TITLE: Sunshine's Poker Face
AGE: 51+
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We are are a dark lit bar. There are a group of people playing poker. They ask if we want to play. There is only one chair open. So I ask if we can play as a team. Nobody has any objections. I set on your lap. We sit down with a wall on our left. As the game starts I'm having to raise up off your lap to get the cards and to play the cards. You whisper to me that I need to stop all the moving or we're going to have a problem. I tell you to put your poker face on. Each time I stand and sit back down I can feel your cock getting harder. You start to run your hand up and down my thigh next to the wall pulling my skirt up with each rub. I show you our hand and you decide to play. Your fingers is playing with my panties. Tracing around the leg and sliding underneath. You have me moving more on your lap. You hear me moan. You say poker face on. We win the hand.

I stand to take in our winnings when I do you pull my panties down. I tell you to stop, that the room will smell like sex. And there is all these people around us. You reach in your pocket and pull out a cigar, light it and offer it to me with a smile. You laugh and run your hand over my mound. I move back closer to you and open my legs. Inviting you to touch my wet pussy. You fold this hand so you can finger fuck me. I start to move more as your fingers move over my clit. As I stand you take the cigar from me and run your wet fingers over my lips. I lick my lips. You moan. I stand to get the next hand and you pull my skirt up and I sit back down on your now free swollen hot cock. I shiver with excitement. I sit still and just squeeze your cock with my wet pussy. I rise up for the next hand just to the head and sit back down to show you the hand. We play and win again. Up and down several more hands. I can hear you are breathing heavier. We lose this hand and I say well Fuck me. I feel you go stiff and moan so low. Then I feel hot cum run out of me. I get up to go to the bathroom. I come back to the table and we play a few more hands. I lean back and ask you to meet me in the storage room in a few minutes. You come back there and I ask you to return the favor and run my fingers through my wet pussy and offer you my wet fingers. I move to a table and sit on the edge and spread my legs open and ask you if you are hungry. You answer me by pushing me down on a table and start to kiss my pussy. I reach down to open my lips to expose my aching clit. Your hot tongue starts by teasing me with light strokes I arch my hips up to your mouth wanting more. You give me more licks and nibbles I moan. I really need to feel your cock.

Please fuck me. I need to feel your cock inside me. As you are moving in and out I tell you that there are two guys watching through the window on the door. I ask you to stop. You smile and say that we are not stopping. You look over your shoulder and put your fingers in a V over your lips and move your tongue through the V. The guys shake their heads yes. You move back to my wet hot pussy. I'm asking you to stop because of the guys. You tell me no. Just lay back and cum for me. I forget all about the two guys watching with each stroke of your tongue. We hear a yeah on the other side of the door. I tell you, you need to fuck me now and fuck me hard. I cum with loud moans. You stand and kiss me to silence my moans and enter me to fuck me hard. More cheers outside the door. You cum with loud moans so I kiss you to silence you. We lay there a few seconds and this time we here moans outside the door. We laugh.