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BBC and me...

I was thinking back to when I first realised my white girlfriends liked black men better and of my own failure to satisfy women as a white male.

When was it for you?
For me, firstly, it was three girlfriends over about 5 years and my failed attempts to make them orgasm unless I used my tongue, fingers and toys.
My little white dick just did not do it for them - no matter how hard I was or how hard I tried - nada!

With the first of these girlfriends (and after many unsuccessful sex sessions), I remember trying new sexual positions but my small, thin cock just kept falling out or couldn't get 'in'! I frequently remember her collapsed in a heap on the bed laughing. It might sound like a cliché, but she frequently said "I can't feel anything." A few months later, she threw my stuff in my car, told me to get out and went back to her ex-boyfriend.

The second girlfriend was waiting for her black boyfriend (from Zimbabwe) to finish serving a short prison sentence (true). And she saw me as a 'fill in'. So unimpressed was she at my performances, she made me use a big, latex dildo to get her off with my tongue flicking over her cliterous. After a month or so, she never returned my calls...

Then there was the third girlfriend whom I was with for 3 years (it lasted so long because it was a long distance relationship). She let me try cock rings and clitoral stimulators, but no matter how much I tried when having sex, she was almost silent. She usually waited awhile, then finished off grinding hard on my pubic bone – this was the only way she came. But this girlfriend liked black guys (dated one before me – he was from Kenya). She liked black actors, she took up African drumming (she loved it) and we searched out ‘Ethnic’ food experiences often. Being a 'nice guy', and being very liberal with my views on race, culture and LGBTQ lifstyles, I encouraged it - sub-consciously and consciously.
She always smiled and went red when we watched the athletics on the TV. Especially the mens’ 200m and their long, hard cocks were SO visble through their shorts/lycra vests. She made a thing of making sure I knew she was watching them run and their cocks swinging to and fro.
Whenever we 'had' sex, she always made me use a condom - even though she was on the pill. BUT she always made me slide on black coloured ones..

After this, I started to think and look at the evidence...

I’m good with my tongue, toys and fingers.
I have never made a woman cum from my dick.
There is no audible evidence of their pleasure from my dick and its use in sex.
My dick is puny, thin and white with a tight foreskin!
My nuts are quite small and if any my past girlfriends went to feel them, they couldn't find them.
Girlfriend number 3 used me to move from Germany to the UK, then dumped me.
Nowadays, I enjoy seeing woman satisfied and taken to orgasm by BBC and my only fantasies/hope in real life is to clean up, raise my own bottom in the air for it/strap on and to serve.

I'd say it was obvious! :happy:

I welcome your thought and your own experiences.