TITLE: Step-Sister Story 3
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I grew up with my step-sister, Mel, basically being brother and sister. We fought and bickered at times but always loved each other in the end, like real siblings. Becoming lovers definitely complicated things, especially keeping our secret from my step-mom and dad.

For the next few years, we had a number of sexual encounters, even when we had gone to separate colleges. During school breaks, we'd come back home and, if the opportunity presented itself, we'd fool around. This occurred regardless if we were dating others. I suppose we figured that what we were already doing was a sinful act so cheating on our respective boyfriend or girlfriend didn't matter as much.

In fact, we ended up using those relationships as a bit of a sexual enhancer. It all started during the spring break of my sophomore year and her junior year at college. I knew she had been dating a guy, Todd, who played on the tennis team for her school. I had seen a couple of pictures online of him. He was tall, lanky with a thick head of blonde hair.

I had been seeing Jessica at my school for about 8 months. She didn't play sports at all. You'd definitely describe her as a nerd with glasses. Jess was a petite red head with small, but very sensitive, boobs. She loved when I sucked on them and could even cum just from that stimulation. Never met a girl like her before or after!

During our spring break, Mel and I had the house to ourselves in the mornings and afternoon since our parents both worked. Of course, that gave us lots of chances to play. The second day we were home is when this story took place.

We had gotten up late, around 10am or so, and mom and dad had already left. I was in the kitchen grabbing breakfast and drinking my morning coffee. Mel came in wearing just a tight wife-beater tank top and a pair of striped shorts. Her large breasts strained the t-shirt and I could easily make out her dark areolas. My cock jumped at the sight in front of me.

As we caught up on our semester, my eyes would drift to her wonderful tits. I knew she caught me as her nipples became erect and she leaned towards me, squeezing her arms together presenting her deep cleavage to my lustful eyes. She teased me like this for several minutes, all while making chit chat. It was hard for me to concentrate given most of my blood was down at my cock.

Mel got up and said, "Let's watch some TV downstairs," and stood up to go towards the basement. Since that's on of the places we would have sex, I quickly followed suit and sat next to her on the couch. She turned on the television but it was just background noise as we started to kiss each other. My hands went right to her breasts and she moaned in response.

My sister's hand roamed my body, finally settling on my hard cock. We made out for a bit while arousing each other towards another inevitable sexual encounter.

During our make out session, Mel whispered in my ear, "Do you fuck Jess a lot?" My cock jumped in her hand with that blunt question. My sister has never asked me about my other lovers.

"Yes, we do it a lot," I responded and Mel kissed me hard. She reached into my shorts and pulled out my cock, stroking faster.

"Does she have a good pussy? Do you like fucking her and eating her out?" The conversation was having quite an arousing effect on both of us.

In between kissing my sister, I replied, "Yes, she has a very sexy tight pussy. She has a lot of pussy hair like you. I love eating her. She tastes wonderful." We both moaned in each other's mouths, tongues swirling together. I was really getting into this and asked my own question. "How is Todd's cock? You fuck him a lot, too?"

This elicited a deep moan from Mel and I pulled her top off. My hand went down to her very wet, hairy brown pussy. She spread her legs giving me complete access to her sex. "Yes, we fuck a lot, too. And, his cock is huge." We continued masturbating each other both imagining the other being fucked. There was no jealousy, only carnal thoughts and desires. "He loves when I rim his ass."

I couldn't take it any more and practically ripped her shorts and white thong off. I undressed in one motion. Mel spread her legs as I sunk my dick into my sister's familiar pussy once again. We held a slow steady rhythm so our dirty back and forth could continue.

"How big is his dick?" I licked her lips and we kissed some more.

"I measured it once and he's nine and a half inches, and really thick." My cock got even harder with the image of my sister taking a porn star sized dick in her. We panted together but I restrained from going too fast with my hips. "He has the biggest cock I've ever had..."

"You like being stretched by his big cock?" Mel moaned and nodded. She was clearly on the verge of cumming. My dick was rock hard and I had to slow down even further. I leaned into her ear. In a low voice, I said, "Jess let's me fuck her ass." With that, my sister came hard. I could feel her juices saturate my cock and balls and knew we had to clean up the leather couch.

Mel spasmed for almost a minute and the whole time, I maintained my steady fucking. I knew how to get her off and the surprise dirty talk was great for both of us. As she came down, she asked, "Is her ass tight? Do you like cumming in her that way?"

"She is extremely tight. When I fuck her ass, she fingers her pussy until she cums." Now, my orgasm was building up. Talking about sexual partners while fucking someone else is quite the aphrodisiac. "She really gets off if I cum in all three holes. We've done that a few times."

"Oh god, that is so hot. I could never take Todd's big dick in my ass." Our rhythm was increasing. It seemed hearing about ass play was turning Mel on. I knew it turned me on like crazy.

"I bet you could take my dick in your ass if I worked you first with my finger." I looked my older sister right in the eyes as I continued fucking her pussy. I wanted her to know that I was serious. Her hips bucked hard against me while our tempo was reaching a crescendo.

"Oh n..nnoo...maaay...maybeeee...YEEESSS JONNY!! I WANT YOU TO FUCK MY ASS!!" With that we both came together. I blasted my seed into her womb and her pussy gripped my cock in pulses. I ejaculated deep into my sibling as we passionately made out during our climaxes.

My penis finally deflated and slipped out of her hole. Much of my sperm leaked out, and I used my t-shirt to quickly clean up our mess. I wiped her pussy to get more cum out. Mel turned her head to the side and moaned as I made contact with her sex. She loves when I clean her.

I laid behind her on the couch and caressed her breasts while kissing her neck. "If you'd like to try, we can go slowly." She knew what I was talking about and rubbed her ass against my growing erection.

"Let's try before the break is over. Maybe if I can take your cock and get stretched enough, I can take Todd's cock when I go back to school. I've wanted him to fuck me there but was too scared."

We held each other in this naked spooning position and ended up taking a short nap.

I couldn't wait for an opportunity to take my sister's ass. I wasn't Jess's first anal lover so having a virgin ass turned me on like nothing else...