TITLE: Lust Between Siblings
AGE: 41 - 50
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Hey there, I’m Amy. I am 44 years old and divorced now. I am going to tell you about a fun time that began when I was 18 and my brother Rob was 19 and a few weeks away from 20. Took me a while to find a reputable site to share this on but think I’ve found it here. It may be a long one but hopefully you enjoy it and do not want to judge me.

As far as how we looked at the time, I was 5’4”, wavy dark brown hair past my shoulder blades, green eyes, fairly big 38D‘s, 130 lbs. I was a girly girl into all the lotions, perfumes, painted my toes red always and my finger nail polish I’d change every few days.

Rob was 5’9”, long straight brown hair he often wore in a ponytail, blue eyes, skinny, good looking and as I found out later, possessed a very nice large cock.

When this began it was summer and a Friday in late July. Up to this point Rob and I had been fighting, flirting, partying and fighting some more. The problem was he was acting the big brother part a little too much to my dissatisfaction. Oh, we got along great when we weren’t fighting and we had as I stated, begun flirting with each other, sometimes saying extremely dirty things to each other and even kissing while cuddling on the couch watching TV. It was all in fun of course, nothing awkward. Jumping forward, I had been sleeping with one of the boys in the neighborhood, Patrick. He was a bad boy, always getting in some kind of trouble and he only hung out with our group on occasion. He started talking me up and was really persistent that I should let him come over. I did find him attractive and I liked the bad boy part of him. I was not a slut by any means, but my mom put me on birth control so I did sleep with two of my boyfriends and I loved everything about sex. I slept with Patrick the first time he came over and every time after which was 1 or 2 times a week. We almost got caught once by my brother Rob and he was on to us because he questioned me a lot about Patrick. Finally I just told him in a mean way, ‘You have no say in who I fuck!” Well let me tell you, that started a huge fight for days. Rob watched my every move and he actually set me up and I fell for it. Here goes and please , please do not judge me/us.

Rob told me he was going fishing all day with his friend and then he ordered me to stay away from Patrick. I should have took that as a sign of his deception but I didn’t. I only saw it as a chance for me to invite Patrick over so we could fuck all day without any worries. I called him late that morning and told him I had the house to myself until my mom came home from work. He was over in an hour and in my bed, both of us totally naked and all over each other. We were right in the middle of a 69 when all of a sudden I hear, “What the fuck are you doing?” We both jumped up startled and saw my brother in the doorway of my room and he was pissed. I thought he was going to kick Patrick’s ass but he only made him gather his clothes and threw him out of the house. I was pissed too. Rob came in my room and we got into a huge argument, yelling and cursing at each other. In a very strange way I was turned on even more that one, I got caught and two I was naked in front of my brother. He grabbed me and threw me on the bed and we ended up fighting, he would never ever hit or hurt me, he was more grabbing me and trying to hold me so I couldn’t move, I was hitting him though on the arms while cursing. Then I said something that hit a nerve. I told him he was mad because he couldn’t do anything for a girl with that tiny dick. I knew it wasn’t small because I had seen it soft and it hung down pretty good. Well, he took offense to what I said and he got up and goes, “Do you think this is tiny you ass?” He always said “you ass” when he was mad at me and then he pulled his shorts and underwear off and kneeled on the bed gripping his very hard and large cock, it must have got hard while we were grappling on the bed. It was far bigger than Patrick’s and at that exact moment I wanted my brother to fuck me. I was still so horny from Patrick eating my pussy and my mind was racing.

I got on my hands and knees and was inches from Rob’s cock. I told him it was big and he inched closer and said, “Suck it you crazy bitch”, this was said with love and no anger or malice, in a playful tone. Somehow those words just set me off. I began to lick the head of his cock and then took it in my mouth putting a little more in each time I sucked it. I was able to get what I guessed was a good 6 inches in my mouth and started to really suck Rob’s cock with passion. He seemed to really enjoy what I was doing. I squeezed his balls as my mouth continued sucking and licking his cock. This went on for a good 5 minutes and then Rob pulled out of my mouth and laid on the bed, flipped me around so we were in the 69 position and we just went wild on each other. As soon as his tongue split my pussy lips and entered my cunt I was delirious. I was trying to deep throat all of him and he was expertly eating my pussy better than Patrick or my ex’s did. He even flicked his tongue over my asshole and that was a first for me. I sucked his cock deep and felt it spasm in my mouth. Rob was grunting and I heard him say he was going to cum. I sucked hard and fast and felt the warm streams of his hot cum going down my throat. I swallowed it all and was close to cumming myself. Rob pushed me off of him and laid me on my back and gave me a huge deep tongue filled kiss and then trailed down to my big tits where he squeezed and sucked them until he was hard again. I totally was giving myself up to him. This was different than any sex I had before. I spread my legs and he kneeled between them and pushed his big hard cock into my pussy. I was drenched and he slipped in easily. I wrapped my legs around him and he fucked me so good and deep, I came in a matter of seconds. He slowed his pace giving me a breather and then picked it up again. He fucked me for a good ten minutes, I had cum again and now his second time was near. He was kissing me and grunting, I was moaning and he shouted and began filling my pussy with cum. I think he came even harder than the first time because it was a lot! I squeezed him hard with my legs and we made out, tongues slowly twirling together. He looked me in my eyes and said, “How was that”? I don’t even remember what I said but it was along the lines of “amazing”.

I totally forgot about Patrick and began fucking my brother on a daily basis for the next two weeks which then turned into fucking 3-4 times a week for the next 3 years. We fucked again in my late twenties a few times and then recently since we are both divorced, we planned a date at my condo for dinner and drinks. After dinner we were sitting around drinking and listening to music while we had a great conversation. It was getting late and I asked Rob if he wanted to spend the night since we were drinking pretty heavily. He agreed and when we went to bed, he in the 2nd bedroom and myself in my bed, I was horny and thinking about us fucking and started to play with myself. I was not quiet about it, lol. I was moaning as I fingered my pussy and twisting my nipples when I heard Rob getting out of the bed. He appeared in my room and said, “Are you doing what I think you are”? I confirmed I was and apologized. He didn’t say anything but he dropped his underwear and took off his shirt and got in bed with me, I was completely naked anyway as I slept in the nude. He took me in my arms and said no apology was necessary and he kissed me. We started making out and I was horny as I’ve ever been. Now much older and both of us more experienced, again it felt like nothing I imagined. Let me just say, I am now 30 pounds heavier than I used to be and my tits are still heavy looking and firm, my legs are a little thicker and an ex lover complimented me one time stating I had a body that won’t quit, lol. In other words, I still got it! After kissing for some time, Rob paid attention to my tits, pinching my nipples and licking my tits all over, sucking on them, I was literally squirming beneath him, moaning the whole time. He licked his way down my belly and then down each one of my legs to my feet, he sucked my toes and then traced his tongue back up and put it right in my pussy. I ran my fingers through his hair while he pleasantly and thoroughly licked me out. Little time went by and once again like the early days we ended up in a 69. He was so hard and warm in my mouth, I really sucked his cock good. He sucked my pussy and gave my asshole a good tonguing and then put his finger in my ass driving me wild. I couldn’t take it and I got up on all fours and begged him to fuck me.

He got behind me and shoved his cock deep in my pussy. He was fucking me so good for a few minutes and I really wanted to feel him in my ass. I moved forward so his cock slipped out of me and I lied down on my side. He got behind me so we were spooning and I raised my leg up to give him easy access. He put his hand under my raised leg and slid his cock back inside my pussy. We kissed as we fucked and I interrupted our kiss and whispered, “Put it in my ass”. He guided his cock into my asshole and pushed it in slowly. I gasped as he pushed it in a little further each time. Soon enough he was completely inside me, every inch. I rubbed my clit as his cock went in and out. He went a little faster and I rubbed my clit faster. I screamed out and came hard and Rob shouted as he shot a huge load into my asshole. Perfect timing. We were exhausted and he slept in my bed with me that night and has since moved in with me where we are continuing where we left off all those years ago.