TITLE: Fucked A Married Woman
LOCATION: Ukscouselad89 - UK
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Hey people from the UK here. Never thought I'd have a story like this to share but here we are lol.

I'm not much of a writer so I'll say sorry in advance.

So I work security doing nights pretty boring work at times like so chat rooms are always good to pass the time. So early hours last Saturday morning I'm just on a chat site not many people where on so I was half about to give up until a message popped up from the same area as myself. So we get chatting and she explains to me that her husband has given her permission to come on here and find someone to fuck apparently he has a tiny dick and she had only been with him so she wanted to get herself out there and try new dick.

So we do the usual she sends me a picture and I send one back and all of sudden she dose not message me back. In my head I'm thinking oh she must not like what I'm working with so I finish work get home get a shower lay in bed check my kik and I've got at least 8 messages off her. Turns out soon as I sent that picture she was talking to husband getting the ok from him haha. So I explain that I've got work later that day and even though she was in the same area it would be at least a 30 minute journey to get to her. She then explains to me that she had just booked a hotel close to me and will pick me up and after bring me to work I'm laying in bed thinking she really must want dick or I'm about to go missing from the face of the earth but as normal I'm thinking with my cock and agree a time and place to pick me up.

So I wake up get a shower sort my clothes and leave. I'm waiting in the spot to be picked up thinking to myself I'm a really doing this she turns up on time and we great each other. For all the talk she was giving me she was quite shy so I tried to make her feel ok by keeping the conversation up and making sure she was still ok with this. So we arrive at the hotel having a smoke outside talking and she phones her husband who comes out the bar to meet us. He says hello and shakes my hand and all I'm thinking is I'm about to be balls deep in your wife lol. He reassured me that he dose not want go get involved and he's just here for support and tells us to go get started and he will be up in 10 minutes.

As we are walking up to the room I'm rock hard all the way with the biggest smile on my face haha. We get in the room as soon as the door is closed she's got me pushed up against it kissing me passionately grabbing my dick through my pants. She says she needs to freshing up a moment and tells me to wait on the bed as she gose in the bathroom. She comes out the bathroom in a lace body suit (so fucking sexy by the way) and gives me a twirl I'm just leaning against the bed nearly biting my bottom lip off.

We start kissing again as my hands slide down her body feeling her up until she drops to her knees moaning as she gose down and pulls my pants down fast making my cock springs out of my pants and hits her cheek leaving some pre cum on her. She starts taking my cock in her mouth I can see she's struggling a little abit and ask if she ok and she tells me yeah she's just never had a real cock in her mouth before it's hard work. So she's taking me a little bit deeper each time she grabs my ass cheeks sticking her nails deep into them taking me all the way into her mouth I close my eyes an lean my head back and I hear the door open. I look over quickly and it's the husband walking in saying sorry don't no mind me his wife didn't even look up once at him I just gave him a thumbs up haha as he sat on the couch (sofa) in the room.

She tells me she's ready for me to fill her tight pussy up and lays herself down on the bed I pull her to the edge of the bed rubbing all my pre cum over her clit before I start sliding my cock into her wet pussy. I could only fit in about half way so I'm trying to take it easy with her and she's demanding that I fuck her hard right now. So I think to myself fuck if she wants it that way she can and tell her to get on her hands and knees I get behind her give her pussy a quick rub then guide my cock to her pussy. As I get the tip in hold both her hips and start easeing myself in her until I'm pretty much all inside her.

I start off slowly building the pace up she is loving it and the husband is asking her how it is she's just moaning her response to him so I thought I'd mess around abit and start fucking her fast and hard and say to her tell your man how it feels knowing she won't be able get her words out haha. After a few more thrust she's tells me not to stop and cums N squits a little bit my balls where soaked. She asks me is it ok if I cum over her face I'm like hmmmm yeah sure haha. She's on her knees going from sucking me to playing with me fast while taking dirty to me I couldn't keep it in even if I wanted to and told her I'm about to cum and covered her face in cum.

We both are laying on the bed when she finally speaks to her husband telling him to order some food and then says to me let's get you to work. I look at my phone and I'm already 30 minutes late for work with at least 4 miss calls. I get dressed quickly and call the other guy from work telling him to lock up and leave I will be there soon he keeps asking me where I I'm told him I woke up late haha.

She tells me to wait in the car and that she will be down soon. As I'm there I light up a smoke taking in everything that's just happened with a smile on my face :). She comes brings me to work gives me a kiss and thanks me for a good time before leaving.

So I was about 50 minutes late for work like but that's what thinking with your dick gets you deffo still worth it tho.

Thanks for reading it people I'm not much of a writer like compared to your stories but just needed to share this got a few pictures of the dick in question on profile if yous wanna look .

Thanks again people