TITLE: An Exquisite Paradox
LOCATION: vergilloops - USA
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I don't know your name. I don’t know what the house you live in looks like, or the names of your husband and kids. I don’t know how you look when you smile, or frown, or the mannerisms that make you who you are. I don’t know your world, and you don’t know mine.

But I know you. I know your face, from the picture you sent me. I know who you are from the online chats we have, that flow like water and carry me away.

I know your love. It shines so brightly! It’s beautiful. It's not for me. It never should be. I know your wild heart still rages though, and there is your lust. Thick and sensuous, and I can see it, smell it, even from here.

I will come to you. Look into your dark eyes, they see straight through me. I cannot hide. I kiss you. Those incredible lips. Run my tongue up the line on your bottom lip, and you open up for me. Our passion ignites, it consumes the atmosphere.

I run my fingers over your skin. Slowly, so lightly, they leave trails of fire down your neck, your shoulders, your arms, sides and belly. You breathe deeply, like you're running out of air. Your skin rises up in goose bumps. Your nipples become hard and tight, and, with the tip of my tongue I tease them, sending electric shocks of pleasure straight to your heart.

Now your body is mine, and I want all of it. I explore with my hands and mouth. Kissing, licking, and biting. Your pale skin is my playground, and I get completely lost in it. Until I find your pussy. It's dripping wet and burning for me. I trace around it with my fingers while I admire it. My cock is so hard it hurts. I want to be in you, right now, but I wait, I prefer to watch your beautiful pleasure. I lick your labia, spread them and drink your juices, they are intoxicating. Tease your throbbing clit with my tongue and then gently suck it, it burns, both of us. As I move my head slowly it sends waves of ecstasy up and down your body until you cum. My mouth feels you shudder, I can't wait any longer.

My cock burns you as I push it in. Now we are one, bound by coils of luscious lust. We fuck. Softly and slowly, hard and fast, perfectly in sync to a rhythm all our own. We ride for as long as we can, never wanting it to end, until we can’t hold it any longer. We explode, together. My cum over your body, like a sacrifice to the divine.

We hold each other as we fall back to earth. Then I retreat. You are not mine, and I am not yours. Even though I am covered in your lust, your love shines on, as brightly as before. You are an exquisite paradox.