TITLE: Initiation
LOCATION: Pedrordrs - California, USA
AGE: 22 - 30
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Although I was almost ready to go to university, I still was a virgin. I Have always been shy, so even though I had had girlfriends, I had never really managed to score yet. I compensated by masturbating and had a good collection of porn magazines to help me.

Summer came and with it a trip to the countryside, to a ranch our grandparents had in the mountains. It was a fruit ranch full of orchards. I liked to go as some of the laborers were young women, and I was always hopeful to finally score. There had been a few days with no luck, and I was going restless.

One night, as I was near the kitchen, I overheard a conversation between two of the female workers. Apparently, there was a stream within the property that had formed some pools. I had never heard anyone in the family mention it. The family house had a small pool, so I figured why bother. One of them was telling the other how she preferred to go there and bathe at dawn, rather than use a bucket like they had to do in the workers quarters. The idea of finding this place and peep on them suddenly became obsessive for me. I spent a couple of days killing time wandering the property. Finally, I found a stream and followed it uphill until the orchard ended and it became virgin forest. I was about to give up, when I came upon a clearing. The mountain had opened a bit and, in an area where there were big boulders, they formed sort of a natural dam, creating a couple of oblong pools that emptied in a small waterfall. The water was clear but deep, and the bottom was hard to figure, so I found a long, thin branch and probed the depth, and found the water was at least chest-deep in some places. The water was cool, which surely felt good given the brutal heat of the region.

I explored a bit around it, and saw what appeared to be a footpath, barely discernible. I followed it for a good while through the forest, until in the distance, I could picture the workers quarters in the ranch.

Having finally found the bathing spot, I decided I would check it next morning. I went to bed early, and before dawn, I quietly got up from bed and sneaked out of my bedroom. Once outside, I figured I had planned poorly. I was wearing my boxers, and barefoot. Going back to get clothes and shoes risked being caught, so I decided to push forward. I figured if someone saw me I would say I was going to get a bath too. Luckily, I found a pair of flip-flops near the pool, so I had some foot protection. I quietly went around the workers quarters, which were still dark. The sun had not yet come out, and there was just a slight clarity. It was already quite warm, though, and I began to sweat. Finally, after a good while, I heard the stream. I approached cautiously, but saw no one. I had scouted what appeared to be a good viewing position, and sat in wait. After a couple of hours, no one came. I took off my boxers, took a quick dip in the cool water, which was very refreshing, and returned, frustrated. The following day I repeated the same procedure. I arrived, and waited in my spot. Not five minutes had passed when I heard leaves rustle and steps approaching.

I noticed a female figure, which I could tell from the long dark hair, and the simple, thin white cotton short dress older women use in the tropics to sleep or bathe in. As I peeked, her features became clearer, and I realized it was my nana. Nana was our former live-in nanny, we called her that. She had stayed to help my grandparents, and lived in the property. She had to be in her early fifties now. She approached one of the large rocks around the pool, and left a half-gourd where she likely carried her soap. She took off the thin rubber flip flops she always wore, and put them on the rock. She then approached the water and dipped her feet to ankle depth. She took a long look around, and, in one quick motion, pulled her dress up over her head and took it off, throwing it on top of her flip flops. Her nudity was magnificent. Her round shoulders seamlessly continued into long, thick breasts that ended at the pit of her elbows. She had large, light brown areolas at the bottom of each orb. Each was tipped by thick, long, dark nipples, the product of wet-nursing many mouths. Her waist was narrow, no doubt the product of growing up wearing a corset at all times, her fertile belly plump and poked by a deep navel. Below her round belly a prominent mons was completely covered in thick, wiry, dark pubic hair, which had likely never been cut or trimmed. Her thick thighs were plump in front and on the sides, and she had thick calves, no doubt the product of many years of walking up hills.

She quickly moved into the water until she was shoulder deep, and dipped her hair in. My penis was already stiff and, bent inside my boxers, begged to be let out of the boxers, so I slid them off. My hand began to stroke my penis.

She quickly emerged from the water, and took the soap from the gourd. She ran her hand over her entire body, forming a thin lather, and then formed a thick lather on her pubic bush. She then squatted in order to spread the large, dimpled buttocks apart, and ran a handful of foam up and down her butt crack and then on the front, on her vulva. Finally, she put some of the same soap on her hair, and formed a lather. She then sat on the rock, and washed her feet. Cautiously, as she was all sudsy, she moved back into the pool to waist depth, and then further until only her head was out, and rinsed it. I continued to quietly beat my stick, feeling the waves of pleasure.

Suddenly, her head disappeared into the water. Seconds passed, and then more. I let go off my cock. I waited again, but she was nowhere to be seen. I stood up. Come on, really? More seconds, what seemed like an eternity. Forgetting about my nudity and my erection, I came out from my hiding place and came near the water. Nothing. I quickly walked over some boulders, and stepped into the water with long steps, careful not to fall, my dick bouncing around. I could not see her. I moved in further until I could feel the cold water on my balls, and looked.
I heard the water break behind me, and turned to see Nana emerge from the water, her huge gasp for breath expanding her chest and perking up her breasts incredibly, her eyes open and already on mine.

"Did you lose something, Pedrito?"
I violently blushed and stuttered.
"I was...I was..."
She smirked
"...watching me?"
She looked at my half-erect penis, then again at my eyes.
"..just what?"
I have to say now that, aside from being a virgin, I also was very shy of my penis. I had noted on my porno magazines that men's penises all had what appeared to be a bell or mushroom shape at the tip, but mine looked like a small cucumber, with only an opening at the tip. I could not tell why. I masturbated and ejaculated, but always wondered why I had a different shape.
I could not believe that I could blush more, but I did. Nana looked down at my genitals again, then, like lightning, her hand darted down. Her thick, strong hand had grabbed my balls and my dick by the root, and, holding them, she pulled me closer. I was too surprised to protest. Her other hand had wrapped around the tip of my penis.
"Look at me" she said. "Don't move".
Since I was little, her commands were something I never ignored, but I couldn't help but look down. With a tight, steady grip, she pushed the skin on my shaft down towards my belly. I saw the opening at the tip of my penis widen and widen and as it stretched a feeling that I can only describe as anxious discomfort. Like a fruit getting its peel removed, I saw a pink, round shape appear, then, at the peak of tightness, suddenly the familiar bell from porno pictures popped out from the skin. Behind it, a white curdy paste appeared.
"...what the hell..?"
Still keeping my sex organs in her vise-like grip, Nana replied:
"Don't worry. That's normal. It's called smegma. Your mom obviously never taught you much hygiene. Stay still. I am going to wash it off".
She pulled me again a bit, until water covered my penis. The pink bell felt extraordinarily sensitive, even to air, and the cool water was even stronger. Her hand began to remove the material, sending shivers down all my body every time she touched it. Leaving me for a few seconds, she returned with her soap and continued to wash my penis. Feeling my quivering, she said:
"This is your glans. Don't worry. If you continue cleaning it daily like I just did, it's going to feel better soon. Your foreskin is not really that loose, so you need to keep doing it. You will notice that it will be easier to masturbate now"
i was about to protest, but she said:
"I know you were doing it back there. Don't worry. All young men do it, all do it thinking of naked women, and of course, what better than doing it while looking at naked women. I don't mind what you were doing".
"Thank you. It won't happen again"
"I did not say you could not do it. Just be careful, some women don't take men spying them lightly. You have not been with a woman yet, right?"
I lowered my head and nodded "no".
She looked around. No one.
"Since you now have a clean penis, would you want to start with me? I can teach you". She said this matter-of-factly, with that voice of authority she always had. I felt a sudden pang of anxiety, and took a ragged breath in, but nodded "yes".
Without another word, she lowered herself into the water, until only her head was out, and, still holding me by the balls, put my penis in her mouth. I quivered as she gently rolled her tongue around my glans, and gently moved her hand up and down the shaft. She relaxed the squeeze on my balls, and cupped them delicately. I felt the penis become fully hard again. What an incredible sensation. I held on to a rock as I felt my body pulsate. I could not help it, after a short while, I exploded inside her mouth.
It took her by surprise, her eyes opening wide at mine, but she continued to suck and swallowed my sperm. I saw the tick strands in her mouth as she gulped the last puddles. She stood up, and walked out of the water towards a large flat rock, where she sat. She opened her legs wide, and used her fingers to spread apart her labia to reveal dark brown-reddish lips. She gently took the tip of each and spread them into a small butterfly. She motioned for me to come closer. I could feel my penis pulsating back up and up. She took my hands and let me squeeze and fondle her breasts, and drew my head close, putting her nipple in my mouth. I sucked as she softly moaned and reminisced how she used to breastfeed me. Then, pulling my hair back, said "Stop", and moved my head down. I saw the fleshy butterfly, its strange, inviting smell.
"Use your tongue, and gently lick and suck" I did, and as I licked the head of the butterfly, she was the one who wa now quivering. She kept me there for a good while, moaning softly in the process.

Seeing that my dick was now again fully erect, she guided it to the opening. I slowly penetrated the large, loose vagina, but it felt intense, as I was not used to my newly uncovered glans. She guided me in until I could go in no more. I slowly pumped under her direction, her warm hands on my buttocks, pulling me in and out. It was a slow fuck, and she kept me in pace to make it last. Finally, sensing my orgasm, she sped me up. I groaned as I came again. She pulled me in tight until my penis was limp.

"Not bad for your first time. Let's wash up". We went back into the water, and washed our genitalia. Once again she did it for me.

We got out, and she put on her dress and flip flops. She kissed me in the lips, and left me there.

Where the hell were my boxers..?