TITLE: A New Job Pt 3
LOCATION: Sdcarl - California, USA
AGE: 51+
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So Monday was over and Tuesday began as a normal day. I got up and showered and decided today I would wear slacks, nice shoes, a nice shirt and a tie (which is out of the norm for me). I dressed and went to the breakfast bar at the conference. About 5 minutes pass and in walks Melanie in a long slinky black dress that showed off those amazing curves. Her breasts poked out of the the slinky black material like little missiles and when she got closer you could see her camel toe.

We ate breakfast and chatted about the day ahead. We decided to take all the same classes and site in the back so we could enjoy a feel every now and then.

The first class was boring and I decided to put my hand under her dress and to my surprise he was going commando. No panties on! As I rubbed her pussy she looked me in the eye and just winked. Then she whispered "I bet you cant make me cum before this class ends" I took the challenge and she adjusted sitting to sit right on top of my finger. I could see he loved it. I began to push my finger in as deep and it could go. Then I backed it out and found her clit and began rubbing it with one finger. She was getting so wet! After only a few minutes of massaging she adjusted and bit her lip and began to cum right there in class all over my finger! She shook and shuttered for a few seconds then released another orgasm! I pulled out my finger and took a taste and it tasted like honey in the summer time! As she stood up you could see a very wet spot on the chair fabric! She said "ok you won and you get your winnings tonight" and winked at me.

The next class was very full since it had a good speaker so we had to be very careful. All during the class she kept her hand on my crotch and kept squeezing and gently rubbing. After a bit of this my cock was beginning to rise and she could see but she just kept rubbing and squeezing.

I couldnt take it anymore since I had a raging erection. During the break we went to the atrium and found a secluded spot. I pulled my trousers down and pushed her head on my hard cock. She began sucking and pumping like a pro. I t didnt take long and I exploded in her mouth. She was careful to swallow it all and not drop any on her nice dress. She arose and we hurried to the next class.

Lunch came and we decided we could not wait so we went up to my room. My room had a balcony with a nice view of the pool and garden outside. I pulled her dress off and exposed those perky tits I have grown to love and now I could see that pussy that got so wet a few classes ago. I sthipped nude but she grabbed my tie and wrapped it around my balls and gently tied it. The silk felt so good on my balls! She opened the balcony and leaned me against the railing and began to kiss my cock and balls. She tied the tie a bit tighter and said when I was ready to cum she would tie it even tighter. I lowered down and licked that pussy and opened the lips to expose her pink lovely inside. I found the clit and nibbled it until she cummed on my face! I stood back up and began to kiss her nipples and she said she wanted to be fucked on the balcony in front for all to see. I turned her around and kissed her sweet butt cheeks. I was hard and ready to enter her then she said wait and tied the tie around my nuts even tighter. It felt so good. I began to fuck her in the open for all to see and after pumping her for a half hour she reached down and released the tie and I blew the biggest cum I had ever done! It trickled out her pussy and down her leg. She wiped it with her fingers and began to lick it. As we began to dress for the next class there were some people in the garden that watched and clapped and smiled. They had a great show.

The remainder of the day will be posted in a day or so. Dont miss it as there is a surprise guest that shows up and shocks even us.

A Sexy Grandma - California, USA
A Sexy Grandma
locationCalifornia, USA
Date: 2016-09-20