TITLE: When She Took Control
LOCATION: noleague - USA
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We were lying in her bed naked kissing and softly touching each other. She was keeping her legs closed and wouldn’t let me go near her wet pussy. When all of a sudden she climbed on top of me and grabbed my right arm and pulled it behind my head, then the left

She held both my hands behind my head with one hand and started to wank me with other. As soon as I was hard enough for her liking she sat on top of my throbbing cock. She started to gentle ride my cock, I pulled one of hands free to grab her tits with and she quickly moved it behind my head and held it there. She then moved one leg into a squatting type position and really started to ride me.

Then as soon as she got onto me, she got off, teasing me! She laid back down onto the bed with her back to me, winked at me then turned her head away from me.

I was there on all fours, heavily breathing like some sort of animal, staring at her. Every so often she would turn round to look at me. I slowly crept up to her and started running my fingers down her body, edging closer and closer to her wet pussy.

I began to start rubbing her clit with my index finger, slowly teasing it. I moved my hard cock in between her thighs and moved closer to pussy. Slowly I inserted my cock into her, while stroking her bum. She still has her back to me while I start slowly moving my cock in and out of her. I pick up speed, getting faster and faster. She starts moaning, I can see her eyes rolling back in her head. It doesn’t take long before the moaning gets louder and louder. I can hear her starting to orgasm, so I pull her waist down onto my cock and she moans in pleasure. I slow down the pace and pull out my cock.

Not a minute goes by and she’s back on top of me. She’s pulls both my hands behind my head again, I try fighting back a bit but she just pulls my hands back behind my hand. I give up and leave my hands there.

She starts to run her spare hand around my neck, I grab her hand and pull it onto my neck and begin to squeeze her hand to choke me.

The choking begins. She removes her other hand from holding my hands and moves them onto my hard cock. She’s now choking and wanking me at the same time. I’m in heaven! Suddenly she stops wanking me and just grips my cock tightly, I try to move it but she won’t let me. Teasing me, shes fucking teasing me!

She starts working at my cock, really works at it. This was an aggressive hand job to say the least. After a couple of minutes I was trying to fight off cumming but I couldn’t stop it and she knew it, just getting faster and faster until I exploded all over my torso!

Then we kissed and cuddled. The end :)