TITLE: Mardi Gras
LOCATION: Candy_apple - USA
CLUBHOUSE: Candy_apple
AGE: 41 - 50
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I giggled as I received new beads. The collection I received so far was starting to get heavy, but it was fun to check another thing off my bucket list: visit New Orleans during Mardi Gras. My friend Joylienne and I were thoroughly embracing the French Quarter on this warm Friday evening. The parades in the French Q were smaller than the ones that were geared more towards family in other parts of the city, but the French Quarter is what you think about when you think of Mardi Gras. Flashing your boobs and naughty behavior is encouraged here.

“Katie, come on! It’s time for a drink in the next bar,” Joylienne shouted over the loud music and cheers. I looked around me one more time to see if I could find HIM. He’s been teasing me all evening by texting me pictures of my friend and I having fun. However, he had yet to come over and say hi. It was just as frustrating as it was a fun game to play. I whipped out my phone and texted him the name of the next bar on our list. My phone vibrated with a new text that read, “I’m already here.”

I scanned the crowd looking for the familiar face. The problem is that many people had on masks, and the crowd was thick. Joylienne interrupted my thoughts by placing a shot glass in my hand. “Here’s to Friends, Fun…and beads.” We laughed and tilted the shots glasses back and drank the fiery liquid. We did a tequila tittie shimmy after we slammed our glasses down on the bar. My phone buzzed again and a picture of Joylienne and I toasting popped up on my screen. I looked in the direction the picture was taken, but still didn’t see him. I smiled and typed in, “You’re good! But I WILL find you before the night is over.” Shortly after, a reply came back, “I’m counting on it.”

I couldn’t decide what part of the evening excited me more: having strangers oogling over my boobs in public – a long time fantasy, seeing my friend, Joylienne, have fun again after a rough divorce & finally feeling confident in her body after a mastectomy, or the secret mind fuck games I was playing with HIM. Not even Joylienne knew what was going on. Keeping that secret from her best friend gave her a thrill too.

*Bzzz* New text: “Take off your panties and put them in your right pocket. I will collect them shortly.” I quickly replied, “Only if you leave me yours in return!” I could almost hear him chuckle. These games were fun to play, but I couldn’t make it too easy for him! I slipped into a bathroom stall and slid the panties down over my ass and stepped out of them. God I was so wet. This cloak and dagger stuff really had me all turned on. I pulled my jeans back on and slipped my moist panties into my pocket, as instructed. I grabbed Joylienne and we headed off to the dance floor with a group of men in our wake.

“Your panties smell so good,” I heard a familiar voice whisper in my ear. “Don’t turn around, just keep dancing. I’m going to fulfil one of your fantasies right now unless you tell me to stop.” I reached into my right pocket, and instead of feeling my silky panties, I felt a swatch of cotton instead. Hmmm…I never felt him take my panties. As I was trying to figure out when that happened, I felt him press into me from behind and grind his erection into me. Too bad I could only feel the hardness and not his skin. We danced close. The loud bass thumping through my soul. Then I felt it. His hand slipped down the front of my waistband. “Mmmmm Katie. You feel so fucking good.” In addition to very skilled fingers massaging my folds below, I felt lips that were just as skilled on my earlobe and trailing kisses down my neck. I shivered.

“You are so wet. I think you are ready for me. If you are, nod your head.”

Of course, I nodded my head. Glad I wasn’t asked to say anything, because I wouldn’t have been able to speak a coherent sentence anyway. The light stubble on his chin sent shivers down my spine as he continued to kiss my neck. The soft kisses, in addition to the light scratch, made my heart speed up. I was concentrating on that feeling so much that I almost missed what was happening below. And what a crime that would have been! I felt my pants being lowered slightly. I finally got my wish. I felt his skin grinding on my ass cheeks. He held up the corner of my pants with one hand while the other reached up and massaged my aching breast. The pad of his thumb lightly rubbed over my already pebbled nipple. I know I groaned loudly at that. But the music was still loud enough to cover any sounds I made.

After a light squeeze on my breast, his hand left. I wanted to scream in frustration until I felt that it had once again traveled south. His finger slipped in once more quickly, and out almost as quickly. Then, OH GOD YES! I felt him. The velvety softness of his rigid cock was at my slick entrance. He guided himself in and FUCK. I grabbed his hand from my waist and put his finger in my mouth. I gently bit in order not to completely melt into a puddle right there. As he started moving in and out of me in rhythm to the music, I gave his finger a break. My tongue swirled over the appendage. It was a poor substitute for what I REALLY wanted in my mouth, but I was going to take advantage. I sucked his finger in the same rhythm as what was going on below. The pace picked up.

I could feel the wetness all around. I enjoyed the sensation of his balls slapping up against my ass. This was just as good as…wait no. That’s not right. This was way better than the fantasies I had about being fucked in a bar. The reality of it all was much more than my imagination could ever dream up. The sounds, the feel of his entire body. The taste of his finger (I could taste a little of me where his fingers had been inside my pussy just moments before.) The added sensation of the loud bass music pounding through our bodies. The taboo-ness of it all.

Just as the song was ending, he removed his finger from my mouth and placed his palm at the place where my neck and shoulder met. A firm grasp. One of my hands reached down to rub my clit and the other clasped onto his thigh. I’m not sure which one of us started to orgasm first. But it was soon evident that my clenching walls were milking his cock. I could feel the warm gooey substance on my thighs as there was too much for my pussy to hold in. Then there was a void. His cock removed from where it belonged.

“I promise we’ll have more fun soon, Princess. Have fun with Joylienne. I’ll be watching and waiting.” With that, I felt a cloth gently wipe my folds, and my pants being brought back up. A light feathery kiss on the back of my neck and that was it. I no longer felt him behind me. I quickly turned around and searched the crowd. Damn. He was like a shadow disappearing into the darkly lit bar.

“Hey Katie, are you ready to try the next bar?” I heard Joylienne say as I blinked back the frustration that he was gone. I blinked back the lust that lingered. I blinked back the excitement of having one of my fantasies come to life. I blinked back the confusion and looked into the face of my friend. A huge smile lit my face as 100 different thoughts and feelings swept through me – despite trying to put them into a compartment in order to think about later.

“Absolutely, Joy. Let’s go.” With that, the girls linked arms, waved goodbye to the crowd of men that seemed to be following Joylienne everywhere she went, and they made their way out the door. “Where to next? Just lead the way.” They turned right and giggled as they made their way down the street to the next bar for more beads. And this time, I was certain I would find HIM in the crowd!

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