight, so juicy I knew I was not gonna last long and told them. Lin told me she that I had to say when I was gonna cum and soon after I did, just as I told her Lin pulled my cock out and sank her mouth over my throbbing head and took my load in her mouth…… I was in ecstasy as Shu decided she wanted some so they shared my cum kissing each other. Then both went down and cleaned my cock and balls of all Shu’s juice while I lay back and just watched.

My cock never went soft and soon it was round 2 .. but that is another story..

First Submission
First Submission
Date: 2019-05-18