TITLE: A New Job Pt 2
LOCATION: Sdcarl - California, USA
AGE: 51+
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So we both went to our rooms for the night knowing we had a full day on Monday at the conference. I awoke and was taking a shower all the while thinking about Melanie and how we made love the night before. I got so excited my erection just shot up like a rocket, still and hard. I masturbated and cummed on the shower glass doors and watched it slip down towards the drain. After cleaning up and relieving my load I dressed in casual slacks and a nice polo shirt with leather shoes and began to walk to the breakfast before the conference. I took my seat with my food and hot tea when in walked Melanie in the sheerest slinky black dress and it showed off all her curves! Yes my cock was aroused and began to stiffen a bit. She grabbed a plate of food and a coffee and sat beside me. She winked and said it would be inappropriate to kiss a subordinate in public but anything under the table was fair game. She reached under the table and undid my zipper and began carressing my excited cock. As she ate her food she would wink at me and stroke my cock. I began to shift to allow it to grow and then it was totally out and in her hand. Omg my boss was stroking me with hundreds of people walking past. A few sat at our table and were oblivious to the fact I was erect and being stroked. She whispered asking if I was about to cum and I nodded yes so without a thought she grabbed the napkin and put it in my lap. I spewed a huge load in her hands and she dufifully wiped her hands on the napkin and removed it and put it on the table. Without a worry she pretended like she had jelly on her hand and licked some cum off of her fingers!
The first class was beginning and we purposefully took a class with few people in it. We sat at the back and I reached under the table to play with her panties, but she was not wearing any! I was able to run my fingers around her slit, massage her clit and put my fingers inside her! As I was moving my fingers inside her, she began to shift and all the sudden exploded with an orgasm that just soaked my fingers. I am sure that chair was very wet! I lifted out my fingers and licked them and she gave me a wink.
During our break she was so horny from the public masturbating that she grabbed me and dragged me into the womens restroom and into a stall. She unbuttoned my trousers and saw I was already erect again. I pulled up her slinky dress to reveal that half shaven pussy and to my surprise she didnt have on a bra either! Her firm perky tits were exposed and nipples hard as diamonds. I began nibbling her nipples and she said we only have a few minutes so stuff your sausage in me big boy and without a worry she grabbed my cock and thrust it in her hot wet pussy. We knew we were short on time so I thrust quick and fast and I cummed inside her. We didnt try to clean up. She made sure the coast was clear and we both left the bathroom together.
The rest of the conference was had to concentrate knowing I was fucking my boss and her hubby haad no idea and my wife was clueless also.
More to come.

A Sexy Grandma - California, USA
A Sexy Grandma
locationCalifornia, USA
Date: 2016-09-20