TITLE: White Knight
LOCATION: Chris - Australia
AGE: 51+
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I'm 66 years young single male travelling around Australia. A normal guy that loves females so much so many of my friends say I have White Knight Syndrome.
I was in Adelaide for my partners daughters wedding. My partner is mother of the bride and the morning of the wedding I am abandoned to myself as she has to get prettied up. She is pretty but you know how it is they go the extra care. I'm in the bridal party as brides mother partner. Jenelle's ex David is giving bride away. I should have stayed and waited for the wedding to start but decided to go to the Largs hotel for a drink just after lunch.
On the way to the pub I came across an aboriginal man and woman fighting in the street. Guy was pulling her hair and slapping her around face and shoulders. I dragged him off and had him held and ... Wack... lights out for me.
Lights come back on and I'm in an ambulance heading to Adelaide hospital ,I look around and I have blood all over. Ambo officers says to relax I'm going to be ok I have been in a fight and I lost. Darn my head was thumping and my eyes were blurred. The Ambos said they have stopped the bleeding but could not give me anything in case I needed Surgery. 4 hours later it's decided I'm concussed and missing the wedding with at least an overnight stay in hospital,wearing Six stitches on the right temple. The nursing staff tell me the police left and will call back tomorrow to collect my statement.
Later that night I have a bad headache and I'm visited by two Aboriginal women they pull the privacy curtain around. They make no small talk . Grand mother Rube hit me in the head with a fence pailing. She has 8 children4 are daughters and 9 grand children,the youngest daughter is the younger nurse here. Please don't put her in goal. I said let me think it over can you tell me why she assaulted me.
Early in the morning the older nurse woke me with torch light says her shift is almost over and she wanted to talk. Says Rube over reacted to the beating when free of her attacker rushed over and kicked out a fence pailing and struck both me and her attacker. One of the blows hit me in the temple. The police have the attacker locked up. Seems I'm a lover not a fighter and can't take a hit.
Now nurse Clare starts to give me a sponge bath around head , neck and shoulders it took some time as she gave me a hand job at the same time. Lol I blew on the sheets she said opp's let day shift deal with that.She gave me her full name and phone number for maybe later on as it depends on Rube.
I thought about it and when the police turned up for the statement the only thing I could remember was I was going for a beer and must have hit my head. Rube had enough trouble as is and my trouble was my partner walking in the door with Flaming red hair and pretty angry look on her face.
I carefully folded a page and slipped a name and phone number into my wallet and this year 9 years later in my travels I am collecting. I have been in contact with the nurse and she related Rube got off with a good behaviour bond no fine, her male friend got a $200 fine for being disorderly and 9 month bond and is now serving time.
Me I got a scar and a promise of at least a nice meal with a wink wink attached. Lol that wink wink better not be two hits with a pailing.