TITLE: Doing The Choirs With Robin
LOCATION: Timetraveler - Canada
AGE: 41 - 50
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We had been living in the community for about five years and gotten to know all of our neighbours fairly well. So it came as quite a shock when we learned that Robin and George were separating after 23 years of marriage. From the normal neighbourhood gossip we learned that George had moved out and was now living in an apartment in the city centre. Robin and her two boys still lived in a house directly across the street from us. My wife and Robin had become really good friends over the years and often went out shopping and occasionally did some barhopping. For the first four or five months after George left, Robin pretty much stayed at home with the boys and didn't do much socializing. She was still quite friendly but we could tell that the separation was really eating away at her. Robin is in her mid-40s, slightly overweight and pretty much a homebody. My wife had encouraged her to go to the local gymnasium a couple of times a week but it was really hit and miss. During the summer we would often invite her in the boys over for barbecues, and talk about how things were going between her and George. She said that George had told her that he had recently started dating. She had found out by looking at his Facebook page that he was dating a man. She said he always seemed to have homosexual tendencies. From that point on she no longer talked about getting back together and said that she would not accept him back in her life under any circumstances.

Robbin's boys were still quite young and because I had a lot of spare time, I started helping her with some of the chores, cutting the grass and walking their dog. Actually walking the dog was not a chore, because they had a Labradoodle and a lot of the women in the neighbourhood would often stop and chat with me when I was out walking. Many times they would bend over so that they could pat the dog, which gave me a fantastic look at some of the nicest tits in the neighbourhood. Where we live, winter comes early and it lasts for about six months a year it's long, cold, snow doesn’t fall in a gentle manner; rather torrential blizzards that cover the city with a thick, white blanket. Once I finish cleaning our driveway, I would go over and shovel Robin's driveway and sidewalk. When I had everything cleaned up I would knock on the door and take their dog gruff, for some exercise. Whenever I knocked on her door Robin would come to the door in the door in a soft blue robe, with a white towel wrapped around her hair. Her soft green eyes were looking up at me from her smaller height of around 5’3”. It didn't take me very long to notice that she obviously did not wear a bra first thing in the morning because her nipples would clearly show through the material. More than once she caught me staring at her nipples. She lit up in my eyes with her smile, I found myself unable to take my eyes from her. While I was walking her dog I kept thinking to myself about what might be available under that robe. She may have been older, I’m guessing around 50 or so, but she was quite attractive. Her eyes had a way of pulling you in, ensnaring me without even a hint of seduction in her glance. Her lips looked soft and pouty, and her skin smooth and creamy. Later when I took the dog back, Robin again open the door wearing her blue robe, I mmediately noticed that her robe had parted a little near the top, a small amount of cleavage showing. I took a hard breath, before said goodbye and headed towards my house
I sighed and walked from the front porch back to our house, I could feel my cock growing inside my trousers. Thoughts of getting Robin out of that robe kept creeping into my mind. Her red hair in curls was amazing, but my thoughts mainly kept turning to her cleavage and thinking what it would be like to get my hands on her breasts. I ate my breakfast fantasizing about my neighbor. About 40 minutes later there was a knock on the door and Robin was standing in the doorway. Her robe had been replaced with gray sweat pants, a white tang top, and a red jacket. She again held out a mug of coffee, and a smile on her face. I quickly invited her in and after she had taken off her jacket she put her hand on my arm, squeezing through my sweater firmly. “Thank you so much, you are very kind for helping her. I phased out for a moment, before coming back, shaking my head slightly. “Uh, no problem, again it’s not a big deal.” It is to me,” she said with a smile. She asked if my wife Sharon was available to go on a shopping spree. I explained that she had gone on a weeklong gambling binge with her mother and sisters, and she wouldn't be back into the following Monday. She said oh well maybe they would catch up after she came back from Las Vegas. As she turned around, my eyes quickly roamed her body, and it didn’t take long to notice the curve of her ass through her sweat pants. It was a nice firm looking ass, she turned and, catching my eye and let out a small chuckle, I was a little embarrassed that she had noticed my wandering eye. We said our goodbyes and she headed back towards her house. I was wishing that I had come up with a creative reason for her to stay longer as I was really enjoying sneaking peeks her ass.

I didn't see her for a couple of days but on Saturday morning she phoned and asked if I would be willing to come over and help her with a few chores. She explained that her husband had picked up the boys the previous night and there were some things she needed to get done before they returned. When I entered her house she tood in her doorway wearing a silk pink robe and white slippers. Her robe hung only a few inches above her knees, revealing her pale, smooth legs. Her red hair was straighter, resting down her shoulders and covering the top part of her chest, exposed by the parting of her robe. I gathered myself quickly, thrown off guard by the sight but not wanting to make it obvious. She said “well if it isn’t my knight in shining armor to bail me out again!” she said with a smile. I laughed a little. “Yeah I suppose so. I hear you need some boxes moved.” “Yes, come on in,” she said, turning and walking into the house. My eyes watched the fluttering of the bottom of her robe, exposing just another half inch of her delectable legs. Again the curve of her ass could be seen, but I tried to suppress my hormones and pretend like nothing was happening. She led me into the living room, and there were 6 boxes stacked with the clear markings of attic on them. “These are the boxes that need to be moved, into the attic.”

“Where is the attic?” “This way.” She again walked out of the room towards the hall. At the end of the hall, we stopped walking and flipped on a light switch. “The attic is up here,” she said, reaching up for the string. My eyes immediately caught that her robe was sliding up her body as she reached, and now resting part way up her ass. I could see the curves on the bottom of her cheeks, her ass exposed, noticed the lack of underwear. I tried hard not to but a bulge began to form in my pants. I leaned against the wall in an attempt to hide it as she walk past. My mind was racing at this point, I wanted to fuck her, my manly instincts took over, and I moved closer. I didn’t have time to think about it, apparently somewhere in my unconscious my mind had been made up; it had calculated the earlier advances by her. I stood behind her, my hands gripping at her sides, lifting up her robe soon her entire ass was exposed to me. She didn’t move away or struggle, rather bounced on her toes slightly. The skin of her ass began to move as she did this, and soon I was completely overtaken with lust. Without saying anything, I quickly unzipped my jeans and pulled them and my boxers down to my ankles. My throbbing 8 inch cock was straining, and I stood behind her. I could hear her breathing getting louder, though she never turned to face me nor gave any indication of struggle. Unable to hold back anymore, I quickly guided my cock into her wet warm pussy.

She moaned loudly and pushing back against my hips, removing any fears that she didn’t want this. My first thrust was met with the sound of a loud smack, the skin of my hips crashing into her ass. She was warm and wet, and her pussy clenched down on my cock. She still did not turn to face me, just rather placed her hands down on the countertop and pushed back into me. She said “Yes baby, fuck me, I’ve been so lonely, fuck me hard with that huge cock of yours!” My hands gripped her ass, the jiggling skin moving in waves with each thrust, she was soon leaning on the counter top with her upper body. Her head raised but would not turn, though her moans of pleasure let me know she was enjoying it. “Yes Tyler, fuck me it feels so good, I haven’t been fucked this hard in years!” Her words were encouragement, and my hips began to push into her from behind faster and harder. Her chest was sliding against the counter top with the force of each thrust. Her arms spread out wildly, even knocking over some glasses onto the floor. The sound of shattering glass didn’t stop our lust, and I continued to thrust into her. The sound of our skin smacking, sight of her ass moving, and the feel of her cunt round my hard cock was soon becoming too much. I began to grunt with each thrust, feeling myself building closer and closer to reaching orgasm, Robin must have known as well, as her moans became louder to match mine. “Cum in me baby, fill me with your warm cum!” With one last thrust my cock began to release. I could feel my cum coating her insides, and her satisfied moans let me know she was enjoying the feeling. After a few more moments I finally pulled out of her, breathing hard from the rough, quick fuck. Robin's hands reached up and pulled off her robe, she turned around, moving her soft red hair from her eyes. She too was breathing hard, her pale skin radiating even brighter than normal. She looked at me, before giving me a playful smack on my ass cheek,.

I got a good look at Robin's tits. Heavy and unable to support themselves, she usually kept them trussed up in an underwire bra. Without support, they hung from her chest. Each massive breast was capped by a saucer-sized areola so pale, you could barely tell where the edge of it was. Her nipples had grown thick and firm they felt hard as rock under the balls of my thumbs as I stroked them. Her nipples weren't the other thing to stiffen with desire. My cock stood at attention and she took it in her hand like a video game joystick, using the ball of her thumb to wipe away a glistening drop of cum. Then she released her grip on my cock and stuck her thumb in her mouth, smiling as she tasted my love juice. Robin must have sensed that I was nowhere near finished making love, because she reached between my thighs and took my heavy scrotum in her hand, squeezing my balls together with just enough pressure to lessen my desire. Then she used the tip of her finger to stroke that sensitive spot between my balls and my butt hole and I felt the pressure building up again. Robin help me get out of the rest of my clothing, taking me by the hand and led me up the stairs to her bed. We laid on her bed I slid down a little and I buried my face between her thighs. Robin's muff was already wet with my sperm and I buried my nose in the thick curls. I snaked my tongue through the tangle of curls until I found her swollen pussy lips, then I licked up and down the length of her slit. Robin spread her thighs wide apart, then she reached down and used her fingers to pull her pussy lips apart. I buried my thick tongue deep inside her juicy tunnel of desire. Then I drew my tongue back and plunged it forward again. And again. After plunging my tongue in and out of my neighbor's pussy more than a dozen times, I found the tight bud of her turgid clit and I sucked it between my teeth. I nibbled at it and felt Robin quiver against my face. "Oh, god," she moaned. She took my head in her hands, holding my face tight against her muff. I held her clit between my teeth and tickled the end of it with the tip of my tongue. "Oh, god, yes!" she moaned again.

Then I slid up and onto her, the head of my cock pressing against her pussy lips for a split second until they parted and I slipped deep inside her. Robin wrapped her legs around mine, hooking her ankles together behind my knees. I drew back and pressed forward again and again. Her hips rose to meet each one of my powerful thrusts and soon we were moving as one, as if we had been lovers forever, and I felt her beneath me begin to stiffen and to shake as orgasm overcame her. Then she screamed out my name and her entire body spasmed beneath me. Then I came, sending my hot spunk deep inside her. I collapsed on top of her, barely able to breathe, my cock throbbing inside Robin's quivering quim.

A moment later I rolled off of her and Robin curled up beside me, pressing her heavy breasts against my side and throwing one leg over mine. Her damp pussy hair tickled my hip but I didn't say anything. I couldn't. I was too wiped out. As I lay on Robin's bed with her tucked against my side, I wondered why we'd waited so long for this moment to arrive. Robin recovered first. I felt her hand at my crotch, the sharp edge of one fingernail tracing the ridge of my cockhead all the way around, not once but twice. Repositioned herself on the bed, then she bent over my crotch and took my limp and cum-covered cock in her mouth. I felt her hot breath against my balls as she used her tongue to lick my cock clean. My cock responded to her tongue bath by swelling and regaining its former stature. When it was as stiff as it had been before, Robin released her oral grip on it and repositioned herself yet again. She turned and swung one leg over me, straddling me and guiding my cock up and into her slick slit as she lowered herself onto me.

As she did that, I reached up and took her heavy breasts in my hands, stroking her nipples with my thumbs as she began to ride me. She pushed herself up and then slid down the length of my stiff shaft. Up. Down. This time we did everything much slower than before. This time we savored every slow stroke. She rode me like a slow-motion carousel horse, raising up until just the head of my cock was still caught between her pussy lips, then sliding all the way down until I couldn't possibly have buried my cock any deeper inside her. "I can't begin to tell you how many times I've imagined this moment," Robin said. "How many times I've lain awake at night knowing you're next door, wanting to slip over there with nothing on under my robe to surprise you." She continued to ride me with slow rhythmic movements up and down. I began to move, too, pressing my hips upward to meet her downward thrusts. I didn't tell her how many times I'd imagined exactly the same thing.

My breath was coming harder. I thrust up into her, meeting each of her powerful thrusts with one of my own. I still had her heavy tits in my hands, but she grabbed my wrists. She pressed my arms back against the bed, leaning forward so that her tits brushed against my chest with each thrust. She rode me hard, but I matched her stroke for powerful stroke until she suddenly screamed and collapsed on top of me. And then I came, shooting hot cum deep inside my neighbor's spasming pussy. Robin lay on top of me for the longest time, her heavy breasts smashed against my chest, my slowly softening cock finally slipping out of her slick slit. When Robin caught her breath, she rolled off of me and lay beside me on the bed. I wrapped one arm around her as Robin lay her head on my chest, and I fell asleep listening to her breathe and feeling each warm breath brush across my chest and tickle my hair.

I held onto her tightly, holding her against me until she woke up. Robin pulled on a robe and fixed us a light dinner--finger foods and fruit we could eat in bed. I didn't return home until the sun was creeping over the horizon the next morning.