TITLE: Professor Gives Sticky Titty Fuck
LOCATION: ShockValueScrewz - UK
AGE: 22 - 30
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I tried to write the words down as fast as I could. Damn. Another bad test and I could end up failing this class. I'm usually an okay student, but biology is really kicking my ass this semester. I look up from my hectic paper to catch my professor shooting a glance at me during her lecture. Her hair is perfectly dark brown with a few hints/streaks of blonde, all bunched together in a pony tail. She clearly makes an effort to hide her breast size out of modesty. Today though, she is wearing a white sweater which reveals her impressive cleavage a bit more than usual. She has the most beautiful, puffy blowjob lips I've ever seen.

It makes biology class even more difficult when you're so damn horny all the time. I often fantasize what it'd be like to sleep with a professor, especially mine. She's pretty cute for being in her early thirties. Come to think of it, she probably doesn't even like me with that whole stigma of sitting at the back of the classroom. Its just a pipe dream.

She continues to talk as I try to write what feels like almost every word. "Okay, that will be all for today, class". Relief casts over me, as I can finally leave and go jerk it off to relieve some stress. "(Blank Name), would you be able to talk for a moment?". My heart sank. She waits until the final group of students leave the room to continue. "So, I couldn't help but notice that you've been struggling and the term is almost up, is everything okay?" I pause for a moment to think of an answer, "Sure, yeah I think that biology, or more science in general is not really one of my strengths." She looks down to remove her glasses. I never noticed how pretty her eyes were, they were like bright blue diamonds that shined in contrast to her coal colored eye liner. Almost flirtatiously, she says, "Well, I can think of two things, one, to write a paper for me, two, to well..." She pauses as she blushes and begins to smile as she looks down nervously. "What.. What is the other thing?" I ask. She pauses for another moment before she smacks her red glossed lips and looks up and to meet me directly in the eye. "Let me suck your cock." A shot of adrenaline arises through me from my stomach. It's like I am so turned on, I could not even care about my grade. "Only if you use those big, beautiful tits to help you." I bark back with raging lust. She promptly gets on her knees and undoes her pony tail in front of the desk as she anxiously asks me to lock the door. "No one needs to see the extra credit you're getting!". I'm too horny to laugh as I forcefully lock it and turn the main lights off. I take my rest back on the professor's seat as she crawls around the desk on all fours to me.

She undoes the zipper as she sticks her hand down my underwear to feel for my cock. She pulls it out of the front opening in my boxers to reveal what looks like a sexually starved penis. The head is a dark shade of purple that tops the sensitive, outstretched skin below. Pre-cum dribbles out of the top as my massive cock involuntary shakes in her purple nail polished hands. She backs away her hands to tease the tip, poking at it with her pointer-finger. It throbs with each touch. "Bitch", I call her. She laughs ironically as she removes her white sweater. To my shock, she doesn't have a bra. Her breasts bounce as they are lifted and dropped by the sweater's tight movement against the body. Her boobs sag from the weight, but still manage to perk upwards. Her nipples are large and stick out like pink tacs. I slide my cock between her soft melons as she spits on my tip to add to a mix of pre-cum. Her breasts are so warm, they're soothing and feel almost like a fireplace. She begins to slide herself up and down, firmly pressing the sides of her squishy breasts. I have never felt this good in bed before. She starts to talk dirty as she glides up and down a little harder, "Oh yeah, you like these tits? How does your cock like this? Make 'em nice and sticky, baby!" She begins to rhythmically suck as she bounces her tits up and down on my fat boner. Her soft, pouty lips feel just as great as they look. The increasingly, satisfying squishing of her tits make me want to cum so desperately. I begin to vibrate uncontrollably as my legs feel numb. She immediately slides my cock out of her mouth to my horny dismay. She grabs it roughly in an action to aim it towards her tits. In response, I stand up from the chair and quickly rock back and forth as to force myself the handjob as I finish. "Fuckin' bitch.." I groan as the load pumps outs like fast cars at a racetrack finish line. Her exposed rack is so drenched, it looks like a freshly glazed cinnamon roll. She lets go of my dick to seize her breast. She holds it up to her mouth as she firmly licks the seed off her swollen nipple. She's more sweaty than me as she cries, "A+!".