TITLE: My Girl & The Bar Girl
LOCATION: ModernHemingway - USA
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It is our third date. Twenty years earlier, a third date meant something. Girls followed “the rules,” and one of the rules said you didn’t fuck until the third date. Alicia and I fucked on our first date. I’m not bragging, we are swingers, wife swappers, and it would be weird if we didn’t have sex on our first date. My life is a bit upside down.

For our first two “dates,” all we did was have sex. We met at a hotel, my wife went upstairs with Ron, Alicia’s husband. Alicia and I went to our own room. We fucked ourselves into funky sweaty exhaustion each time. The next mornings, we kissed goodbye, unswapped, and drove off in opposite directions.

Alicia and I turned out to be very sexually compatible. I’m a big guy, and a tall guy. A few months ago, an old lady told me to respect myself, and I shed 15 pounds. Even in decent shape, I’m well over 250 pounds. Alicia, she’s a big gal, six foot tall. If she was a decade younger, she could be a plus size model. She’s thick, curvy, but not flabby. She’s got a wide, plump ass, a body that’s all curves. Everything on her is thick.

Those first couple nights we spent together, we found out we were well matched. She has an insatiable sexual appetite, and I satisfy it. She is funny, loud, and sexy in an effortless way, easy to be around. I will talk and joke and take the lead, confident without arrogance. We enjoy each other’s bodies, and we enjoy each other’s company. Tonight, for our third “date,” she wants a night out and tells me to pick a place for dinner. After dinner, she’s picking the place to drink.

She walks into the restaurant and grabs all the attention. She’s a pretty face, a beaming smile, long wavy reddish brown hair, eyes that promise mischief. She’s tall, and the short heel gives her an extra inch and a half. But that’s not why they stare. Her tits enter the room well before the rest of her. I’ve seen them naked, they’re really big. But in a purple blouse with a low cut neckline and a straining bra pushing them up and showing cleavage, they look immense. She adds to the effect with a wide belt . And that just makes her fat ass look bigger in the slate gray skirt she’s chosen. She’s a walking fertility goddess, an overflowing vision of plenty. Tastes and preferences evolved over centuries, but every man in the place is getting a signal from an old caveman part of their brain that says “this is woman”.

She sits with me, her smile brightening my day. She and her husband started swinging because Alicia is something she calls “sex positive.” Her husband is a genuinely good guy, she loves him, but he’s boring, unadventurous. They’ve been swinging for over a year, and we are the first couple that has gone on multiple dates, multiple swaps with them. We eat our dinner, Japanese, and it’s good. As I’m settling up the check, she leans forward, showing her endless cleavage. “You’re gonna love what I’ve got planned next.”

We get to our next destination, and, well, I’m not impressed. Some neighborhood bar at the edge of downtown. It’s almost empty, but it’s early. A couple older men are at the other end of the bar, and they stare at the two of us for a moment. We make our way to the bar and order drinks, the blonde bartender serving us while the grizzled owner talks to his drunken regulars. The bargirl stares at me as I order my drink, and still stares at me while Alicia orders hers. I feel like she’s a bit rude. Alicia is in full flirt mode, leaning into me, touching, giggling, enjoying the journey of seduction even though we both know we will end the night in bed.

Alicia takes a trip to the ladies room, and the moment the door shuts, blonde bartender is in front of me, batting her eyes. Flirting? She’s a cute girl, maybe 10 or 15 years younger. Blonde straight hair, and a midwestern look that we don’t see much in the Northeast. She’s got a tight white shirt on, the better to earn tips. I’d call them big boobs any other night, but not compared to Alicia’s. She starts talking, idle chit-chat, and touches my hand on the bar. I’m flattered, but she scurries off as I hear the ladies room door open.

Alicia returns, and suggests we play pool. She’s decent, I’m much better, and give her pointers on how to leave the cue ball where you want it. Every time she leans down for a shot, I get a little hard. Her breasts press into the table when she faces me, and she holds her ass high when she faces away. After a second game, she tells me she has to run to the car, something was left in her purse.

She leaves, and I rack for the next round. I practice English against the bumpers while I wait, and feel a hand on my ass. I turn, and it’s not Alicia. It’s blonde bartender. She bats her eyelashes again as she talks, flirting hard, standing too close. She introduces herself, Jessica, and tells me her shift just ended. She says she’s been watching me all night. I’m flattered, but I’ve already got everything I can handle tonight. As I’m about to politely decline her advances, as she has me pinned between her and the pool table, Alicia comes back through the bar’s front door. This has been my luck for the last few years, I think to myself. Something out of my control comes up to make chaos of my sex life.

Alicia strides past the bar, with such intensity I’m afraid she’s going to hit Jessica. Or maybe me. Jessica ignores her and I try to squirm out from between her and the pool table. Alicia is behind her, puts her arms forward into what I think might turn into a bear hug, and she cups Jessica’s boobs, one in each hand. They both smirk, Alicia smiles wickedly, as waves of confusion and dawning realization play across my face. “Do you like what I got for you, sweetie?” Alicia purrs.

“For me? What?” I’m still working it all out in my head, romance-dumb, a recurring theme. “But what about you?”

“She’s not just for you, dummy, she’s for us. Jess and I have played together for years, even before Ron and I started swinging. I told her about our last couple nights together, about you, about us, and she couldn’t wait to meet you.” I’m dizzy. Alicia has used me up on each of our last two dates. I’m concerned I’m going to need a day off to recover from a night with both.

Jess is a midwestern looking girl. Blonde straight hair, busty and solid, probably played softball or field hockey in school. A few freckles decorate her cheeks, below her eyes. She has an infectious smile, seems genuinely nice. She’s what I call solid, not thick, but borderline. Her boobs stretch her scoop neck shirt nicely, and her full hips and thighs are highlighted by tight blue jeans.

“Jess just finished her shift. She lives a few blocks away, and needs a ride home.” I’m still pinned to the table, and Jess is squeezed between Alicia and I. Alicia whispers in her ear, looking at me hungrily. Jess asks, “don’t you want to give me a ride?” Every word is dripping with suggestion. I’m overwhelmed, but excited. A threesome was a dream I’d abandoned years ago. I settle up at the bar as the girls conspire, whispering and giggling.

We leave, a very short drive takes us to Jessica’s apartment. Barely through the door, Jessica kisses me, starts touching my ass, my chest, my groin. I look at Alicia, but she doesn’t help, only laughs. She grabs a bottle of wine and starts opening it while Jessica continues to caress and explore me. I return the favor. Her ass and tits are firm, fifteen years younger than Alicia or my wife, gravity and age have not yet taken hold. She’s got pierced nipples, and I find a bellybutton piercing too.

Alicia calls out, and has three glasses of wine for us. Jessica breaks off the kisses, and parts with a firm grab of my half-erect dick. “I’ll see this soon,” she whispers.

We sit on the couch, Alicia between us. Alicia is leaning into me, giving me a view down her blouse. Jess is leaning into Alicia, arms across her legs, fingers idly twiddling the hem of her friend’s skirt. Alicia is pressed into my side, heavily. She lifts my chin, breaking my gaze from her cleavage and tilting my head up for a kiss. It is a powerful kiss, passionate and with a deep and urgent need. The hand that had gently lifted my chin into the kiss in now strong on the back of my neck, holding me. Her other hand searches for and starts stroking my dick, teasing and pleasing me. My right hand is lost behind her, but with my left I heft her breasts, lifting them, squeezing, caressing.

Feeling that I’m nearly erect, Alicia breaks the deep French kiss and follows it with a quick lip to lip smooch. It’s a signature move, her “punctuation” to everything she does romantically with her mouth. She stands, Jessica watching her with anticipation. She orders me to take off my shirt, then my pants. My dick is straining against my shorts, pulsing in anticipation. Jessica stares at it, then at Alicia half-spilling out of her bra and blouse standing over me, and the blonde whispers “this is fucking hot.”

Alicia looks to her younger friend, gets that wicked smile, orders her to stand. “Strip for him, show him why I love your body.” Jessica is excited and into it, this is not a game the girls have played before. She bends and shimmies out of her jeans. Jess is over a half foot shorter than her auburn haired friend, her womanly hips dwarfed by Alicia’s wide behind. She grabs the hem of her tight white shirt with both hands and lifts, exposing the overflowing bra that encouraged generous tips at the bar. She shrugs the shoulders out of her straps and turns from me as she brings her bra clasps around front to unhook them. When she turns back, her small hands cover nipples and a thin band of her tits. She lifts as she reveals them, letting them bounce for me, firm D-cup boobs framed by strong shoulders. They are lovely, a soft, supple contrast to my wife’s implants, high, young and firm compared to Alicia’s. Alicia tells her to step to the side, to wait, and watch.

She puts a heeled shoe on the edge of the couch by my thigh, and peels off her belt. She unzips the formfitting skirt, and steps close, leaning in as she works it down and off. Her panties are pretty, black, stylish, and nearly lost against the canvas of her broad behind. She takes them off. She puts a hand on each of my knees, and settles to the floor between my legs. She unbuttons the straining blouse, tosses it to Jessica. Her big tits weigh her overmatched bra down, and my cock twitches in my shorts, engorging and throbbing, still confined. She tells Jess to unhook her. There is no fake-shy tease like Jess performed, Alicia’s tits fall free, resting on my thighs. They are big, just like their owner, heavy 40DDs on a body built for all the sins.

She leans down, lust and more in her eyes, and pulls my eager pecker over the elastic strap of my shorts. She kisses away the bead of pre-cum and looks up at me, her tits swaying forward to frame my erect cock. “Do you want the show first, or last, baby?” I’m enjoying the show so far, and tell her “first.” She makes a fake pout, but her eyes glimmer with mischief and joy. I think I’ve chosen wisely.

She places a hand squarely on the middle of my chest as she stands, pushing me deeper into the couch. Her swaying boobs follow her rise, a half beat behind and swinging to catch up. Jess steps to her as she turns, and a hug becomes a kiss becomes ... more. Lips locked together, their hands move, searching and feeling. The women have long familiarity, but the new thrill of an eager audience brings energy. Jessica’s hands eagerly grasp at Alicia’s ass, the taller woman embracing the blonde tightly.

Alicia leads the dance, urging Jess to her knees. Jess leans forward, head tilted back, tongue and lips searching for and finding Alicia’s pussy. It is an awkward angle, but obviously familiar to both. Pressing her mouth to Alicia, Jess finds her clit, pressing firmly with rough tongue, swirling and pleasing for long moments. Feeling a small wave of euphoria, she looks at me on the couch, staring lasers into me and grabbing the back of Jessica’s head, trembling for tense seconds. She moans and releases the blonde.

She goes to her own knees and pushes Jess back. She returns the affection, putting Jessica’s legs onto her shoulders. Where Jess gave Alicia tremors and shivers, Alicia brings Jess to a thrashing orgasm in minutes, and again minutes later. She knows the younger woman’s spots, her rhythms, and plays her like an instrument. Jess claws and grasps at my leg as she comes a third time. She looks up at me, upside down from the floor, a sob mixing with the moans as the third orgasm breaks like a wave, washing through her, rolling from deep inside. My erection urging me on, I start to stand. Alicia looks up, and says “no, sit” and I do.

She lays a quick kiss on the blonde girl’s clit, then crawls up Jessica’s prone body. Alicia’s hard nipples trace lines from the younger woman’s thighs to belly to breasts. She whispers in her ear, and Jess has a wicked smile of her own. Jess kneels, between my legs, and Alicia joins her, on the other side of my right leg. Jess takes my cock into her mouth, head and half the shaft, and begins to blow me. Alicia massages the lower half of my cock, stroking me, cupping my balls, then stroking again, while the blonde bobs her head and sucks.

It is overwhelming. The busty blonde Jess, pretty and wholesome looking. The overstuffed pinup Alicia, lush and pouting and built for sex. My rod is bursting at the seams, it takes every ounce of willpower to keep my excitement under control. The girls take turns sucking on me, a filthy game that I think I might be winning. Alicia’s heavy boobs are piled on my thigh, Jessica’s blue eyes look longingly at me over Alicia’s hair as she works it. Finally, I need to change things up, or this will end soon. “I need to fuck one of you, now.” The girls look at each other and smile, and Alicia gives a last hard suck to my engorged head, a lollipop-pop sound made as she releases.

We move to Jessica’s bed, and they lay me on my back. Alicia asks me to close my eyes. Hands roll a condom down my length. A body straddles me, Jessica, too light to be Alicia. The girl lowers her hot and wet pussy onto my cock. She’s tight, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a twenty-five year old, everything is firm and hasn’t suffered gravity’s attention. I want to look at her big, firm boobs as she rides me, to see her face as my cock reaches deep inside. Alicia has other plans.

She straddles my chest, looks down at me over her swaying tits. Her knees pin my elbows, and hands appear from behind her. While Jess slowly fucks me, riding my cock, she reaches around Alicia and fondles her nipples. She moans, and moves Jessica’s hands lower. Three hands probe and play with Alicia’s pussy, it’s surreal. She grunts and leans forward. I’m not a small man, but part of me worries that she’s going to crack my ribs grinding hard on the hands and on my sternum. She leans forward as Jessica’s hands bring her to a clitoral orgasm. Her breasts smother my face as she quivers and moans.

Soon after, buried under Alicia’s boobs, I hear Jessica grunting hard and feel her thrash on my cock. It’s too much, the two girls at the same time, I can’t keep up with the hands and the boobs and the moans. Jessica solves that problem. After her orgasm, she hops off and leans on the headboard. Alicia takes her knees off my elbows and rolls to the side. Everybody catches their breath a bit.

Alicia wants to finish this round doggy style. I position her at the edge of the bed, on all fours. I’ve learned the she likes long deep strokes, and standing will give me more room. On her elbows, her nipples brush the sheets, ass raised and round. She is gorgeous and filthy in a pornographic way, setting my mind to depraved lusts. After admiring the woman, I move behind her. She’s had orgasms already tonight, I plan to add to that. I run my cock up and down her lips a few times, pressing into her clit when I near it.

She’s been in charge all night, but this surrender is her favorite part of our sex. After teasing her with my cock, she pleads “fuck me, I need to be fucked.” It’s our third date, but I’ve learned her well, I know my cue. I plunge my big cock into her, and she groans. With just a few strokes, I’m balls deep. She is sopping wet, the noise of us fucking is dirty and sexy. Jessica scoots to the near side of the bed, watching my dick glide into her lover, she can’t look away. Alicia rocks back and forth on all fours, fucking me back, but she wants more.

She turns to Jess, who is rubbing her clit, watching us fuck, still coming down from her own orgasm. Alicia laughs as she says “don’t just sit there, bitch, lick me.” Jess lays down beside us, face up, and Alicia pulls forward, off my cock. My member swings around in front of me rock hard and glistening while Alicia moves to sixty nine over Jessica. Jess immediately starts licking at her clit, and looking down I can see the younger woman’s eyes beneath Alicia. She yells back, begging me to fuck her, and I do.

With Jess below her, Alicia stops rocking, but that’s ok. I’m happy doing all the work. I slide back into Alicia’s pussy, my big hands on her wide ass. I’m pretty sure my balls are on Jessica’s forehead as I press in deep. Before Alicia, the first thing I hear from most partners is “damn that’s a big one” or “slow down” or “be careful”. Alicia’s never mentioned it, not once. Whether it’s her goddess pinup physique, the extra padding of her ass, or her years of sexual exploration, I never find out. But at this intersection of our lives, she and I are the perfect fit.

I start fucking her, pulling back until I see the ridge of my head, then driving it in till we are pressed together. On the out-stroke, sometimes Jessica’s eyes are open, staring up at my glistening cock, other times they are closed, her attention focused on Alicia’s clit. I pick up the pace, methodically and rhythmically filling her. Her orgasm rolls through her, a tidal wave compared to her little O’s earlier. I feel the wave as her body thrashes, and worry for Jess underneath her.

I pick up my pace, and add a hard push at the top of each stroke, an extra oomph each time I drive deep. I’m fucking her hard, it’s primal, we are past anything you would call lovemaking. This is sex, sex with intent. Jessica continues to work Alicia’s clit, I’m giving her all I’ve got, and she rolls through another orgasm. She curses, she’s loud during this one, “fuck, fuck, no, no, no, no, no, no, yes, fucking yes!” She’s collapses a bit onto Jess, who slaps her thigh. She adjusts, and tells Jess to stop hitting her.

Her ass held high, I’ve got my hands pulling back at her waist. The night catches up to me, the two girls, the oral, the show, the loud and complicated fucking, and Alicia’s filthy screaming orgasm, it’s finally too much for me. I drive into her urgently, I just want to come. Then Alicia tells me to stop, and rocks forward, off my cock, as Jessica grabs it. She squeezes my swollen head through the condom, holding it for a moment, pinched, deflating the formerly purple and engorged head back to dark red. Then Alicia rocks back and Jess puts my dick back into her.

Their little bit of voodoo slows my orgasm urgency, but not my speed. I last minutes more where I thought I had just seconds, but I don’t slow down, slamming hard, almost violently, into Alicia, over and over. She makes the little grunts that I’ve learned are early warnings of her orgasms, and I’ve used up the extra couple minutes their trick gave me. I think Alicia crests her own wave first, moaning, but as my dick swells during my own orgasm, she gets louder and pushes back, squirming. We stay locked together, held still as I come, feeling her warmth and the pleasant pressure of her as I spurt. It feels like hours, but it’s just seconds, both of us coming down from the heights of that blissful instant.

After our moment, I back away, making sure the slick condom doesn’t hit Jess. The blonde is making a “get off me” face as I watch Alicia roll off her. I hand her one of the washcloths from the pile on her nightstand. She wipes her chin and moves up to hug Alicia, cuddling to her side. It’s a pretty picture to see as I take off the condom and clean off. Alicia is on her back, eyes closed, a sheen of sweat. Her huge boobs spread and cascade to her sides, her face pretty but smudged and exhausted. Jessica is on her side, firm boobs pressed into the voluptuous woman, clinging to an arm, one leg draped over one of Alicia’s.

I join them, on the other side of Alicia. Even resting, we “fit.” I slide my upper arm under her head, smelling the mix of her perfume and our sex. My dick rests on her soft hip, her breast spills over to my chest. We are spent, and comfortable, glowing, knowing we just had a hell of a session. We relax and enjoy each other’s embrace. My eyes are closed, but I hear and feel Jess roll to the far side of the bed, and some rustling in a drawer. She says, “you two can lay there all night, if you want. I’m getting more.”

I look over as she slides one end of a long double-ended dildo into herself. I start to prop myself up to watch the new show. Alicia, whose eyes remain closed, pulls me back down into our embrace. She whispers “later for that, be with me now,” and rolls onto her side, blocking my view but giving me a warm hug.