TITLE: Boyfriend Fucks Another Slut
LOCATION: NaughtyJessThoughts - USA
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My boyfriend and I walked into an adult toy store as we wanted a new vibrator seeing as we had worn our old one out. As soon as we walked in the sales girl had her eyes all over my boyfriend and not in a subtle way at all. I didn’t mind as I kinda love when I know other women want my man. Turns me on knowing they want what I have. Anyways yeah, she asked if we were looking for anything in particular and when I told her we were looking for a new vibrator she said, “Why on earth would you need a vibrator when you have a man like this to fool around with”.

I mean fuck, can you believe that shit? What a little skank! But of course my boyfriend loved it. She was totally undressing him in her mind and her obvious lusting after my man was a big turn on. So as I ran my hand from his shoulder down over his chest I said to her, “You wanna try out my big sex toy for yourself?”. My boyfriend grinned as he knew what I was doing. She looked at me and I could tell she was trying to figure out wether I was fucking with her or not.

“You serious bitch?”, she said as her eyes never left my boyfriend.

“I’m deadly serious slut. I’ll let him fuck you right here right now. I slid my hand up the inside of my boyfriends thigh and soon felt how hard his cock was trapped inside his jeans. The sales girl walked over to the store door and locked it, flipping over the open sign. Then she walked back to us at the counter. I kissed my boyfriend and whispered to him that I would love to watch him fuck this slut, and he smiled and started undressing until he stood naked in the store. The girl watched him, her eyes taking in his body as he is definitely in great shape. Then as he pulled off his shorts and his hard cock sprang free her eyes grew as big as saucers. She reached out and slid her hand down over his chest, over his tummy, until her fingers slowly trailed along the length of his cock.

I smiled at my boyfriend and said, "Fuck this dirty slut for me baby. I wanna watch you fuck”. And that’s all I had to say as he grabbed her and spun her around against the counter. He tore open the back of her see through dress as she gasped. Her panties came down and I watched him slide his hand over her ass and between her legs as he felt how wet her pussy lips were. He grabbed her hips and pulled her back to him and he rubbed his cock head along her cunt lips. He waited a couple seconds with the head of his cock just inside her pussy lips then slid deep inside her as she moaned out hard. I bit my lip as I watched him slide his big cock inside another girl. He looks so good when he fucks and I love seeing how he must look when he fucks me like that.

As she held onto the counter with one hand he held her by her other arm and started fucking her. She was gasping and looking back at him as he pumped his cock in and out of her slut cunt. His other hand reaching around rubbing her clit as he pulled her back onto his cock as he fucked her. I stood watching him fuck her and it was so fucking hot. It wasn’t long before he was fucking her orgasm out of her as she whimpered and moaned on his cock as he slammed harder into her, her pussy spasming around him. He looked at me and nodded and I knew he was close to cumming so I knelt down next to them. He pulled out of her soaked pussy and I opened my mouth as he slid his cock between my red lips, and as I sucked his cock tasting her pussy on him he groaned and exploded into my mouth, as I sucked and swallowed his cum load.

I don’t mind him fucking other girls as I watch but they don’t get his cum. His cum is mine only. After I licked his cock clean he pulled his clothes back on and I went over to the counter where the girl was still leaning against it as she tried to regain her composure. “Now about that vibrator we came in for?”, I said as I dropped down the most expensive vibrator they stocked onto the counter. “Oh god, just take it. It’s yours, take it”, she said. So we took it and walked out of the store hand in hand grinning at each other.