TITLE: Fight Night
LOCATION: sadistic_love - USA
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Last winter, I was over at my friend's house watching an UFC pay per view event. The prelims were lousy and halfway through the main card it wasn't getting any better.

Thankfully, Mary Kate was also there being her usual sloppy self. She had just come back inside from smoking another bowl and was looking for another beer in the refrigerator. Round two was about a minute in and already the wrestler was on top of the strike, looking like he was going to control for the rest of the round.

Uninterested in watching another fight were the wrestler lays and prays to victory, I turned my attention to something a little more entertaining and gave Mary Kate's pussy a firm squeeze, from behind, through her sweats.

Never one to be shy Mary Kate grinded her pussy back against my hand, closing her eyes, choosing to pleasure her pussy over indulging in more beer.

“Hey!” I shouted, causing my friends, on the couches, to look over towards us. Immediately, I pulled down her sweats and panties in one quick motion and left her standing there bare bottomed, her hairless pussy and asshole completely exposed for them, thrusting her straight into one of her private fantasies without any warning. Her heart raced from the intensity of the attention and her face was bright red with embarrassment, unable to breathe or make eye contact with any of us.

“Why don’t you kneel in the easy chair?” directing her to kneel backwards on a black leather recliner while I helped myself to a beer. She obeyed, stepping out of her sweats and panties, and knelt backwards putting her pussy on even closer display for my friends.

“I think she needs her pussy played with.” I said, urging two my friends to have their way with her while the others hung back and watching. Mary Kate's eyes had found their way to mine, eagerly awaiting more instructions from me. She could hear my friends walking towards her, as her heart pounded against her chest. I could clearly see all her signs of arousal, as one friend gently fingered and rubbed her asshole carefully and the other stroked around the opening of her pussy and searched through her folds. She couldn’t help but let out a little whine of relief through her bite lower lip.

While my friends fondled her genitals, I took my cock out and guided her head towards it. She gratefully took me in her mouth, while a drank some more of my beer with one hand and rested my other on the back of her head.

Mary Kate's mind narrowed and she gave herself over to the intensity of the sexual situation. She was so charged she stopped thinking and simply went on her basic sexual instinct. All careful consideration was lost, indulging in my cock, sucking with the most attentiveness and eagerness of any woman I've ever experienced.

Sucking dick was a treat for Mary Kate. Basically, when she sucked cock she tried to put as much cock in her mouth, as possible, at any time. She never seems to be able to enough girth in her mouth, to satisfy her needs, and was always supremely content when someone wanted to make use of her throat.

After she sucked me good and hard I urged her to climb off the chair and bend over the armrest, turning her mouth's attend to my friends, who hesitated only briefly before letting her pleasure them. Mary Kate couldn’t help but touch herself, as she alternated, her mouth, between their cocks. Her pussy was a sopping mess, soaking the side of the chair, and threatening to stain the carpet.

I came up behind her, using her self made lube from her pussy, I worked my cock into her tight asshole, as one of my friends exploded in her mouth without warning. Mary Kate is rarely happier than when she has a mouthful of sperm and swallowed his load happily, giving his waning cocks a gentle kiss after. Though the rest of us teased him for cumming first.

The other friend resumed fucking her mouth, as I sunk myself inside her pale chubby butt. Pinned between two cocks, helpless to escape, just a small sexual object for us to use she was in sexual nirvana. I increased my depth and speed in her butt, as I felt it relaxing and able to take more, pushing her whole body forward with each thrust, causing my friend to go even deeper into her mouth.

Mary Kate snuck a hand between her legs again and was quickly on the way to one of the most intense orgasms of her life. She was almost out of her body, but neither of us was willing to slow down, even for a moment, quietly challenging each other to fuck harder. She was like a little doll pinned between our cocks.

With the tightness of her ass and the viciousness of our speed, I soon, too finished, in her ass, pulling out and giving her ass a firm smack making her coo, rewarding her for satisfying my cock. With my cock spent, shifted my attention back to the fights, as my friend fuck her mouth like a human pocket pussy for his aggressive cock. His hands resting on the back of her head as he humped her face making her feel small, objectified and yet complete.

Mary Kate had had begun to play with herself yet again, as my friend became even more intense with each thrust, as she succumbed and trembled with her second orgasm. My friend grabbed her by the hair harder and dragged her to the floor where he violently proceeded to fuck what was left of her brains out. He was screaming at her, telling her what a stupid pathetic bitch she was, as he slammed into her throat over and over choking her with his angry cock, making it impossible to hear the commentary, on the TV. Until, finally he came, directly down her throat, leaving her exhausted and curled up in the chair for the rest of the night.