TITLE: Lindsey's First Dildo
LOCATION: LatexSuperGirl - Canada
AGE: 22 - 30
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As Lindsey sat in her dressing room looking at a picture of her idol Amy Lee of Evanescence she gently stroked her pussy lips incredibly turned on by the picture of her idol. So distracted by the picture is she that she doesn’t hear the door open until the person says something. “Lindsey its’s......” Amy lee begins to say before she realizes what Lindsey is doing and what she’s using for turn on material. Lindsey now quite embarrassed and blushing redder than a tomato hops up out of her chair pussy still dripping wet and chants a spell at Amy before she can escape and tell other people what she was doing.

As Amy tries to retreat and forgot about the whole situation she suddenly feels her body stiffen and become completely immobile as Lindsey begins to chant. As the spell continues in a strange language Amy tries to call out for help as she sees her body begin to take on a strange clear pink color. Wondering what Lindsey could possibly be doing to her Amy is quite shocked to see her legs and feet fuse together and solidify into a solid mass. Amy for the second time that day is quite shocked as she realizes her bottom half now resembles a dildo.

As she tries to call out to Lindsey again with little effect she feels herself shrinking until shes about the perfect sized dildo. Despite the fact that her bottom half resembles a dildo Amy is relieved that she still looks like herself from the waist up. As Lindsey finishes her spell she walk over to the Amy shaped Dildo and picks it up, as she marvels at what she’s done she says to the Amy dildo “ well I’ve always wanted one of these but I’ve never had to courage to go and get one of these from a shop but using you as one should be just fine!”.

Before Lindsey even finishes saying that Amy feels herself lifted up and shoved up Lindsey’s skirt. As the darkness of Lindsey’s loose fitting skirt envelopes her Amy feels herself thrusted Into a warm moist tight area. If Amy still had the ability to blush she would have as she feels Lindsey’s juices being to coat her and drip down her rubbery body. As Amy wonders if she will ever be able to perform again she feels Lindsey increase the pace at which she thrusts Amy inside of her. Amy can tell that from the pace Lindsey is going at she’s in a hurry to finish so she can get on stage.

Amy mentally winces as she feels herself being rammed against Lindsey clit. In what seems like no time at all Amy feels Lindsey’s already incredibly tight pussy clench hard as Lindsey achieves climax. Before Lindsey has even finished bucking hard from her climax Amy feels herself being lifted from the dripping wet pussy and towards the fresh air. Lindsey Brings the Amy dildo to her face smiling the whole time. “Well Amy that was quite fun but I’ve gotta go onstage and perform but don’t worry I’ll be back in no time.” As Amy tries to scream once again she is shoved into the bottom of Lindsey’s suitcase under a pile of Lindsey’s dirty laundry.