TITLE: Surprise I Brought Home
LOCATION: Tazman5883 - Texas, USA
CLUBHOUSE: Tazman5883
AGE: 51+
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So I was working a late shift and came home a little after 9 PM I walked into the house and my wife says I have a surprise for you. Not expecting her to have anything I nervoisly asked what for. Her knowing that I had never been with a woman who squirts. I opened the bedroom door and found a friend from down the street naked in my bed. I immediately turned and kissed my wife. She said I know you have been fantasizing about having a woman that squirts. So I was talking to Denise and she told me she is a squirter and is willing to let you watch her masturbate and squirt for you.
I immediately began to undress as Denise was laying before me on the bed slowly stroking her cleanly shaved pussy. Denise had recently given birth and was also lactating another fantasy of mine..I could see that she had droplets of milk coming from her swollen breast and nipples.There were various sexual toys laying around Denise and she picked up a rabbit dildo and began to slowly run it up and down her pussy lips. She ran her hand up and gave her breast a squeeze and milk shot out onto her chest and belly.i was mesmerized by the sight. She slowly ran the vibe into her pussy and I could see it was super wet already. I was sitting only inches away and could smell her sweet pussy. Denise pulled her knees up to her chest and showed me her smooth pussy and ass. Her little asshole was flexing from the vibrations of the toy. The pussy juices were flowing fro. Denise and they were running into her ass crack. She brought a small plastic 8i c vibe and slid it inside her pussy alongside the rabbit. She pulled it out and asked can this go anywhere I said oh yes. She then began to slowly work the vibe around her asshole and slowly inserted it inside. She was jumping the rabbit and told me to duck her ass with the vibe. I reached out and began to slide the Roy in and out her asshole. after about five minutes of both of uae using the toys on her she screamed she was going to cum and told me to get my face close to her pussy. I learned in and when she exploded she pulled the rabbit out of her pussy and shot a stream of cum straight into my was awesome I felt her hand grab my hair and she pulled my face into her pussy and started to grind her pussy on my tongue. She did this and had a second orgasm flooding my mouth with her juice. My first experience with a squirter was just beginning. If you want to here more leave comments and please vote