TITLE: Katie Goes Camping
LOCATION: Diver - Midwest, USA
CLUBHOUSE: Candy_apple
AGE: 41 - 50
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Katie was a little warm after hiking all day. She knew it was going to get cool at night in her tent later that night, but she couldn't bring herself to put on the fuzzy pj pants and long sleeve Hensley she brought to sleep in. At least no just yet. She would put them on after she cooled down just a little.

Katie felt herself trying to wake up because she was cold, but her head was drowning in a deep fog that follows the sandman in his wake. Katie finally gave up the struggle, succumbing to the fog.

Morning came, and Katie began to hear the birds waking from their sleep. A particularly noisy crow got her attention and the awful sound would not allow Katie to rest any longer. As Katie began to stretch she felt the goosebumps on her arms and gave a little shiver. She then remembered the Hensley and cute pjs that she never got around to putting on. In addition to the goosebumps on her arms, she took stock of her chest. The chilly air had pebbles her nipples. They were almost painfully erect. She touched one and shivered again. From the cold, pain, or pleasure, she could not tell.

The touch on her nipple sent a quick feathery pulse down south. As Katie focused on the little tingling sensation her nipple shot downward, she realized there was an additional sensation. She was nice and warm there. It was the only place on her body that felt warm. Another little shiver took hold and she felt the tiniest little flicker in the inside of her right thigh.

The flicker happened again. It tickled. As she was trying to determine what it could be, she felt movement between her warm thighs. The conflicting sensations on so many parts of her body: warm friction, brief tickling flicker and cold taught nipples were almost too much. Almost.

The warm massaging friction moved up over her leg and circled back around her stomach towards her belly button. It seemed to follow a similar path of the tickle. The weight of the massaging tool felt heavy against her stomach, but not overly so. Just a right amount of pressure that seemed to slink down towards her mound. On reflex, she bucked her hips up just a little to meet the pressure.

Oh my, the massaging sensation slowly moved across her mound. The material was smooth and soft. The pressure just enough, the warmth, the cold, the oh fuck! The flicker seemed to circle back and somehow managed to hit her sensitive little nub. It drove her to near madness as her body convulsed slightly around her. Small ripples from her muscles contracting inside and sending out a slick warm welcoming drink from her folds. The massaging tool responded by investigating this warm and slippery opening.

Oh my god! It was entering her and the way it moved inside was like anything she had ever experienced. It moved in ways no other man or toy had before. It found the spot, HER spot inside. She could feel the pressure beginning to mount again. Her muscles tightening up. She was just about to. No! It started to come out of her. Obviously not appreciating the tightening inside her slick walls. She was on edge just the slightest little extra would send her right over, but the mass was retreating quickly. She was just about to reach down to grab ahold but a quick sting from two sharp points tearing into the flesh of her inner thigh just outside of her opening was just the little tip she needed to push her over the edge. Her body rippled and quivered. Over and over as moans escaped her. Then her body crashed. A thousand lead weights must have taken place of her bones. The ability to move her exhausted and spent body was impossible.

Sleep overtook Katie once more. She felt like she slept for days, when in actuality, it was no more than a few minutes. She blinked her eyes open, put on her glasses, just in time to see a brown tail slither out of a little hole where the zippers on the tent 's door didn't quite meet.

Unsure if she had been dreaming, or if the large garden snake actually had given her the most intense pleasure she had experienced to date, Katie got dressed. Katie quickly stepped outside to relieve her bladder. As she wiped her sensitive folds, she noticed a painful bite mark on her inner thigh. A large smile spread across her face as she vowed to go to the pet store at the conclusion of her trip. She knew there was an scaly reptile out there that needed a good home.

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