TITLE: Sunshine's Dirty Thoughts
AGE: 51+
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Sunshine and I have known each other many years. We recently reconnected and have been talking. Talking turned to sexting, sexting turned to lusting, and lusting turned to her and I meeting and having incredible sex. She has written a couple other stories, which I submitted. She gets turned on by others reading what she has been thinking, but since we have moved forward this should really entice her to write more. Please remember to vote, and please comment on what you would like to hear of us both doing together because I have awakened a sleeping lamb into a sexual beast.

Sunshine’s Dirty Thoughts Become Reality

As we set here surrounded by our friends and our significant others. I can't stop looking at you. I'm sitting here having dirty thoughts about you. Thoughts I should not be having. Like what it would be like to have you fuck me. For you to take me and have your way with me. I look your way and you are looking at me. I can't help from smiling at you. I feel my face turning hot and red. I think you know what I'm thinking with the smile you give me. We look away from each other and I realized that I was wet just from your look. I look back and notice your hand holding a beer. I start thinking what it would be like to have your hands on my body. They look like my tits would fit nicely. I can feel your strong gentle hands as they move over my body to my tits cupping each one with a squeeze and playing with my nipples. I let out a low moan. I didn't think anybody heard me but somebody is asking if I'm ok. I say yes and get up to go to the kitchen for a drink. Telling myself I have to stop this.

We have been friends for such a long time and I have felt this way for a long time. Just don't know if you think of me the way I think of you. I want to tell you what I'm feeling, but I don't have the courage to.

I come back into the room and the only place to sit is next to you. I'm nervous about sitting down next to you as I make my way to sit down I trip and fall in your lap. You help me up and as you do your hand grazes my tits. I shiver with excitement. I look at you and you are smiling. And say me too. I am now wanting to know what that means. You move your thigh so it is touching my thigh. You grab my knee and ask if I'm ok from the fall. I shake my head yes because I can't think straight with you touching me. I'm screaming in my head do you know what you are doing to me.

I finish my drink and get up to go to the kitchen for another. As I enter the kitchen I hear you ask if anyone needs anything from the kitchen. I get nervous that you are coming to the kitchen. You come up behind me wrapping your arms around me and leaning down to kiss my neck. Whispering I want you. I tell you I need you to fuck me. Your move you hand down in my pants to my wet pussy. And whisper to me I thought so. You back away and go to the refrigerator and take out your last beer and go to the sink, open the beer and pour it down the drain and say to me it looks like we need to make a beer run.

We let everyone know that we are going to make a beer run and ask if they need anything.

We leave in your truck. You drive to a secluded place. We get out of the truck and walk to the back. You let the tailgate down. Help me up on the tailgate. You take your phone out and send a text. I ask what you are doing. I just sent a text saying I got a call from work and it's something I need to to take care of. Should take about an hour, you smile at me. She will tell your partner.

You kiss me and bite on my lower lip. I follow your lead. Your hands are moving over my body. They move to my tits and I moan. I tell you that I have been having dirty thoughts about you early tonight. You grin. You kiss my neck and whisper in my ear and tell me you have to have me. First time fast and hard. You lean me back with a kiss. You start to undress me. You tease me by running your fingers along my thigh. Under my panties so close to my pussy. I'm arching trying to get your fingers to touch my wet pussy. You run your fingers up to the top of my panties up my abdomen and you say I see you have a treasure trail. You start kissing my stomach and remove my panties, part my legs. You ask me if I am sure that I want you to fuck me. I shake my head yes.

You stand up slide your pants and underwear to your thighs. You slide me to the edge of the tailgate. You say remember fast and hard. You enter me with a quick thrust. I scream yes. I tell you how good it feels. To fuck me faster and harder. You are happy to do so. I moan your name as I cum. You are not far behind me. You are now moving with a passion to get to the end. You cum and pull me up to kiss you. You tell me next time it would be slow and long and I would be a very happy girl.