TITLE: Finally A Slave
LOCATION: posh-slut - USA
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Finally my last day at work was over.

Last night was the farewell party arranged by the company at a posh country hotel, later today I would start my new life as Anna Dominatrix’s full-time slave.

Mistress had arranged a dinner party at home to celebrate my enslavement. All our close friends were there, Emma and Bob, Ellie and Paddy, Amy and Will and Sam (my ex)

We had a sit-down meal at home, prepared and cooked by Elsie a lovely lady from the village.

All the girls dressed in their best sexy dresses, me included I wouldn’t start my life as a slave until later in the evening until then I was just one of the girls.

Mistress as usual chose what I would wear, a long black satin dress one side slit to my upper thigh. The neckline was extremely low and revealing, the back too plunged down to my arse. Mistress herself wore a similar dress in cream as looking sensational as she always does. No underwear for either of us just high heels.

Once dinner was over it was my time. Our guests made themselves comfortable in the lounge whilst Mistress took me upstairs to prepare.

Mistress slipped out of her long cream satin dress and changed into her black leather basque and leather boots. I was told to strip naked not even a collar just keeping on my locked anklet.

Not having a collar, Mistress attached my leash to my two nipple rings. I was led downstairs dragged by my breasts.

In the lounge I was positioned in the centre of the room and told to kneel, the leash released from my tits.

I made a short speech promising to obey my Mistress totally. Mistress then presented me with my new slave collar, solid stainless steel with a lockable clasp.

She secured it around my neck and snapped the padlock shut. I was now Anna Dominatrix’s property and so happy.

As I suspected Mistress had some entertainment planned for our guests. She attached the leash to my new collar and led her slave up to the bedroom upstairs, our guests followed.

In the bedroom Mistress fitted cuffs to my wrists and secured me to the chains permanently attached to the ceiling.

“Spread your legs slut” naturally I obeyed. There I was completely at my Domme’s mercy.

I focused straight ahead waiting for the first lash of her flogger.

Mistress then swished her flogger through the air inches from my arse.

Then she started, ten strokes. The flogger coming down on my arse hard.

Count Slut. One, thank you Mistress I said.

Thud. Two, thank you Mistress.

Another thud, this time even more forceful. Three, thank you Mistress

She continued to flog my arse increasing the force with each stroke

Finally, thud. Ten, thank you Mistress.

Then she targeted my back. Twenty lashes, cutting into my skin.

She moved around to the opposite side facing me, took her flogger and started to whip my tits.

Over and over again, tits stinging but feeling so great.

I was released from my shackles and ordered to lie on my back on the bed.

“Emma get a couple of restraining chains from the cupboard. Attach slut’s wrist cuffs to the headboard"

“Now bitch raise your body up as high as you can with legs apart”

Mistress took up the flogger again and commenced thrashing my pussy.

My cunt was beginning to smart and I was sort of pleased when she stopped

Mistress then took the paddle in her hand

Thwack, the paddle crashed down on my pussy

Thwack, the paddle crashed down again.

Over and over again hitting so hard.

She finally stopped, “well done slut” she said.

I noticed across the room the girls had stripped and were watching from the sofa, hands linked.

"Ellie I want you to lick slut’s cunt, show the guys how good you are”

Ellie then proceeded to lick and tease my clit and cunt with a passion.

After some ten minutes or so Mistress asked Ellie if I was really wet

“Oh yes Mistress she really is”

“Good. Insert one finger in slut's cunt.

Now a second.

Now a third and then the last finger.

Now your thumb too.

Perfect, your whole hand is in slut's cunt. Now thrust your hand in and out, I want to hear slut scream with pleasure”

Mistress went over to the cupboard and returned with a smooth vibrator

“Emma, insert it into slut’s wet cunt to moisten it

Now put it in her arse and switch it on to low

Ellie put your hand back into slut’s cunt, slowly at first”

Ellie was soon fisting away furiously at my cunt

Sam then came over and grabbed my hair so tight. He knows I love it, being powerless

With his other hand he turned the vibrator up to max

“Emma, Amy I want you to chew the bitch’s nipples”

Ellie was fisting my cunt enthusiastically obviously enjoying the whole thing.

I was close to cumming. To my surprise Mistress didn’t slow things down but let me cum, over and over again…….

I slumped back and closed my eyes to re-compose myself
The girls moved aside and there was Sam facing me, his cock rampant.

Sam then mounted me and inserted his cock my cunt

He fucked me gently at first then gradually building up momentum until he was pounding away at my cunt

I was close to cumming. Sam saw this and eased off allowing me to regain some composure

Sam normally likes to edge an orgasm but Mistress told him to fuck me hard and rough.

Again Sam started to fuck me.

Quicker and faster until he could see I was ready

Then an almighty groan from both of us as Sam came in my cunt.

Sam was replaced by Bob, encouraged by Mistress he fucked me roughly finally exploding in my cunt.

Next up was Paddy, he too didn’t told back thrusting deep in me until he orgasmed with an almighty yell.

Finally it was Will’s turn, a fit twenty something. And boy did he fuck hard, we both climaxed noisily.

The chains were removed from my wrists “Okay slut, go crawl into your cage” Obediently I did, once I was inside Mistress closed the door and padlocked it.

All I could do was lay there to look on as the others spent the night fucking.

Many hours later my cage door was unlocked and Mistress ordered me to tour the bedrooms to clean all the girl’s cum-filled pussy’s.

Once finished I was again locked back in my cage. They all settled down to sleep and I curled up as best I could to try and sleep too.

My slave life had begun…...and I was so happy