TITLE: My Now Ex - Conclusion
LOCATION: Alan - Midwest, USA
AGE: 51+
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My now ex...interesting discovery...the conclusion.

The other parts of this have been posted sporadacily, life has been pretty busy, so I will get this last part out finally.

The recap, my now Ex, linda and her friend Patti worked a traveling job together, my work schedule allowed me to go visit if the job was reasonably close. This whole thing started with a room reservation mix up that left the 2 of them sharing a bed for a couple nights, i was surprised ( and really turned on) to learn about them playing with each other before I got there, then the playtime that happened with them after I got there.

After the epic double header blowjob from the 2 of them, (Linda was not much on giving oral)
Patti flopped back on the bed and announced she needed to get off next, who was going to take care of that ?
Linda looked at me, and I said I need a drink, let me get the wine bottle and top us off. Linda can get started in the meantime, Linda looked at me and said, I don’t know what i need to do, Patti just laughed and said, eat me the way you like it, that will be a good start. Linda was a bit hesitant to go down on her, but I reminded her, Patti took care of you earlier, so you should probably return the favor, at least for a minute. She just looked at me a bit funny and started to slide over to Patti who was laid back on the bed, legs spread and waiting, I went to get the wine and stopped in the bathroom while up, came out and stopped to watch for a minute, as much as I had come that evening, didn’t figure I could rise to the occasion again, but watching Linda, face buried between Patti's legs , ass in the air and Patti mauling her own nipples. I could feel thing starting to rise..
I topped off our glasses and Linda stopped to ask if it was my turn, i told her not yet, I really like watching you two like this. She just gave me a look and took a drink and went back to licking Patti's juices up, I decided to get in on the action by working on Patti's nipples, now she wasn’t overly endowed, probably large B, small C but had nipples the were almost quarter size and she loved to have them licked. After a few minutes of this Linda grabbed my arm and said it was time for me to take her place..I told her that I would help her finish up. Patti was actually dripping wet when I had Linda slide over and I started licking Patti from bottom to top, Linda watched me for a minute and said i'm going to just let you finish up. Patti piped up and told her thanks you were great, Linda just said umm, Thanks..but I really wasn't sure what you wanted. Patti just laughed and said if you were doing it wrong , I would have told you. I'm just going to town on Patti, she is getting closer to coming and was arching her back to the pace of my tongue finding her clit over and over. After a few minutes of I slipped my thumb in her ass, she didn't even flinch, just sped up her pace of pounding her own ass w/ my thumb. I glance over at Linda, who is watching Patti and slowly rubbing her own clit. Patti starts moaning that she is so close, just get me there..i slipped a few fingers inside Patti's screaming hot pussy and started looking for her G spot, i guess i must have found it, all of a sudden, Patti starts this moan/scream that sounded like it was coming from way down deep, her started to shake, i told Linda, quick bite on her nipples, she clamped down on one and that put Patti over the edge, she started squirting a blast of lady come all over my hand and face, her pussy contractions while coming pushed my fingers out, and I continued to give her clit a working over while Linda worked on her nipples. After a couple smaller orgasms, Patti tapped out, she said she hadn’t come that hard or that much in forever and she needed a break.
After finishing our glasses of wine, Patti said, well I guess I will get the last of my things, that I came for before I got sidetracked..LOL..she slipped back into her shorts and T shirt grabbed her stuff and went back to her room (next door). Linda just looked at after she left and said, I'm not sure what just happened, but it was fun. We should do something like that again. At that point you could have knocked me over with a feather, never thought I would hear something like that from her. She had never mentioned anything like this before. I reached over and felt how wet she still was, she said, you are going to take care of that, right ? Certainly I said, assume the She laid down on her belly, ass up in the air, legs spread..(pretty much her favorite) I crawled up behind her and started eating that sweet meat from the back, up and down, rimmed her ass and when she was close to coming she turned her head and said get behind me and finish me off. She got on her hands and knees, I was able to get reasonably hard, and slipped into that warm wet pussy and began to pump for all i was worth, Linda’s head was against the headboard and thumping with every thrust. I was not anywhere near coming when Linda started clamping down on my semi hard dick, with a grunt and a gasp she came and flopped down face first on the bed. She laid there for a minute and asked if I was done, I didn't come, but i don't think I had any left anyway. I’ll save it for next time. About that time the room phone rings, Linda answered, She laughed and said, it was that good. She hung up and said, that was Patti, she heard us just now and was asking how it was..
The rest of the week was nothing like that night, we all sat in the hot tub and played a bit but Patti never came over to play.

Linda and I got back home, enjoyed a weekend at home in the hottub and relaxing, and some pretty good sex. The job continued for another 4 months or so,We never did have another playtime w/ her. Patti quit about a month after this and moved out of state to a better job, she kept in touch for about a year, then nothing, we heard through mutual friends she got picked up for pot possession and did a couple months in county then disappeared. Linda and I had our good times and bad, we spent 11 years together before calling it quits.
There are a few more stories that will be shared...and some from after we split