TITLE: Serving The Neighbors
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I came home to quite a surprise one Friday when I took off work early. My
wife was in the pool with Kelly, the new neighbor lady next door...the
surprise was that they were locked in an embrace, kissing deeply while they
floated in the middle of the pool.
About a week ago, Greg and Kelly moved in next door. Both of them are
attractive, in the mid 30's; Greg's a little over six feet, the standard "
tall dark and handsome" type. Kelly is just a little shorter, long dark hair,
a body to die for. My wife, Angela, is about 5'4", short brown hair, and
she's got tits that are big for her body. I'm just a little taller than
her at 5'7", brown hair, and weigh in at about 170. We've been married
for about 4 years, but have no k**s; neither of us have any real desire for
them, and we live fairly well off since we don't have the expense. I'm
30, and my wife is 27.
Although I fantasize about other women often enough, I would never
approach one in a sexual way; I guess I just don't have it in me. My wife is the
same way, I'm sure, so I knew instantly that Kelly had to have been the
aggressor in the pool. I watched them for a while, getting extremely aroused
at their intimate passion in the water. Finally I decided to make my
presence known by opening and shutting some doors loudly. Angela came in
dripping water, her nipples showing proudly through her suit.
"You're home early." she said matter-of-factly as she wrapped her arms
around me and frenched me.
I grinned at her passion, and explained that I wanted to get a jump on the
weekend, so I took half the day off. She invited me to join her and Kelly
in the pool, and naturally I did. But not a thing was done or said about
their experiences earlier. That night, Angela did a lot of things to tease
and excite my desire, but she did nothing to relieve my sexual tension.
The next morning, Angela took off to do some shopping. I did a little bit
of yardwork, but before noon I was in the pool. After about ten minutes,
Kelly was there.
In her swimsuit.
"Mind if I join you?" she said confidently.
"Uh, no, no, not at all." I stuttered out. "Where's Greg? Um, he could
come over too."
She just shrugged, sat at the edge of the pool. She lowered herself into
the water to her neck, then popped back out to sit on the edge again. "It'
s cold." she laughed, leaning back to look at the sky. Her white
swimsuit, now wet, left nothing to the imagination. Her nipples were hard and
dark, and her dark bush showed through plainly.
I laughed nervously. "Yeah, but you get used to it."
She looked at me with mischief in her eyes. "Do you? Well, let's see."
And she was back in. I felt her underwater against my legs, and then she
popped up for air right in front of my face...just inches away. "Yes, I see
what you mean, it's not so bad." her voice was sultry. She suddenly
grabbed my cock and held onto it. "Yes, I could definitely get used to this."
She let go and swam away laughing.
I was in complete shock, not quite sure what to do. I treaded water for a
moment, then slowly started to swim towards her. She reached the end of
the pool and turned back towards me. Just as she reached me, she flashed me
a quick grin and dove under. My trunks were pulled down a little, and I
felt her hot mouth engulf my semi-erect cock. I was hands
reached down and grabbed her shoulders; I don't know if I was trying to pull
her up or hold her there. She came up for air again, then kissed me solidly,
just like I saw her kissing my wife yesterday. "Did you like that Michael?
My mouth was just hanging open. "Uh, I...." I blinked. "I'm married,
Kelly. We..."
"Yes, and so am I." Her eyebrow arched up. "And so is Angela, Michael.
I fucked Angela yesterday." She turned and swam to the end of the pool,
leaving me in so much shock I could have drowned. She climbed out and
walked to the patio door leading in to my house. Turning to me for just a
moment before she entered my home, she lowered the top of her suit off of one
breast. A tantalizing tease, a hint of what she knew I wanted. Then she was
in my house. I regained a little bit of sanity and hurried out of the
pool. Her naked form was just disappearing up the stairs.
I followed her without thinking; there was no time to think. She was in
the bedroom, drinking a wine cooler that she must have taken from my
refrigerator. Her back was to me as she stood before the window, gazing across
toward her own house.
"Tell me, Michael, do you ever watch our bedroom window at night?"
"I, uh; no, not really.."
"I've watched you. I've seen you and your wife make love twice. Both
times, she was on top; both times you grabbed the head board and held on, as
if you were tied to it." She turned to me then. I saw her nakedness
completely now, and I was mesmerized. Setting the cooler down, she walked
toward me seductively. "You like a strong woman, don't you Michael?"
I backed up a step, and I was against the bed. My mouth wouldn't shut, but
no words would come out. I couldn't think, this was happening so fast.
"Yesterday I fucked your wife, and now I'm going to fuck you." She
pushed me lightly, and I sat back onto the bed. Kneeling, she pulled my trunks
down and sucked my already hardened cock.
"Kelly......" I managed to utter, hoping to find the strength to stop her.
She looked up at me, her mouth still wrapped around the head of my cock.
The sight was deadly to me, it was so incredibly erotic. Her hands pushed
me to my back, and my body followed her lead until I was in the middle of the
bed, thoroughly engulfed in her power. My arms naturally went right for
the headboard, as I held on and allowed myself to be taken. She knew what
she was doing; she kept taking me to the brink of orgasm, then backed off.
I was mush, and she knew it. Leaning up over me, dangling her beautiful
breasts over my face, she fastened cuffs to my hands, attaching them to the
headboard. Cuffs? It suddenly dawned on me that I was in bed with my
neighbor's wife, and now I was in a very compromising situation.
Kelly laughed at the shocked look in my face. "Surprised? I used these on
your wife earlier. Your wife is very submissive too, Michael. I've had
her, now I'm going to have you." In one smooth motion, she mounted me.
"Oh god.." I grunted out. "What are you doing to me?" As if I didn't
She laughed an evil laugh. "When I first saw you, I knew I could have
Yesterday, I wanted to check out your wife, see how difficult it would be
to get you.
But then I realized how easy she was, and I decided I wanted both of you."
Just then I saw my wife in the doorway. Panic flooded my brain. "Angela!"
Kelly turned to acknowledge her. "You see? It took no time at all."
She turned to me. "I told her I'd have you by the end of the day. She
agreed to submit to me completely if I could seduce you this weekend. Isn't
that right, Angela?"
My wife was beside the bed now. "Yes, I agreed to do that." Her voice
was low, almost humble. Her eyes were locked on mine.
My lips were trembling, and I was still breathing hard since Kelly was
still moving her wet cunt slowly up and down my shaft.
"That's right, Michael. I'm going to be her sex slave since you allowed
yourself to be seduced." There was no anger in her voice; it was more of
relief, or even excitement.
"Angela." Kelly spoke my wife's name with power now. Angela broke eye
contact with me, lowering her head a notch but looking up at Kelly. "There
are just a few rules, and I will state them now."
This was so bizarre, Kelly was still riding me slowly in my wife's bed; my
wife was standing beside us, obediently listening to the woman who was
fucking her husband.
"In private, you will always refer to me as Mistress. You will obey every
command I give, without question." She looked at me. "And you will not
fuck or give any kind of sexual relief to your husband unless I say so." A
smirk came across her face as she said the last part. "Do you understand,
My wife lowered her head. "Yes, Mistress." she replied softly.
"Look at me, slut. Look at what I'm doing. I'm fucking your husband. I
seduced him into your own bed, and I'm fucking him." I could see the lips
of my wife trembling. The erotic humiliating of my wife was having a
vicious affect on me; I was so turned on, I feared I would cum right then. "
You want me to fuck him, don't you slut?"
"Yes, Mistress, it's what I want."
"Take off your shirt."
My wife removed her shirt, and then took off her bra. She stood there
beside us in shoes and shorts, but her breast was bared to us.
Kelly suddenly stopped fucking me and climbed off. "Now, Angela, suck my
cunt juice off of your husband's dick."
Angela bent over, and sucked and licked until Kelly was satisfied. Kelly
then mounted me, looking solely at my wife. She rode up and down my shaft
a couple of times, just enough to soak my cock with her juices; then she
had my wife lick me clean again. And she did it again. And again. She kept
doing it, enforcing her power over my wife. But not only over my wife, it
enforced in my mind that I was a tool, just a toy for Kelly to use; an
object to use to humiliate my wife.
Then she told my wife to suck me off. "You have three minutes If you can
get him to cum, you will swallow every ounce of it. If not, then I will
fuck him, and he will cum in my cunt. That will mean that you need to work
on your cock sucking skills, if you can't bring off your own husband. You
have three minutes...Go."
Angela began sucking on me like she never had. But Kelly leaned down next
to me and began talking to me, distracting me. Nothing sexual in her
conversation at all; just talking about the weather, about things she wanted
done to her yard and house, about where she lived before she moved here. It
was enough to distract me, and I was unable to cum in my wife's mouth.
"Stop." she commanded my wife. "You're just not good enough. Men love
to have their cocks sucked, and most would cum in a woman's mouth
immediately." My wife stepped off the bed and stood there, eyes downcast. "Now
watch as your husband cums in my cunt."
She mounted me seductively, her body lithe and moving like a serpent. She
fucked me slowly at first, whispering nasty things. She began telling me
how she fucked my wife, how she had big plans for her. Then she started
telling me about the plans she had for the both of us....a "slave couple"
she called us. How difficult it was to find a true slave couple, and she had
us now. She leaned in close to me, mashing her perfect breasts to my
chest. "I know how submissive men can be; you've got fantasies that are buried
deep. I'm going to bring them out, just like I've brought them out of
your wife. You want me to do that, don't you Michael? You want to submit
to me. Look at you now; you're tied to your headboard; you wanted that, or
it wouldn't have happened. I'm fucking you in front of your wife. All
you have to do is let it go.
Just let go, and it'll all be over. I'll own you. It's what you want,
isn't it? Tell me
Michael. Say yes."
The intensity in my gut was too much..."Yes." I answered.
"Yes, you want me to own you."
"Yes, I want you to own me."
"Do you give yourself to me?"
"Say it!"
"I give!" I grunted out the last part, cumming hard
inside her.
She fucked me slowly and softly as I came down from the high, then she
off and sat on the edge of the bed. "Suck me." she commanded my wife. "
That's right, lick your husband's gift out of me. I own him now, just
like I own you."
While my wife knelt down, Kelly turned to me. "The rules apply to you now
too. I own you completely. You will address me as Mistress, and obey
every command I give, without question. Is that understood?"
"Yes, Mistress." I was exhausted, and would have agreed to anything.
She looked back down at my wife. "That's right, get it all. Lick my
ass, too...mmmmm, yes, that's good. Enough now." She stood up. "Now, slut,
lick your husband clean again, then release him. I'm going to leave for
now, but I want you both ready for me this evening. Plan a little party for
me tonight; make sure you have plenty of beverages and snacks for me. I
want to have a little pool party this evening, do you understand?"
"Yes, Mistress." my humbled wife replied.
"Yes, Mistress." I echoed.

Part 2
My wife cleaned my cock with her tongue and then released me from the
cuffs. I was spent, and just lay there, not knowing what to say. Angela was
strangely calm....she went to her dresser and put a bikini top on.
"Mike, I'll put a list together of things you need to pick up for tonight.
She turned and looked at me, her face unreadable.
"Are you OK? I mean, with all of this?"
"We don't have a choice now, Mike." she turned and left the room.
What was she talking about? We had a choice. But the more I thought about
it, the more I realized she was right...we'd gone too far. We would now
have to play this out to the end, and hope that we could remain happy as a
Kelly walked over around 8:00 that evening. She came straight over to the
backyard, and settled onto a lawn chair. My wife and I had been in the
kitchen, preparing a tray of sandwiches when we noticed Kelly. Angela
grabbed my hand and said "She's here; let's go."
Kelly ignored us for a moment, staring out over the pool as we stood
beside her.
"I've been here for several minutes. Where have you been?" her voice was
calm and even.
"I'm sorry Mistress." my wife responded. "We were still preparing some
food for you, and didn't notice you were here."
Kelly let out a breath, a sigh. "Well, Angela, go get me one of your wine
coolers. And, Angela, when you come back, I want you in your white bikini."
As my wife left, Kelly turned her attention to me.
"Michael." she said with a smirk. "You, I want naked.
Undress for me right now."
My cock hardened immediately. Although our back yard is invisible to
other houses, the thought of being naked outside made my face flush. But I
"Kneel beside me, slave." I knelt down, and she pulled some handcuffs
from her purse. My ankle was cuffed to her lawn chair.
At that point Greg, Kelly's husband showed up. My face burned with shame
when I heard his chuckling. My hands covered my now shrinking cock, and I
looked down, thoroughly humiliated.
"I see you wasted no time with our neighbors, beautiful." He leaned over
and kissed his wife.
My wife came out then with a wine cooler, stopping only for a second as
she recognized the newcomer.
"Hello Angela!" his voice boomed.
I looked up at her, and saw that her face was red too, especially after
noticing my naked and kneeling form. "hi Greg." she murmured out softly.
"Angela, although my husband is not into my games as much as I am, you
will still treat him with respect. `Hello Sir' would be the appropriate
"Hello Sir." she responded. "Could I bring you out some refreshments?"
She handed the wine cooler to Kelly.
Greg settled into a chair beside his wife. "Yes, I'd like a beer, thank
"And Angela, take your husband's clothes into the house when you go."
Kelly added.
My cock was quite limp now, and I kept my head lowered as my neighbors
engaged in conversation.
"So, darling, what do you think? I had her wear the white bikini that you'
ve drooled over."
"Damn, Kell, she looks fantastic. I can't believe you tamed them so
Kelly laughed. "They were a piece of cake. And wait `til you taste
Angela...she's as sweet as honey."
As I listened, my cock stirred. The way they talked about my wife was so
dirty, and the thought of another man "tasting" my wife should have made
me angry. But in the position I was in, it seemed to fan my sexual desire.
Angela was back out, handing my neighbor a beer.
"Would you like anything else Sir?"
He laughed and looked over at Kelly. "Yes, I want plenty. But right at
the moment, why don't we take a dip in the pool together." He stood and
removed his shirt; his trunks were already on, so he took her by the hand and
led her into the water.
Kelly just sat there, sipping her cooler; I had no choice but to remain
kneeling, watching another man play in the water with my wife. Angela
loosened up quickly as they splashed around; they were laughing and talking,
sometimes whispering closely. During a close whispered conversation, her top
was removed, Greg held the top up for us to see, then dropped it. Soon her
panties were also discarded, and the two were locked in a kissing passion.
I could see his hands roaming my wife's breasts, and I could see her mouth
open in passion as he reached between her legs.
Kelly broke me out of my trance. "Look at your cock, Michael. This turns
you on."
I looked down, tried to deny it verbally. "no."
"Well, you really can't deny it. You can't deny that you long to serve
me, you can't deny that you've already started down that path. You had a
choice, Michael, and you gave up that choice to me. You AND your wife
belong to me now. I own you, and it's all sexual control."
Greg was now on the side of the pool, legs in the water. My wife, still
in the water, was now giving him head, and they were positioned so that I
had a clear view of it. She was taking her time, slowly moving her lips up
and down his hard shaft. He was speaking to her softly, perhaps giving her
instructions. Her mouth moved down, lips kissing his hairy balls, tongue
licking his entire genital area.
Kelly continued speaking to me, describing the scene we were watching in
detail. "Look at that slut. Look at how she licks his cock, tasting every
detail. You know she loves it, loves tasting another man. He's taking
your wife, defiling her mouth, using her as a slut, a whore."
Suddenly Greg's passion was building up, he grabbed the sides of my wife'
s head, and began pumping into her faster and faster. And then it I watched, he climaxed, sending his seed into her mouth. I could see
her throat contract as she swallowed, sucking his cock for all the cum she
could get. As he came down from the climax, she kept his cock in her
mouth, slowly moving her head from side to side, her arms around his waist,
caressing his bare hips.
"Isn't that beautiful, Michael? Your slutty wife worshipping my man?"
I was messed up. My head was spinning, and I feared I was going to break
down and cry like a c***d. As my head lowered, I saw my cock; it was still
rock hard, actually throbbing with desire. "What have you done to us?"
My wife was in front of me then, and apparently she'd heard my feeble
question. Her hand cupped my chin, lifting my face to hers. I could see some
of Greg's cum on her cheek and chin; she'd left it there for me to see. "
They've taken us, Mike. They've taken us over, made us their own." She
leaned down and kissed me, deeply, opening my mouth with her tongue. I
could taste semen, another man's defiling of my wife. She continued to french
me, sloppily moving her face around so that I ended up licking her face
She was pulled away from me then by Greg. "Enough of that. Now I'm in
the mood to really enjoy your cunt." he said. "Michael, I'm going to take
your slutty wife up to your bed and fuck her now."
I was speechless, totally humiliated. Looking up, I saw my naked wife
standing beside my neighbor, his hand gripping her arm in his fist. She looked
so small and defenseless next to him, but I could do nothing but kneel
there before them.
"Don't you have something to say to them Michael?"
Kelly prodded me further. "Say something, slave."
"no, I, don't know...what to say."
"Tell my husband to enjoy your wife."
My head dropped. "Please enjoy.."
"NO. Look at him when you speak."
I looked up into his smirking face. "Enjoy my wife Sir."
"Well, thank you neighbor. I intend to. In fact, she will have a hard
time walking tomorrow. With every step she takes, she'll be reminded of how
I fucked her." With that, he turned and led my wife into the house and up
to our bedroom.
Despite my raging hard-on, my eyes filled with tears and threatened to
roll down my face.
Kelly laughed. "Don't even think of being upset, slave. He's taking her
in the same bed that I took you, remember?" She stood up and released my
ankle from the cuff. "I think it's time we worked on your submissiveness
now, slave. Follow me."
She headed off toward the back of her house, entering through the walk out
basement. Naked, I followed her, my emotions crumbling to dust.

Part 3
The basement was dark and disorganized, things still packed from their
One corner had been cleared up though...and Kelly walked right to that
corner. Large mirrors had been placed on the walls, and I noticed some chains
hanging from the ceiling.
She took my wrists and fastened leather cuffs to them; then she attached
the rings in the cuffs to the chains overhead. Still without speaking, she
spread my legs and attached a bar to each of my ankles, spreading my legs
wide. I was facing the corner of the room, and I could see my naked and
bound image in the mirrors. My cock was hard and throbbing with anticipation.
Looking back at Kelly now, I saw her put a headset on. It was a phone
headset, the kind with a mic in front.
"Hi Greg." she said. "Put the phone so that Angela can hear and speak.
I want her to listen to the discipline of her husband. And Greg, make sure
she's vocal in her you too. Enjoy her!" Kelly
walked over to me and put the headset on me.
Instantly, I could hear my wife breathing hard, grunting her pleasure
every so often. God! I was going to have to listen to my neighbor fuck my
wife. I was chained, and had no choice.
"Talk to your wife, Michael." Kelly ordered. "Tell her what's going on."
"Angela." I spoke.
"Oh, Michael....ohhh..."
"Mistress has chained me in her basement...I'm" CRACK! I cried out in
"Oh god, she's begun to whip me." Again I was struck soundly across my
"Michael," my wife was breathing fast and hard. "Greg is fucking me, oh,
god, it's so good...his cock is deep, and so hard....."
Kelly was slapping my ass steadily with a leather paddle; the burning was
more intense than I could have imagined. I could almost feel the cum in my
balls, as if it was pushing to shoot out. "Ang, she's whipping me hard
now. And fast...she wants me to ask how you like her husband's cock. Is it
better than mine?"
"yes, yes..." she was chanting. "oh, it's soo good...I don't want him to
stop, ever....yes, he's better than you, so much bigger. and, oh god...he
knows how to...oh....he's driving me insane!"
"Well?" Kelly demanded.
"Yes. She says he's better than me. She doesn't want him to stop." The
humiliation of saying that made my face heat up.
My wife was now reduced to moans and groans on the line, with a lot of
heavy breathing. Kelly began to torment me verbally now, as well as
physically. As she whipped me, she began to tell me about how her husband was a
great lover, how he was now fucking my wife in my bed, defiling her and our
bed. She also commanded me to let her know when my wife reached orgasm. She
said that after tonight, my wife would not be satisfied with me anymore,
and so now they were in our lives forever.
"It's too late to stop it now. There's no way she'll be satisfied with
just you anymore. Your road to submission is too far begun now to stop it.
You've lost your wife to us, and so you've lost yourself to us too. Do
you see it?" she was strapping my ass still, and the burning was turning
me into a strange state.
"yes." came my humble reply.
"Who owns you, Michael?"
"you own me. you and your husband own me and Angela, Mistress."
Kelly was laughing now, and I could hear my wife as she came over the
Greg's grunting was in the background as he shot a load into her.
"He did it." I said. "My wife just came, and your husband just came too."
Tears were rolling down my cheeks now; from the pain of the whipping or
maybe from the humiliation of what just happened to my wife. Kelly dropped
her paddle and came in close to me, breathing hard on my neck. "Is your
wife still on the line?"
I heard a long, drawn out groan of satisfaction. "Yes, Michael?"
"Tell her you love her, and then describe what I'm doing to you." my
Mistress commanded.
"I love you hon...oh, god.....Mistress is playing with my ass...she's
smearing my crack with something wet, Vaseline or arms are
chained up high...I can't get away....oh....she's....slipped a finger in my
ass! Angela...oh god...she's now putting something big up my ass...." I
groaned, and was panting now. Kelly began coaching me on what to say. "She'
s fucking me, oh god, she's fucking me in the ass. I can't...Yes! oh, I
can't stand, it feels good. I can't believe I'm saying that.
But, it feels good. She's taken me. I'm hers now. Anything, Mistress!
Anything you want....Angela, she wants it all from us, everything. I want
her to have it, our relationship, our lives....." I was talking wildly, not
sure of what I was saying or who I was talking to. On the line, Angela also
began to speak. "Yes, Michael, give it to her. She can have us,
completely. I'll fuck anyone she wants me to, do anything she commands. So will
you, baby, you belong to her now."
It was too mind was now thoroughly fucked too, and I almost felt
the snap, the end of my will. "Ang, I'm going to cum, oh, god, I'm going
to cum....with her in my ass, fucking me...nothing is even touching my
cock...oh...oh....." I grunted as my cock shot freely, my ass contracted
against the dildo. I shuddered uncontrollably, and then fell slack against the
chains holding me up.
Kelly pulled out of me, then removed the phone from my head. Releasing me
from my chains, she had me kneel down and lick up my cum that was
dribbling down the mirror. I did it without a second thought. She led me back
over to my house; Greg was downstairs, eating some of the sandwiches my wife
and I had made earlier. I followed Kelly, my Mistress, upstairs and to my
bedroom, my head bowed the whole time. Like in a dream-state, I knelt
between the legs of my wife as she squatted lewdly at the edge of the bed. Greg'
s cum poured out of her, into my waiting mouth, and I licked and sucked
her clean. I then sat across the room on the floor, and mindlessly watched
as my wife orally serviced our Mistress late into the night.
We were all exhausted by the time Kelly decided to leave. "Tomorrow you
two will come over at 11a.m. to help Greg and I finish our unpacking. Then
tomorrow evening, Angela, you will prepare an elegant dinner for Greg and
I. I want the two of you to seriously think about the consequences of your
actions and promises. I expect the two of you to become my property, and
that's not a light matter. I will do things neither of you have ever
thought about, and your sexuality will be mine. Life will never be the same.
After dinner tomorrow night, I will want you both to state your intentions to
me; be creative, and convince me that you're seriously surrendering to me."
Kelly gathered up her clothes and then left us. I walked over to the bed
and lay next to my wife. She curled up next to me, in my arms. Neither of
us said anything, and eventually we fell asleep.

Part 4
Sunday morning we slept in. My wife got up and showered first; when she
got out, I took my shower. I noticed several hickeys on her neck as I
climbed into the shower; the sight of her wrapped in a towel with the marks of a
lover on her neck caused my cock to thicken slightly with arousal. She
made a comment about my red and bruised ass, about how my buns must still burn.
We went together to the front door of Greg and Kelly's house at 11 o'
clock, as instructed. I know we were both filled with trepidation, not quite
sure what to expect, but Kelly was very pleasant when she let us in. I felt
last night's humiliation hit again when I saw Greg, but in no time we were
all relaxed and acting like old friends as we unpacked, moved stuff around
and cleaned. At 3 o'clock, Kelly told my wife Angela to go get started on
dinner and get cleaned up. I felt butterflies in my stomach as my wife
"Now, you two," Kelly said to Greg and I, "we've got some work to do in
the basement."
We followed her down, and she instructed us on adding bolts to the walls,
imbedding some eye bolts into the cement floor, and moving some odd-looking
and heavy tables around. One table in particular stood out to me, and
that was because it was obviously a gynecologist's table, fully tiltable and
equipped with stirrups.
"Ok, that should do it for now." Kelly finally concluded. "Michael, why
don't you go get cleaned up now. We'll be over in about 45 minutes. If
dinner's not quite ready, you can serve us with drinks."
"Michael, `Yes Mistress' is the proper response. Don't make me remind
you again."
"Yes, Mistress." It felt so awkward to say that after the way the whole
day had gone; I'd actually begun to think of them as regular neighbors
She leaned in close to me at the front door; "Don't forget, after dinner
I want to hear from the both of you just exactly how far you will go to
serve me. Think hard about just how willing you are to submit to my desire."
I swallowed hard, and actually felt a little dizzy from her forward and
commanding presence. "Yes, Mistress." came my soft reply.
Angela was ready for them. She was dressed in an incredibly hot looking
short black mini-dress. She looked perfect as she came down the stairs. "
Are they here yet?" she asked.
"No, not yet. 45 minutes. You look fantastic!"
She smiled at me, a confident cocky look. "Go get cleaned up. I've laid
out your clothes for you." I got a quick peck on the cheek as she went
by, and then she told me to hurry. Her perfume was intoxicating.
As I showered, I began to think about it too much. I seemed to want my
wife now more than ever, and most likely someone else was going to ravish her
beauty and clean smell tonight, not me.
I helped serve our guests, bringing them out wine as my wife served a
beautiful salad. After the main course was served, I was told to massage
Mistress Kelly's feet during dinner. Angela continued to wait on them,
refilling their glasses and removing dishes as needed. I knelt under the table,
massaging two beautiful stockinged feet. Kelly's perfume was also
intoxicating, and I became quite aware of my predicament; that of a servant, under
the table, doing the bidding of my Mistress, while she ate dinner with her
husband...all in my house.
As dinner came to a close, Greg and Kelly ate ice cream sundaes while
Angela and I cleaned up. We stood ready, off to the side, eyes downward while
they talked about work. A break came in their conversation, and Kelly
turned toward us.
"Michael, Angela. You are ready to confess your desire to serve me now?"
Angela spoke first. "Yes, Mistress." I followed suit.
"Michael, slowly disrobe your beautiful wife. Present her body to us."
I did as I was asked. Angela stood there, face flushed as I took the
zipper down her back and lowered it down her body. She was left in a lacy
black bra, matching panties and dark stockings.
"Angela, kneel here and tell me your thoughts and desires."
My wife stepped out of her heels and knelt before their table. "Mistress,
I've always longed to be used, to serve under another. I love my husband
very much, but I know that he can't offer me the fulfillment I need in that
way. When you seduced me, I knew that you were the one. I'll do anything
you wish, serve you in any way. No humiliation would be too much; my only
concern is for our safety, our well-being. There are many diseases out
there, and I'm putting my trust in you. I'm putting my life in your hands,
if you want it."
"Very well put. I understand your concern, and I pledge to you that I will
use extreme caution when it comes to sexually transmitted disease. With
that in mind, I will expect you to obey me without question, fuck anyone I
command you to fuck. Will you do that?
A pause, while my wife seemed to grapple with her thoughts. "Yes. Yes
Mistress. I'll do anything you wish."
"Good. Now, suck my husband's cock while Michael undresses. Michael, I'
m waiting for your submission."
My cock was raging. I just saw my wife submit herself to another woman,
now she was sucking another man's cock. Again.
I stripped, and knelt down, naked.
"It turns you on to see your wife used, doesn't it Michael?" Kelly asked.
I looked over at my wife, heard her slurping sounds as she sucked. "Yes,
I think so, Mistress."
She laughed. "You THINK so? Your cock betrays you. Now, what do you have
to say to me?"
"Mistress, just like my wife, I've craved to be taken for many years. I
guess I've locked it away, hidden it. But now that you've opened the
door, I want to serve you all the time. And with my wife involved, I want to
do that all the more."
"What limits do you think you have? Hmm? What is it that I could ask of
you that you would refuse, outside of threatening your health?"
"I'll do anything you wish, Mistress. Anything. After last night, surely
you don't doubt that?"
She stood up quickly and slapped me hard. "Never second guess me. I plan
on doing wicked things to you. Your servitude will be complete, unlike
anything you've ever known. It includes things that you've apparently never
thought of; you will be marked as mine, permanently. Think you can
handle that? You will be thoroughly humiliated in front of other people, can
you handle that? Your wife will be used, just like she's being used right
now. She will suck cocks, she will serve other men sexually, she will become
a tramp, a whore, sometimes in your presence, sometimes not. Think you
can handle THAT?"
Her vicious outburst had humiliated and yet aroused me. My cock was
pulsing nakedly for all to see. My head dropped down. "Yes, Mistress.
Anything you wish is yours. Take me. Take my wife."
At that point, Greg shot a load into my wife's mouth, grunting as he did
so. I could hear her choke, swallowing all she could. Looking up, I could
see her small mouth stretched around his cock, her face flushed from
excitement, her hair mussed up from his handling her. She looked so exotic,
kneeling there in her black bra and panties, sucking his member while he was
still fully clothed.
Kelly bent toward my wife, whispering in her ear. Then she turned to me.
"Head back. Open your mouth."
My wife came to me, stood over me, and while looking into my eyes, she
spit into my open mouth. Not a full load of cum, mostly my wife's spit, but
the taste was there. "We belong to them now." It was a statement that hit
"Well, that's all I needed tonight." Greg stood up and kissed Kelly. "
I need to get back home and work on some papers for tomorrow. I'll see you
And then he left.
"Tonight, we're going to work on getting you both accustomed to obeying
me without question. Angela, lean over the back of a dining room chair. That
's right, on your toes; spread your legs to the sides of the chair. Now
Michael, I want you to get behind her on your knees. That's right." She
leaned down and spread my wife's cheeks apart. "Lick, Michael. Lick her
I'd never done that before; the thought was disgusting at first, but then
it became erotic. I leaned my face it, reached out with my tongue and
licked. Again and again...suddenly her little hole winked at me, and it was
obvious that I was turning her on.
"Stick it in, Michael. Push your tongue into her as far as you can."
I did it; she was clean, musky clean. I was turned on, and could have
done that all night.
"Very good, Michael; you'll make a fine asslicker. I will have you
prepare her for anal entry, and then you will clean her up afterwards."
God, how my cock ached as she said stuff like that. She continued
throughout the night with things like that, having my wife lick her ass, having us
french kiss afterwards, having me suck on each of their toes; continually
re-enforcing in our minds that she owned us, and that we would be doing
many nasty things at a later time.
She also told us that she intended on getting us pierced. Our nipples for
sure, and perhaps more later. She told us that she was undecided yet on
how she wanted to brand us; whether it would be with a tattoo or perhaps
with a real brand.
We both spent our share of time licking and sucking our Mistress to
orgasm, several times.
At the end of the evening, she had my wife jerk me off while fucking me
from behind with a dildo. My wife caught my cum in her hand, and I was then
ordered to lick it from her hand. We shared a long, juicy kiss as we were
forced to french for five minutes, my cum sloshing between our mouths.
On Monday, we were informed that we have an appointment next Saturday
morning with a personal friend of Mistress Kelly's to get our nipples pierced.