TITLE: A True Treasure
LOCATION: Timetraveler - Canada
CLUBHOUSE: Timetraveler
AGE: 41 - 50
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I had just finished cleaning up our cabin and winterizing it. The trip through the mountains home, was supposed to be an easy one but the return trip was proving to be quite difficult as the weather had turned nasty bringing a blizzard in from the west. The heater on my 4x4 was doing a sufficient job keeping the windows clear and me warm but could do nothing to help me see out of the windshield. The mesmerizing view before me made it difficult to see the conditions made my progress slow.

As I rounded the bend, I saw the white SUV buried in the snow on the side of the road. The tires were spinning but the vehicle wasn't budging. A hooded figure emerged from the door and walked around looking at the predicament that she found herself in. I saw that while she did have on a long coat with a hood that she was inappropriately dressed for traveling across the mountain pass in the snow. I eased over behind her, turned on my flashers and got out of my 4x4.

As I approached, she noticed me and asked if I could help her get her vehicle out. I walked around the SUV surveying the damage and looking to see if there was a way to pull it out without damaging the vehicle further. After a quick examination I determined that by using the winch on the front of my truck that I would be able to pull her out using the receiver for her trailer hitch. I invited her to sit in my truck to keep warm while I pulled her vehicle out.

I carefully connected the winch and slowly backed up pulling her SUV from the snow bank. After several feet of movement, I stopped, got out of the truck and checked her car and the cable. I walked around the SUV once again and when I returned to the truck and climbed in her told her that I had some bad news for her. "It looks like your right front tire has a bent rim. It would be dangerous to try to drive with it in good weather and certainly not in a snowstorm like this."

She asked me what she could do, and I said that I could call a tow truck It took about 15 minutes to contact the tow company and tell them where the SUV was located. They told me that the snowstorm had caused some small avalanches in the area and that the road was blocked in several places they would not be able to get through the roads until they were cleared. I decided that it would be a good time to formally introduce myself. I said my name was Keith and after a few seconds she said her name was Deanna. I explained the situation to her and said that I had a cabin not far away and that we should be able to get to it in my vehicle. Satisfied that her vehicle would be taken care of, I put the truck in gear and headed up the mountain road, into the snowstorm, towards my cabin.
It took almost forty-five minutes for us to reach the cabin. Deanna didn't speak much except to thank me for my help. I could tell that she was somewhat nervous at being all alone with a strange man in such unsettling circumstances. I tried to relax her by telling her about myself and my life. I was married, had been for 23 years, had kids but they were all grown and moved out of the house. I had just closed our cabin and was on my way home when I spotted her.

While we were driving, I tried to put her mind at ease and told her a little bit about the cabin. It is a little further back into the woods and there was a generator that would supply power. There is wood and a fireplace that she could use and one bed. I said that there were sheets and blankets in the closet that she could use.
When we arrived, I quickly got a fire going and as the place warmed up, she sat down and removed her overcoat, I saw that she was wearing a light dress that was more appropriate for summer than for a winter storm she was totally inappropriately dressed for this weather. She explained that this was not her normal winter outfit but that she had been doing a photo shoot for a spring layout when her ex-boyfriend had busted in and trashed the place and that she had left in such a hurry that she hadn't taken the time to change clothes but had just grabbed her suitcase and headed back home across the mountain.

I learned that she was 28, single and a part-time model. She had not been married and had no kids but was hoping to find someone that would love her and that she could love but the past several boyfriends had proven to not be that kind of men.

The pantry was well-stocked with canned and dry goods. I retrieved some of the perishable food that I had in my vehicle, so I was able to prepare a meal for the two of us. As we ate dinner she seemed to relax more and began to open up to me and to inquire about my life. I told her that I had retired after 40 years of working in the military. I was not rich but was enough to be keep my wife and I comfortable. My wife still worked for the diplomatic service which meant, she travelled a lot and, I tended to spend a lot of my free time at the cabin.

We quickly finished dinner, then I went into the crawlspace, and lit the pilot light so that we would get some hot water. I found that while I had been taking care of the water, Deanna had taken the time to make up our beds. I told her about the possibility of a hot water. She said that she would like to get cleaned up but that she had nothing to change into as everything had been left in her car. I told her that I kept emergency clothes and supplies in my truck and that I probably had something that she could use for the night. With that said I headed out and retrieved some warm clothes. When I came inside Deanna looked through my supplies and found a set of thermal long johns and a flannel shirt that she thought she could wear she took them into the bedroom to change.

I lit the stove and found a pot to make the coffee. I watched up a couple of cups and within about 20 minutes had poured a delicious smelling brew. As I walked back across the room to sit by the fire, Deanna emerged out of the bedroom dressed in long johns and flannel. She took the hot coffee and sank into the large cushioned chair near the fire. She curled her legs underneath her and pulled the throw off the back of the chair and used it to cover herself.

"I am finally starting to get warm." She said as she sipped her hot brew. "Thank you so very much for being such a gentleman. I didn't realize that they still existed. From my experience most men are such jerks."

"You must not have met the right men."

She agreed and fell silent. As the silence ensued, I took a closer look at this strange young woman. Her dark eyes were such a contrast to the light brown hair that flowed around her face. And what a beautiful face it was. her nose was small, but not too small, slightly turned up at the end. her lips were full but not overtly so and the way she occasionally bit her lower lip when she was thinking just added to her beauty. Even though she was wearing one of my flannel shirts I could tell that she was probably a C cup. Her legs were slender but toned and her feet were delicate and dainty. She was beautiful. But she was also half my age and I was married. I tried to push those thoughts out of my mind so I turned to look at the fire and placed my concentration on that.

I decided to get up and fix a snack, stoke up the fire and then get ready for bed.

As I walked across the cabin I realized that the wind had picked up and that the storm was roaring. I looked out the window and discovered that I could not see but a couple of feet until it turned into a wall of white. I saw the snow piling up on the porch and realized that this was turning into a full-blown blizzard and that they might be stuck there for a couple of days. I poured myself another cup of coffee and brought the pot back with me. I told her the bad news about the storm as I refilled her cup and said that we might be stuck together for a couple of days.

She took the news in silence

I checked to see if we had hot water yet and I was glad to discover that we did. I let Deanna know and asked her if she wanted to shower first. She nodded in the affirmative and I pulled out my bag with my soap and shaving supplies and handed it to her. She got up and headed into the bathroom.

Deanna quickly showered and washed her hair and finished rinsing off. The temperature in the bathroom was much cooler than the bathroom and caused her nipples to get hard, creating little points sticking out through the flannel shirt. When she saw me looking at her chest, she turned a bright shade of red in embarrassment. My cock started to grow in my slacks. I walked over and handed her the cup of coffee and as she sat down, her face was directly in front of my crotch. Her eyes seemed to linger on my cock before she took a sip of coffee. I wondered what her tits would look like lying on the floor in front of the fire. I could smell her freshly washed hair the smell was intoxicating my cock was getting hard just thinking about her.
Deciding that honesty was the best route to go in this situation I told her, "that I thought she was very beautiful and sexy, and I desperately wanted to make love to her. She smiled at my complement and looked back at my still hard cock. She said "Actually I was hoping that you would invite me into your bed. She reached out and pulled down my zipper and released my cock. She wrapped her hand around it leaving only the mushroom shaped head exposed. Slowly moving her hand up and down my cock, I had wondered how it would feel in Deanna's mouth and pussy, but I never expected to get the opportunity to find out. She began to stroke faster and faster. She stood up, I unbuttoned the flannel shirt and exposed her perfectly formed breast for the first time. As I pushed the shirt from her shoulders I leaned forward and took her perky nipple into my mouth. She pulled me tight to her chest as my lips surrounded her breast. My tongue flicked across her nipple causing her to shiver in delight. She leaned her head back and moaned in pleasure. I could feel the pressure of my cock against her stomach as she pushed back against it.
I quickly stripped out of my clothing and gently guided her down onto the bearskin rug in front of the fireplace. She took off the thermal long John’s and calmly place them on the table before she climbed on top of me, I pressed my cock against her, until the head found its way to her swollen pussy. The coolness of her skin was such a stark contrast to the heat emanating from fireplace. My tongue probed her mouth seeking her tongue. She opened her mouth and pulled me to her.
She rocked slowly on the head of my cock the juices from her pussy lubricating the skin between us. I could not believe how incredible she felt with just the lips of her pussy rubbing the top of my hard cock. She kept rocking back and forth and then suddenly she moved slightly allowing me to slide into her with pussy. Deanna began to pick up the pace and ride me with determination. The feeling of my cock buried in between her legs felt so incredible. I wanted to fuck and suck her in every way imaginable, and I had a good imagination. I kissed her neck and sucked on her ear lobes. This caused a moan to escape from her lips. Then I began to suck on her nipples I could feel the swelling of my cock and knew that I was close to cummings. Not wanting it to end so soon she slowed her pace and gave me a chance to cool down, so to speak.

Deanna was probably the best partner I had ever had. She was certainly better than his wife. She knew how to control the tempo and could tell when I was about to blow my load and what to do to keep that from happening. I wanted to return the favor of bringing her to the verge of an orgasm and maybe even pushing her over the edge, so I pushed her back causing her to groan in disappointment as my cock popped out of her warm wet cunt. Laying her onto her back I began to cover her body in licks and kisses. I sucked on her nipples and planted kisses all around her beautiful breast. As I moved further down her body her breathing began to change. Her breath got faster as her hips moved upward inviting him to enjoy her pussy. Hi continued my kissing journey lower and when I reached with pussy, I inhaled her sex enjoying the fragrance emanating from between her legs. As I continued to kiss her, my lips moved all around on her stomach, thighs, and the area where her legs met her body, but I purposefully avoided her pussy. She kept grinding her hips, twisting and turning to try to get him to place his mouth on her mound. She thrashed about for a few more minutes before she felt my tongue slide up between her lower lips. I probed her open hole reaching inside of her with my tongue before licking all the way up to the top where her clit was hard and protruding. When the two met, the orgasm that hit her was like a freight train, long, hard and powerful. I could feel her gushing all over my face, but my tongue seemed to be lapping up every drop. She pulled my face tight against her pussy as her body wracked and trembled with pleasure. Her pussy was extremely sensitive, as I pushed my tongue deep inside her cunt.

She took my cock into her mouth and began to play with my balls running her finger across my ass hole. I could not believe the things that she was doing, my wife was never adventurous in bed Deanna was doing things beyond my wildest imagination. My arousal level had me so hard that my dick actually hurt but hurt in a good way. I felt her probing my ass with her finger creating a sensation different from anything I had ever known. I felt the swelling building deep inside and erupted in her mouth with a tidal wave of cum gushing out. She began to swallow, sucking my cock as she did so, causing me to spew more of my man juice into her mouth. She wouldn't release my cock until I was finished, and she had swallowed all that she had been able to keep in her mouth. As she came up to face me, I wiped the cum that had dribbled out of her mouth with my fingers and fed them to her. She eagerly licked them clean and looked at me with a huge smile.

"I hope that was as good for you as it was for me" she said.

I pulled her close and kissing her on the lips. My tongue reached for hers and began the dance of desire. I rolled her over and began to rub her body. My hands slid down her sides pausing at her breast to give them a squeeze and to play with her nipples. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and gently bit into the hardening nub. She moaned in pleasure. I sucked and kissed first one and then the other breast leaving the nipples as hard as pebbles as hi continued down toward her pussy. She wrapped her legs around my back and when I began to lick and kiss her mons she pulled me in tight causing me to bury my face into her pussy. I licked all around her clit sucking on both the inner and outer lips. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole and licked the sweetness flowing from it. She began to fuck my face as I licked and sucked her, building her tension to the point of pain before finally pushing her orgasm over the edge to release.

Her body wracked in spasms as she panted breathlessly from her orgasmic release. She didn't know that the second time could be more intense than the first. But this time it was. As the wave of release finally subsided she realized that she was weak, exhausted and hungry. This was the first time that she had experienced such sex, but she was hoping that it wouldn't be the last. She grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy wanting to feel it inside of her once again. I obliged by climbing between her legs and entered her hot wet cunt.

I remained still for a moment enjoying the feeling of her love hole being wrapped around my cock. The warmth, softness and tight grip was such that I could stay this way and savor the feeling, but she began to move up and down on my shaft.

"Fuck me." She demanded. "Pound this pussy and let me feel your cum fill me."

He began to move in and out getting harder with each stroke. Her words of desire only fueled my pace and soon I was fucking her like a jackhammer. She kissed me deep and dug her fingernails into my back. After only moments but what seemed like hours, I could feel that familiar tingling deep inside of his nuts. I pounded her harder making sure that I was stimulating her clit. My balls began to tighten and once again I made shot my load inside of her. She must have been close because as my first shot hit inside of her, she pulled me close as her body spasmed in orgasmic bliss.

We were both ready for some sleep and got into the shower to clean up before climbing into the bed for the night. Although there was some teasing, our bodies were well spent, and we were more in need of sleep than to enjoy the pleasure that the others body could give them.

The next morning I awoke to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. I reached over and felt the other side of the bed was empty. I looked at his watch and saw that it was nearly nine o'clock. I had slept much later than I had planned. "Good morning sleepyhead" said Deanna as she entered the room carrying two cups of coffee wearing my flannel shirt unbuttoned, her hair having been combed and looking much neater than after their fuckfest that had experienced last night.

She handed me the coffee and told maybe that it looked like they were snowed in for at least another day and that we would have to find some way to amuse themselves. As she climbed back into the bed beside me, and I gazed into her beautiful eyes. Thinking that it shouldn't be too much of a problem to find something interesting to pass the time.