TITLE: Daddy’s Playtime With His Baby Girl
LOCATION: Killertink - USA
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I was laying in bed in a brand new garter set I bought for daddy as apart of my new uniform we agreed on (picture on profile along with our background). A thong, black and basically stringy contraption and this garter set. My hair is washed and still wet so there’s an extra sting when he lands a strong smack on my ass.

“Hi babygirl” “ hi daddy do you like my new uniform?” “I think it’s fucking gorgeous let me test it”. He moves me into his recent favorite position, he stands by the edge of the bed and drags me to him. Pulling me up by my hips he grips my knees sliding each one opposite each other. Lowering my clothed wet slit to the bed, he places his hand over the small of my back. I can’t really move but my feet are right in front of his cock. Lightbulb. I curl my little toes (which he loves) around his hard cock and jerk him off.

His forearm laid along my spine, and his fist curled around the belt that was pulling on my waist. The belts around my thighs were responsible for holding his tools. He started the wand and ordered me to hold it and don’t move it without permission, so I immediately started moaning. My face was pushed into the pillows and he spanked my clit. Ten times he landed solid smacks on my pussy, when he finished he peeled of my drenched thong and inserted two fingers.

My shoulders are digging into the bed and I feel him fucking me with his fingers and then I change the vibration setting to a newfound favorite (a couple of hard rapid vibrations and one long one) as he slipped a finger into my ass. He is rubbing against my gspot and I was about to ask permission to cum before he ripped his fingers out of my very greedy holes.

He started to insert the glass kegel balls and fuck my asshole at the same time I, myself was torturing my own clit because daddy said so. I was all full and I could feel his precum dripping, I focused on jerking him while he reached for the glass anal plug and lubed my asshole. I changed the setting until I found the one true pleasure of one solid hard vibration. Daddy is tugging on the kegel balls while my muscles are contracting, pulling them back inside. He is teasing me and I can’t even breathe.

I’m on the verge of cumming again and I look back at him and ask “daddy may I cum please” “what do you want” “to cum daddy please” I need to beg him because I’m going to fucking explode. “Cum, you spoiled brat” as he fucks my asshole with the plug and plays tug of war with my tight pussy. While I’m squirming from the waves building, I can see him taking pictures and recording me while I bring myself to the edge over and over until he finally gave me the permission to cum. I fucking lose it, screaming into the pillow and throwing my ass into him he pushes the plug deep into me keeping me full and I clench around the balls and just explode.

My skin was on fire and my pussy was absolutely throbbing and swollen. I was spent and I haven’t even gotten to have his cock yet, I’ve successfully kept him semi hard this whole time. He moves the wand to the spot right above the hood of my clit and changes the setting. He circles my pussy with his cock just teasing me relentlessly. I push myself back on him taking him deeper and he jerks back and smacks my ass hard “I didn’t ask you to move”.

I take the delicious hit and my clit slowly wakes up again, he reaches up and dips his fingers into my mouth. “Suck them so I can wet my cock before I put on a condom” I greedily suck his fingers and swirl my tongue around them. He slaps my clit while playing with himself. He rips the kegel balls out of me and fingers me using that wetness to stroke himself. He dove straight into me and did not hold back, he dug his hips into my ass with each hard thrust.

I was taking it all, my ass was clenching on the heavy weight of the plug. I slipped the wand down to my clit and the trembling started shortly after. Daddy pounded into me and pulled me back by the belt, using it as leverage. He growled into my ear each time he slammed into me, when he came he gripped my ass so tight I bruised.

Daddy can get rough 😉 thanks for listening!