TITLE: Thinking Of You
LOCATION: bluebyakko459 - USA
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Do you know what you do to me? How you make me feel whenever I think of you?

Maybe you do, maybe you don't. Perhaps, it's only when we're together that you really know the power you have over me and my body.

All I need to do is imagine your big, strong hands caressing my body and my mind starts to imagine you're right next to me. I close my eyes and your scent subtly fills my nostrils. Your arms envelope me from behind. I can feel your chiseled chest up against the back of my head and the growing bulge in your pants rubbing up against my lower back.

The fingers on your right hand slowly caress the right side of neck, pushing my long, dark hair aside to expose my neck. My head instinctively tilts to the left.

Your lips gently graze my neck. Then I feel your warm breath as the tip of your tongue traces a path from my neck to my shoulder, ending with a slight nibble then a kiss.

At that moment, my body starts to tingle. The warmth already growing between my legs is getting hotter. I let out a slight sigh.

I steady myself against you as I reach up with my right hand and run my fingers in your hair as you continue kissing and sucking on my neck. Your left hand makes it way under my shirt and cups my right breast. You pinch my hardening nipple, rolling it between your thumb and your forefinger as you massage my tit. I bite my lower lip.

Your right hand makes it way down between my legs. You start rubbing me through my soaked jeans. I start to moan as move my hips against your hand. As if that was your cue, you unzip my jeans and push them down past my hips with my help, taking my soaked thong with them. Your fingers immediately find my clit and start circling my hardening nub. Then, your fingers slide down toward my pussy. My breath quickens. Your fingers are instantly coated with my juices. I can tell that you're delighted to feel how wet I am as I feel your hardened dick against back, desperate to escape your pants while you purr your approval in your baritone voice in my ear. You slide a finger into my pussy, pull it out and slowly drag your moistened finger up toward my clit. You repeat this for what seems like forever. With every stroke, I can feel my pussy getting hotter and wetter. My moans are getting louder. I have butterflies in my stomach.

I'm moaning louder as my hips push against your hand. I can feel the juices running down my thighs as your fingers continue to torture my nether regions, your other hand still massaging my breasts and pinching my nipples, and your sweet mouth sucking on my neck.

I can't take any more. I need to taste your lips. I twist my body to face you while your fingers keep sliding from my clit into my pussy and back up again. I grab the back of your head and pull you down toward my face. We kiss, hungrily, tongues darting in and out of each others mouths. You pull your fingers out of my slit. They're coated with my juices. You break away from my lips and put your fingertips in my mouth. As I'm tasting myself you're also licking your fingers clean. You've always loved the taste of my pussy. The scent is intoxicating to you. You pull your fingers away and roughly grab my hair at the base of my neck and pull my head back as you forcefully devour my lips, tasting my pussy on each other's lips.

I begin unzipping your pants and your stiff cock springs out. It's hot and throbbing in my hand. I start stroking it. You break your kiss. I step back and sit on the bench behind me. I hold the base of your cock as I run my tongue around the tip. It's so warm in my hand and throbbing. You know how much I love your dick...sucking it...stroking it...fucking it. I slowly stroke the base with my hand as I close my lips around the tip and slowly take you into my mouth. I always try to take your full length into my mouth but your dick is so thick...but I have my tricks which I know you enjoy. I know you're watching me as I continue stroking the bottom half of your dick as I work my magic with my tongue and mouth on the upper half - sucking it, licking it. I caress your ass with my other hand. My rhythm is steady - my mouth and hand working in opposite directions. I take a quick glance up and see the your eyes are closed. You're savoring the moment.

I start to increase the speed of my strokes (both my mouth and hands). You grab a handful of my hair at the base to hold my head steady so you can fuck my mouth. I let you have your way for a minute or two until I pull my mouth away and your cock falls out of my mouth. I grab your cock again with my hand as I take my tongue and slowly drag it upwards, starting from your balls all the way up to the tip. I close my lips on just the tip and swirl my tongue around for a few seconds before I release you from my mouth and drag my tongue over the top and down the length of your shaft. I grab your balls with my left hand and start to massage them.

"Fuck..." It was faint but I heard you mutter under breath when I took your one of your balls into my mouth as I continued stroking your shaft. You can't take much more but you have plans for me. You firmly pull my hair (and my head) up, forcing me to stand. My hand is still on your dick, stroking it as you lean down to kiss me. It starts off urgent, hungry and then it turns passionate, soft.

You gently push me down onto the bench behind me. The wooden bench is cold on my naked ass. You kneel in front of me. You help me take my boots off then help me peel off my tight jeans. I bite my lower lip and lean back as I eagerly spread my legs for you. I've been waiting for this moment. I know you have, too. You don't hesitate. Your mouth covers my pussy and your tongue instantly finds my clit, circling, lapping it. I close my eyes and throw my head back and moan loudly in ecstasy. I put my left leg over your shoulder and grab your head (because I just needed something to grab onto as you're eating me out so deliciously).

Usually you take your time teasing my pussy with your fingers - first one finger slowly fucking my pussy then two as you pick up the pace. But this time, you're desperate to make me cum. Your two fingers easily slide into me as you continue sucking on my clit. I lean back slightly. I'm breathing heavily now as I get louder. I can feel the juices flowing out of me as you furiously finger fuck me while your tongue works its magic. I can only manage to say, "shi..." and "fu..." in between my screams as the sloppy, slick noises from your fingers going in and out of my slit accompany my screams. You know I'm close to cumming as my lips clench your fingers and you don't let up. My hips start bucking against your mouth and fingers as waves of pleasure flow from my pussy and spreads throughout my body. You leave me panting.

You stand up. I grab your belt buckle and yank you towards me. I grab your hard rod and immediately close my lips on the tip, swirling my tongue around the tip as I start stroking you. My tongue is pressed on the underside of your penis as I work more of you in and out of my mouth. I suck you harder and faster as I grab your balls and start massaging them with my left hand. You grab a handful of my hair and pull me away from you. A trail of spit hangs from my lip to the tip of your penis as I look up at you, a little disappointed that you wouldn't let me continue.

I know what you want. I stand up and turn around, grab the shelf in front of me, spread my legs and bend over. My pussy is glistening from my cum and your spit. I feel your left hand on my left hip as your right hand guides your dick into me. It takes my breath away as you enter me.

You don't hold back as your hips slam the full length of your cock into me. My breath has already quickened and I'm moaning.

I can feel your thickness rubbing against the walls of my tight vagina as your dick moves in and out of me. You reach around with your right hand and start rubbing my already sensitive clit. I'm putty in your hands. My pussy is soaked. It feels like electricity running throughout my body.

I've always been loud, I can't help myself and this time was no exception. My screams further fuels your desire for me.

You pull your hand away from my clit and slap my right butt check. My pussy responds by getting even wetter. You feel it. I can hear your breath getting more labored. We're both so close to the edge.

You grab my hair at the base of my head and pull my head back. That was enough to send me over the edge. My lips grip your cock, not wanting to let it go. I feel your dick pulsing as your cum fills me up.

I open my eyes and realize that I'm alone, sitting at my desk with my hand in my leggings. My fingers are soaked. I bring them up to my mouth and imagine that I'm tasting you.

I wish you were really here.