TITLE: A New Beginning
LOCATION: Keith - Canada
AGE: 51+
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My wife of many years, Sharon had decided that sex is no longer something she wanted to do. She was diagnosed with type II diabetes and said that a side effect of the condition causes her to have vaginal dryness it's very painful to have sex. I wasn't ready to give up on sex quite yet and every girl I saw's started to look better and better to me. I contemplated having an affair but living in a small town I was afraid I would be caught. Sharon did not want to have sex, but she made it clear she didn't expect me to stray. All of this made no sense to me and sexually frustrated.

Her sister Shirley lived in small town a little over 500 miles from us. Shirley had long blond hair, beautiful large breast and was always enjoyed teasing me and was quite flirty. She had divorced her husband five years earlier and had not been involved in any close relationships for about two years. I knew I had to come up with a plan of how to get into her pants.

At the time I was serving in the military and discovered that there was an opening with a reserve unit in the same town where Shirley lived. I checked with the administration cell at my unit and they told me that if I went on this deployment, the military would pay for my accommodations and food because it was over 500 miles from where I lived therefore, I wasn’t expected to commute. I knew I had stumbled upon the perfect plan.

I told my wife that I would have to take a short-term tasking to the reserve unit. The tasking should last no longer than two or three years. She was not in favour of me going but when I said that I would be close enough to come home each weekend in order to do the maintenance on the house and cut the lawn she was more open to the idea of me going. Ironically, she suggested that I might be able to stay with her sister since she had an extra bedroom. We contacted her sister and over the next couple of weeks I made arrangements to rent her spare bedroom. I told her that if anyone contacted her, she was never to admit on that we were related. The military would pay roughly $1500 per month for my accommodations plus food, but they would not pay anything if I was staying with the relative.

Because of my service with the military I had always been in top-notch physical shape. So, once I got set up and unpacked in Shirley's condominium, I began working out each evening in the gymnasium provided by the condo. Shirley worked as a nurse doing 12 hour shifts at the local hospital. For the first couple of weeks we rarely saw each other, because she worked the night shift. By the time she got home in the morning I was normally at work. Shirley would normally sleep until three or four in the afternoon. One day I knew that she would be a little while after I arrived home, so I quickly changed out of my uniform and intentionally put on some loose small shorts and made sure I had a semi hard on. When Shirley came out of her bedroom. I could see that her eyes kept sneaking down to look at my package when we greeted each other she was having a hard time keeping track of small-time conversation. I laughed, and I think she knew I was enjoying her discomfort. A couple days later I took a shower after work and wrapped the smallest towel I could find around my waist. Once again, I stroked myself to make sure that I had a semi hard on, I acted surprised and jumped a little almost dropping the towel, when she walked into the kitchen. She Stammered, " I'm sorry I didn’t mean to surprised you she said." I said that it was okay and I'm just glad that she didn't come out earlier and catch me walking around bare ass. She licked her lips and said I definitely would have shocked to see that. She said that we needed to set some ground rules for living and the condominium. She said that she really loves the idea of me living with her but that she would ever violate her sister’s trust and definitely would not have an affair with her sister’s husband. After our chat I was feeling a little dejected and decided to tone down the accidental meetings.

Two weeks later I was in the bathroom drying my hair after shower without a stitch on. When Shirley poked her head around the corner her face turned red, but her eyes remained glued to my cock she struggled to say, "wow, you weren't kidding about being bare ass". I told her that I was totally comfortable and in fact it boosted my ego knowing that she was staring at my cock. I said that her sister and I had had stopped having sex months ago, she told me she didn't know that, she said that she sympathizes as she had not had sex in years. I saw an opening and I said that I really enjoyed it when I was able to get a quick glimpse of her beautiful breasts. She was quiet for a while and then said that before I moved in, she would walk around the condo make it all the time. She pulled down her bathrobe revealing her beautiful tits. I said that I had fantasized about her breast for years but could never imagine how great they are. She laughed and said thank you, but I think I had better leave. I said, I hope you don't mind if I'm nude around the condominium, she said that she had no problems with it since I lived there to, I should feel comfortable and act like I'm home

The next day I greeted her at the door of her bedroom in my birthday suit with a hard on. She said I can see that you're happy to see me as she continued to talk to my cock not to me, she said "we should have three or four hours before she had to get ready for work, is there anything I would like to do ". I asked her if I could see her get completely nude for me. I won’t try anything, unless she wanted to, I just want to stare and appreciate her beauty body. She slowly peeled off her clothing I was in awe. This was a woman I had been fantasizing about for years and she was right in front of me. I said that I would like to hold her, "she said, I don't know if we can get close as your cock looked like it will keep us apart. I laughed I would take care of that and I pushed it downward as a put my arms around her. Of course, mother nature pushed it up to touch the bottom of her shaved pussy lips. She smiled and put her head on my chest as we swayed slowly back and forth. It became apparent after a while that she was manoeuvring back and forth closely to allow my dick to rub back and forth on her pussy lips. Each time that occurred she would let out a little moan and more pre-cum from would leak from the head of my cock making her very wet. I inserted my cock a few inches into her and we continued to rock back and forth. She was smaller than me and we were struggling to remain like this and she said let's move to her bed. I crawled into the bottom of the bed. I felt one of Shirley’s naked legs then the other. She let out a moan as I touched her naked skin. I ran my hands up her naked legs towards her stomach. I gently kissed her knees as I lay between her legs. She spread her legs completely. I licked and kissed her inner thighs to torture her a little. She was moaning softly. I heard her say, I’m so hot and wet, I want you inside of me. I crept up to her pussy, I could tell that she could feel my hot breath on her pussy. I was enjoying her sweet scent when all of a sudden, I felt her hands on the back of my head. She pushed down with all her might and sent my face straight into her wet sticky cunt. As she did this, she pressed her hips up at the same time and was fucking my face! I lost my breath for a moment as she had her cunt pressed so tightly against my face. I regained my composure in a second and stuck out my tongue. I began licking her pussy as she moaned in delight. I slid my tongue as far up her cunt as possible. She was so wet. I felt her squeeze my head as she moaned and then all of a sudden, I felt a rush of hot cum flow into my mouth. I kept licking and sucking I had to swallow three times She was actually filling my mouth with her cum. I have never been with a woman who came as much as Shirley did. She kept cummings and cummings for about 5 minutes. She slowly regained her composure. She said, "that was the most amazing orgasm of my life” and began kissing me. I felt her tongue enter my mouth. We kissed for a long time running our hands over each others’ bodies. I got on top of her beautiful body, my cock was touching her pussy. Shirley sensed my hesitation and pulled my cock into her pussy. She felt amazing, she was so tight and wet. I pumped in and out of her slowly. I could feel the walls of her pussy on my cock. She squeezed me tight and
whispered,” I have never felt suck a hard cock in me before, it feels so fucking good.” I want you to fill me with your cum. She rolled me onto my back I was trapped beneath her as she straddled me with my cock inside of her. I could not pull out even if I had wanted to which I did not! Within moments I began to climax, Shirley could feel me getting closer and began fucking my cock like crazy. After another few thrusts I exploded right inside her pussy. I heard her moaning, “It feels so hot, oh my God!” As she came again. She collapsed on top of me with my cock still inside of her. Shirley rolled on to her back and told me, “We are definitely going to have to do this again.” I asked her, “W-what about your sister?? She said that she would not have an affair with me, but she would definitely have sex any time I wanted. I kissed her on the lips and ask, what she was doing tomorrow, she giggled and slid her hand down onto my cock.