TITLE: The Unplanned Seduction
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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I never thought I would see my wife seduced before my very eyes. To this day I can’t believe the details, but I had a front row seat. The events took place over several months and looked like the plans of a master.

Lisa and I had been married for twenty years. We’ve had a great marriage with never a problem. We have no children. She is the only child and socially shy. As time passed, I wanted to experiment, but I knew she would never agree. The few hints I dropped were immediately dismissed.

I had a friend at work named Al. We worked in different departments but chatted at lunch and over job related issues. Al had confided that he had recently gone through a nasty divorce. With Lisa’s approval I invited Al to dinner one evening. She liked to cook and was happy to plan this meal.

I asked him to come early for drinks. He arrived at five and we chatted while Lisa prepared the meal. At some point, Al and Lisa started conversing about cooking. I excused myself to take a call. There was an issue at work and I had to troubleshoot over the phone.

When I returned from the call, Al was in the kitchen reaching in the cabinet for a spice. Al also had a love of cooking. They both became engrossed in the subject. I was like a silent guest.

Over the next few weeks Al came for dinner several more times. He evolved as a copartner as they were soon cooking the meal together. I was left out and did other things as dinner was prepared. From the den I could hear them laughing. Al was a welcome addition to Lisa’s kitchen.

I was excited at one such dinner when I realized that Al was seducing my wife. He would rub her shoulders and complimented her all the time. Lisa was coming out of her shell thanks to Al. One evening we all had too much wine and I told Al he could sleep in the spare room.

I told Al to bring some clothes on the next visit and we would use the pool and hot tub. I wanted to see where this would lead Al and Lisa. After dinner one evening I decided to go pick up dessert. When I arrived home, I could hear giggling from the pool area. I was surprised to find Lisa in a bikini. Between the music and wine, we were feeling fine. I jokingly said we should be a threesome. I feigned being drunk and said I was going to bed. I went in and looked at the security camera. Lisa and Al were in embraced in the pool. Her bikini top had been discarded. Al picked her up and set her on the edge of the pool. He put his face between her legs. I slipped out the side door so I could hear the sounds. Lisa was moaning and coaxing Al to keep going. After several minutes Lisa climaxed and didn’t even attempt to keep quite. This went on for an hour. I found them lying naked on the couch the following morning. I quietly made coffee. Nothing was said as they awoke from their slumber.

Lisa was a new woman. She was enjoying her newfound life. She was fucking two men and loved life. I never said a word as the relationship evolved. Lisa and I were a happy married couple with a third person involved. I would watch as they fucked on our bed. Lisa rode Al and exploded with multiple orgasms. Lisa wanted to do a threesome. Al fucked her from behind while she sucked my cock. We switched with me licking her clit while Al drenched her mouth in cum. We were discussing ways to enhance the adventure…