TITLE: How My Wife Lost Her Virginity
LOCATION: Ataripirate - Ozarks, Missouri, USA
CLUBHOUSE: ataripirate
AGE: 51+
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I have been a little busy and haven’t had time to work on getting more encounters written down. This is a recount of my wife’s first time with a guy. When she told me the story I told her to write it down and finally got her to do it.

My high school years were spent in a catholic school. Five foot Five, petite with long blonde hair, small tits and a firm ass. Yes, we had to wear the standard skirt and white top. I typically didn’t spend any time after school with anyone or date much. We lived on a farm just outside of town and it took a while to get home. As far as sexual experience, we were pretty much nudists around my house and at this time in my life I had never even kissed a guy. I had played around with my sister a little, that’s another story. I was a virgin and intact for the most part, barely a finger sized hole in my pussy.

Well this particular day, after school, I was out the front door and walking in front of the school headed to the parking lot. This was my senior year and got out an hour early. I looked up and saw this guy, in his 30’s, little shaggy. I walked past him and heard him make a yum noise, I turned and looked and he was looking at me hard. I stopped and turned around, he asked me where the office was inside, he was giving a lecture at the science fair the next day. We chatted for a bit and he asked me if I would meet him at the hotel to talk some more after he finished up inside. Being the rebel I was and a bit of a tease, I said sure. He gave me the room number and said he would be there in 30 minutes. I went to a pay phone and call home and told my mother that I was looking for a job, With college coming on next year, I was going to need money.

I drove to the hotel and sat in the lot, a little nervous, I knew he was going to try and put the moves on me. After a few minutes, he arrived and we went into his room. He took his jacket off and walked over to me and said, I will be honest with you, I want to make love to you in the worst way. He leaned in to kiss me, I pulled away, even though I really wanted to kiss him. I told him I was a virgin and just wasn’t wanting to change that right now. Then he said, you said earlier that you were going to college next semester and who couldn’t use money for that. They gave me cash for the work in the science fair, here is $1000 to sleep with me. Before I could answer, 10 one hundred dollar bills was in my hand and he was kissing me.

I felt his hand on my ass under my skirt, as I opened my lips and let his tongue in. I realized there was no turning back now. We were going at it pretty good. I felt his hand on my thigh under my skirt and my heart started pounding. He put my hand on his pants, on his cock, I could feel it hard as a rock as I rubbed it. He was working my breasts through my thin white shirt still kissing me. With one hand he worked his belt loose and got his pants down. His hard cock poking at me. Scared to look down, it was driving me crazy. The next thing I knew he was completely naked kissing and feeling every inch of me. He put my hand on his throbbing cock. Breathing heavy now as the first cock I had ever held in my hand was throbbing like a heartbeat. My knees started to shake as his hand started to rub my pussy through my panties. He stepped back and got onto the bed, as I stood there looking at his cock. Just guessing it was close to 8 inches thick and uncut. I had seen my dad’s cock hundreds of times, in various states, but this was the first uncut cock I had seen. He asked me to take off my top and panties. All I had left on was my skirt, watching him stroke his cock as I took of most of my clothes.

Nervously, I went over to the bed. He stood up and started kissing me again. Squeezing my ass, as I felt his cock rubbing up against me. He laid my body down on the bed and continued his kissing. Working down to my nipples. I couldn’t tell you exactly what he was doing to my nipples but I started to have an orgasm and the first and only time in my life, I squirted and from not a touch on my pussy. It wasn’t a gusher like you see in porno but it was pretty wet. I was breathing really hard as I felt him slid down until his face was at my wet pussy. He brushed up the trimmed hair above my clit and spread my lips open. He ran his finger over my barely open hole and looked at me and said, I won’t put a finger in there right now, I want my cock to open that up for me. Then he started to lick my clit and worked it good, as I started to cum my body was squirming and he grabbed my ass with both hands and buried his face deep into my pussy. I started to buck and scream as I came hard, he continued to eat me and didn’t let up until I had cum twice. He continued to lick me, his face and hands were soaked. I felt a finger slide into my ass while he drove me to another orgasm. He slid up next to me and kissed me with pussy juice all over his face. I reached down and took a hold of his hard cock. I pulled loose and slid down and looked at my first cock. He moaned as I pulled down his foreskin and took the head into my mouth. I sucked on the head and looked up at him as he seemed to be in heaven. I figured I was doing it right. It felt like it got even thicker and bigger as I pushed it into my mouth.

Wondering how this was going to fit into my tight little pussy. I started to play with his balls and suck as deep as I could. Soon he gently pushed me off and said I think we are ready for more. He took off my skirt and moved on top of me and asked me to guide his cock into my pussy. Everything started to go through my mind as I was about to have a cock inside me for the first time. He had just a couple of inches in me and slide in and out slightly . I wrapped my legs around him as I felt him get ready to take my virginity. My heart was pounding and he leaned down and kissed me, as he pushed his huge cock into my tight pussy opening up my hymen completely. My screams muffled by his tongue in my mouth. As he pushed it in as far as he could he held it in there for a moment to let me get the feel of it. I couldn’t believe all of that cock was inside me. He started to stoke it in and out getting faster and taking longer strokes I started to cum as my pussy gripped his cock tight. He told me he wanted to cum in my mouth. He pulled his cock out of me and I slide down in front of him and took his cock into my mouth, pulling the foreskin back to suck on his head. It was slick and salty as he pushed into my mouth gagging me, he pulled it out of my mouth and jerked it off as the first loads shot hard into my throat and I choked, but kept letting the cum in and on me, I was covered in it and my mouth was full. He pulled me up and kissed me with a mouth full of cum. We swapped it as we kissed, there was cum everywhere.

I reached down and grabbed his cock and got it hard again and told him I wanted more. I got down and started to suck it more. He bent me over the bed and put it back in me from behind, there was plenty of lube from all the juices and cum. He was taking long strokes coming all the way out and going deep back in. He was moving faster and faster and one stroke it missed and went into my ass, I thought oh god and felt his monster slide into my ass. He took a few strokes and went in deep and held it as I felt his cock explode into my ass. Hot cum shot deep into me, It felt warm and wet, deep into my stomach it felt like. he just kept cumming. He finally pulled it out of my ass and we collapsed onto the bed. After about 20 minutes of just laying there I took a quick shower and got dressed. Kissed him once last time and off I went. I never saw him again but had an incredible story to tell my sister.