TITLE: The Sperm Donor
LOCATION: Steve - Tampa, Florida, USA
AGE: 51+
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About five years ago I was having some financial hardships, so I looked for ways to make some money. I saw an ad one day about donating sperm for couples having trouble conceiving. I inquired and was told they paid $100 per donation. They had me answer a lengthy questionnaire about my health and family medical history. They also added my personal features such a hair, eye color, etc. I made my personal contact information available if a couple wanted to contact me.

Two years passed and I forgot about the sperm donation. I decided to get a vasectomy not wanting to get anyone pregnant or make any more donations.

One day I received a phone call from a lady wanting to inquire about my sperm donation. I agreed to meet her (Ana) and her husband (Jason) at a local restaurant. I arrived to meet a couple in their early thirties. The man was about 5’ 10” slender with dark hair. The lady was about 5’ 2” 130 lbs with long blonde hair. Her breast size was about a 38 C. They wanted to meet me in person. As we talked, the price of the invitro procedure was discussed. The facility charged $20,000. The next question surprised me. They wanted to know if I would impregnate her. They couldn’t afford the cost and wanted to know if I would be willing to help.

I was divorced with no woman in my life. I was tired of masturbating and now a woman was offering me sex. I agreed but left out the part about my vasectomy. The plan was to meet at their house every evening while Jason was at work.

The first few meetings were awkward. Ana removed her pants and underwear but left her top on. I preferred to be totally naked. My cock is 9 inches and very wide. The first time Ana saw it she gasped. We used lubricant as I eased into her tight shaven pussy. She was quite with some low heavy breathing. I thrust slowly for 15 minutes before she had a silent orgasm. I soon ejaculated, filling her with the desired sperm. The first week ended and Ana seemed to be comfortable with me.

I felt some guilt knowing I couldn’t get her pregnant but enjoyed the sex. I suggested she get naked to lighten the mood. She agreed and was soon enjoying our meetings. Her orgasms became louder and we fucked longer each time. One evening she turned on all fours and told me to fuck her doggie. I pounded her pussy as I held her tits in my hands. She surprised me by telling me to fuck her hard. Her body shook as she had an intense climax. I soon unloaded as cum ran down her legs.

As we started our third week Ana surprised me by taking my cock in her mouth. She worked my head and shaft like a pro. She stroked the length of my shaft while she teased my head with her full lips. She squeezed my balls with the other hand. As my intensity built, she struggled to handle the full 9 inches. I struggled to hold back as Ana slid a finger into my ass. I heaved as I blew a massive load. She tried to swallow everything but let my cock slide out as I finished on her face and tits. Several more ropes of cum shot as I emptied my scrotum of its contents. For the next three days we repeated this same scenario.

I was amazed at this encounter. I thought the purpose was for Ana to get pregnant, but three chances were missed. We continued our daily fucking. She was totally comfortable with me and was thrilled with each orgasm. I asked if Jason was trying to get her pregnant. She said yes but my huge cock had stretched her, and Jason was not as big.

I arrived one evening to find Ana pouring wine. I walked up behind her and slid one hand up her shirt to caress her breasts as my other hand found her wet mound. I fingered her clit as her body tensed to a silent orgasm. I stripped an threw her clothes to the floor. She lifted a leg to a chair as I fucked her standing in the kitchen. She bent over the kitchen table as I pounded her even more. I pulled her long blonde hair and smacked her ass as by balls slapped in unison to my thrusts. We both came at the same time.

We sat on the couch for a break while drinking some wine. Ana became quite then confessed to me that she didn’t want to get pregnant. Jason wanted a child, but she wasn’t ready. She had sucked by cock for three days because she was ovulating. I sat stunned at her confession. I then told her that I had a vasectomy several years back expecting for her to throw me out. “You little shit” she said and began to laugh. We decided to keep our meetings going as long as possible. She enjoyed the “safe” fucking. We met for two more months before giving up on the pregnancy. Jason thanked me and I wished them well.