TITLE: Lesson Pt 4
LOCATION: Zoe - England, UK
AGE: 31 - 40
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The next time Rick paid us a visit, it was obvious that I'd have to see what he could do with his cock, but I wasn't expecting quite what I got.
He arrived all flustered and wet from the rain, afraid he was going to be late, he said, due to the idiots who can't drive in the weather.
Letting him recover, we chatted about nothing really, until my man appeared and called us to attention.
"Rick, glad you made it. It's time you fucked my girl," was his opener, never one to talk in circles, "So, I will be offering you directions tonight. Hope that's not too weird for you."
"Well, erm, I guess not. I mean, I really want to, you know, so I'll follow your lead," he stammered, reminding us of his tender years.
The anticipation and concept of what was to come, had already got my blood pumping, so taking Rick by the hand, I led him upstairs to our guest room. Slowly undressing him, I nibbled his nipples as they became visible, my hands stroking his firm pecs and down the sides of his torso. Scratching this groin through his jeans before undoing his belt, he was already waking up. Pushing his jeans from his hips, the tent of his boxers grazed my cheek as I forced the denim down his legs. Me eye-ball to cotton covered cock was how my man was greeted as he entered the room, bringing with him a large bottle of water, knowing we'll need refreshment before long. His jeans were bulging in a most pleasing manner.
Standing to allow Rick to strip me, I watched my man as he stripped himself to his boxers. Ricks teeth nipped my throat, before teasing my nipples, biting my belly and inner thighs as he removed clothing. He'd learnt well.
Once I was naked, we lost Rick's underpants and lay on the bed, allowing the youngster to explore my body. Boobs were stroked, nipples twisted, pussy lips teased, clit fondled, pussy entered - where he found I was as wet as could be.
"Is she wet Rick?" came my other half's voice. "Very", he replied.
"Time to feel her around your cock then. Cowgirl style please, I want to see your cock disappear into her cunt."
Obediently, Rick laid down on his back, pulling me on top of him. Licking his cock head to moisten it, I watch my man, who had sat at the dressing table nearby, as I lower myself onto the young cock. His face was almost pained with excitement and desire, easing to delight as my pussy lips reach Rick's balls. "Bounce slowly, let him feel every inch of your beauty pussy," came the instruction. With Rick playing and supporting my boobs and nipples, I rose and lowered slowly on the rock hard rod inside me, rubbing his head against my g-spot. Picking up speed as the urge inside me grew, the young cock appeared and disappeared quicker from my mans view, ever more glistening with a pussy juice and pre-cum cocktail. Watching my mans face as I fucked Rick, the orgasmic eruption from our guest took me by surprise, his
hands dropping from my boobs to my hips to cease my movements as his
sensitivity reached its peak. He came hard, very hard and his cum was already leaking out of me around his softening member.
"Oh, you naughty boy, couldn't you wait any longer?" I teased.
"Oh dear, that didn't satisfy you my love, you need more of a fucking than that," my man said. "Come here while the young cock recovers, I'll have to teach him self control it seems. But right now, you need attention. Rick, sit there, you'll have a good view," he gestured at the chair he had just vacated. Sitting me on the edge of the bed, he kissed me thoroughly, then pushed me backwards, settling between my thighs. Resting my feet on his shoulders, he lowered his face to my crotch. Starting at my ass, he licked the spilt cum away, cleaning me of the young buck's early heavy load. He lapped his tongue into my pussy, sucking out as much cum as he can. Moving upwards, he reached my clitoris, sucking it hard, flicking his tongue over it as I'd taught Rick to do previously.
A sigh escaped my mouth, turning into a groan as he pushed two fingers into my recently vacated pussy, reaching in to rub my g-spot. Pausing to suck his fingers to remove more of Rick's cum, he finger fucked my welcoming hole while bashing my clit with his tongue. The dirtiness and unexpected nature of his attentions heightened my excitement, and it was only a few minutes before squeezed his fingers hard as I came in a strong orgasm that left me breathless for a few moments.
"You enjoyed the show Rick? Maybe this time you'll last longer. Take her from behind, its one of her favourites and she'll be supersensitive now I made her cum," my man directed while helping me up to my knees, turning me round to face him. Seeing our reflection in the dressing table mirror, I was once again surprised by my love's ingeniousness.
Hurrying Rick into position, my man held my pussy lips open, and guided his cock into me, giving my clit a flick for good measure.
"Fuck her deep but slow, enjoy every sensation but stay aware of the tightening of your balls. You don't want to shoot early and leave her unsatisfied again," my man taught. "She loves cock."
Watching Rick's pace, my man's cock bounced up and down as he absentmindedly wanked his generous cock-head. Viewing this in the mirror, I begged "Gimme that!" "What? You want this too?" he responded, waving his hard cock at me. "You dirty, greedy girl. Where do you want it? You want to suck my cock? Hmmm? You want to be spit roasted? You naughty slut!"
Standing in just the right place, I reached my tongue to circle his head. Encouraging him nearer, I rocked backwards onto Rick's cock as I took my mans cock between my lips, rocking forwards from Rick to swallow my man towards my throat. Back onto Rick, forwards onto the cock I love so much. Back and forth, either my pussy or my mouth was always full of cock.
"Shit, that's so hot," muttered Rick. "Careful Rick, try picturing something mundane to control your excitement levels. List things you need to do tomorrow, anything boring to stop yourself coming. My girl needs fucking. But yes, it is hot. She has a talented tongue. She knows just how to flick it across my head as she pushes onto your cock, and the pressure to suck with as she takes me in. The image in the mirror is mesmerising. Seeing your cock appear as the pressure of her mouth envelopes me, and seeing your cock disappear as her tongue flicks across my head is mind blowing," my man can be rather poetic when inspired.
"That sounds amazing, I hope I get the chance to experience her mouth. Her pussy is amazing," Rick responded as he fucked me, almost as though I wasn't there. Although, to be fair, I was just a mass of sensations at that point. Doggie Style puts just the right pressure on my g-spot, which swells as it's caressed, increasing the feelings further. I always like sucking my mans cock. The power to bring such pleasure is massive, and he's such a sweet receiver - never thrusts too far into my throat, or forces my head, he just holds my mass of hair out of my face (I suspect also to increase his view!) and strokes my face and neck as I bob up and down on his smooth fat cock. "We should swap? Rick can experience you mouth and I'll keep your pussy happy for a bit" suggested my man. "If that's ok, I'm game for that!"
Rick eagerly agreed. I shrugged acceptance, the need to come again growing, so they swapped.
Gasping and sighing as my man pushed into me, stretching me a little further, my head dropped as I enjoyed my own personal cock, rocking back onto him. My man tapping between my shoulder blades reminded me of the other cock requiring attention. Licking Rick's member to remove my juices, I eased myself back into the same rhythm as before. Easing back onto one cock as I released the other to my tongue, swallowing one cock as I eased off of the other, I was just a pussy and mouth
combination, not a woman at that moment in time, it was very liberating.
After just a few minutes, Rick tapped my shoulder "this is too good, I can't hold out much longer."
"Take a minute, we'll swap back," my man instructed. Giving Ricks dripping head a goodbye lick, I pushed back onto my man, fucking him hard for a couple of thrusts before he cruelly withdrew, leaving my pussy bereft.
Rick seated himself at the dressing table as my man presented his cock to my lips. Sucking him as deep as I can, I let him control the pace, flicking my tongue over his head, stroking the seam on the underside with the tip of my tongue, sucking him as hard as I can. All of a sudden, I feel Rick's cock against my pussy lips, so push back to
envelope his cock with my wet cunt.
We return to the same dance as before, but with a little more strength from Rick. Thrusting into me with a little more strength than before, this was obviously the ending of our encounter, he was fucking towards oblivion. "She needs to cum on your cock now so give it to her really hard" my man instructed. His balls slapping against my arse Rick was growing in confidence as he groaned "I'm gonna give your pussy a bigger load than before". "Oh god, I want it, I'm going to cum so hard on your shaft. Keep fucking me deep," I managed between mouthfuls of cock. A few strokes of my clit and my orgasm hit, coating the young studs length & balls. A few moments later Rick gave a deep, long grunt as he emptied his balls into me once more. A dozen thrusts or so and the youngster was spent. I was indeed full of his warm seed.
He pulled out so I was empty again but not for long, as my man eased me onto my back, pushed his cock back into my soppy pussy. Holding me in his arms as he rocked into me, he kissed me thoroughly. Dancing tongue to tongue, where his cock had just been, which was now reclaiming my hot, well used pussy. Pushing into me hard but slow, he was pushing Rick's deposit out of me, as effectively as his mouth had done earlier. Evicting the youngster and repossessing what was his.
"You are such a dirty girl," he whispered to me as he moved. "Watching his cock disappear into you was everything I hoped it would be. I could almost feel what he felt, how your pussy walls would grasp him, like it's doing to me now. I am a very lucky man." Burying his face in my neck, his thrust intensity increased. His cock head massaging my g-spot, his public bone rubbing against my clit. I gasped as another
orgasm washed over me, my pussy contracting around his cock as though doing some reclaiming of my own. With that, my man finally emptied his balls, deep into me. Two huge loads inside of me.

After laying in my arms for a few moments, my man gently withdrew from m now tender pussy, and covered me with a blanket to let me gather my senses. I heard
the door close softly as Rick and my man left the room. A short while later, the front door closed as Rick departed. My man returned to me, and helped me to the bathroom, where he helped my shower. Dried off, we collapsed into bed and slept like the exhausted animals we were.

to be continued..