TITLE: Bi Relationship Pt 2
LOCATION: quie2droid - Midwest, USA
CLUBHOUSE: quie2droid
AGE: 18 - 21
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Bi Relationship-Continues

So, if you haven’t read my first story, Bi Relationship, I would definitely do that so you know where this started.

This will be a continuation and I will be adding many more which will lead up to the last story where I have a threesome with my wife and my Bi friend, Don.

After my last encounter with Don at his house where we jacked each other off, I had a lot of weird ideas and didn’t know how to handle everything. I’m sure he felt the same way. I definitely would lay awake at night with an extremely hard dick and stroke to visions of what happened that night. I would cum so hard it would make my balls hurt.

The next time I saw him, we were at the public swimming pool and we were hanging out with our friends, boys and girls, splashing about and just having young teenager fun. I finally got the chance to ask him if he was “okay” with everything, and he replied that he was great. He asked if I wanted to come over again the next weekend for another sleep over and I agreed that it would be fun. In anticipation, my dick had grown hard in my cut off shorts in the pool so there was no way I could get out just yet. Don brushed up against me and laughed, he said, “don’t you seem excited”!. Well, fuck, I was, I guarantee he was hard, too.

The weekend couldn’t come fast enough and I was hard all week and couldn’t keep my hands off myself. Friday finally arrived and my mom took me over to his house around 6. We had some burgers on the grill and had some fun times hanging out in his big back yard. It started getting dark, so his mom said we should head inside as the mosquitos would soon be having us for dinner.

So off to the shower for both of us and video games before bed. You remember Atari, which was the big thing back then. Don had a few more games than I did which made it more fun. It was getting late and his mom said we should get to bed as they were turning in too.

We both were going to sleep on the floor again with blankets and sleeping bags. The tension was getting high again as we turned off the lights and laid next to each other on the floor and talked about girls and who we each though were the hot ones. That conversation made both our dicks hard as we both had tents in our underwear. You know, the tighty whities were about the only choice. Don rolled over on his side and asked if he could see mine again. I said, “sure” and pulled my underwear down. He looked and got really close to me and said he really liked how big mine was.

I was so hard my dick was pulsing. I reached over to play with him through his underwear and he was rock hard also. At my touch, he pulled his underwear down also and started to kind of hump my hand. Not wanting him to cum too soon, I quit stroking him and moved my hand down to his balls and rubbed lightly and slowly. I also rubbed his upper thighs while trailing up to his balls and back down. He did the same to my almost in unison. Don asked, “what else do you want to do”?

I replied, “I’m not sure”. “Do you have any ideas”? I asked
“Not really”, he replied.

I really wasn’t sure what I was ready for or how far I wanted to go yet. So, I had an idea. I rolled over on my stomach and pulled my underwear all the way off. I said, “ you can get on top and hump my butt if you want, that would be kind of hot”! At that point, I don’t think either of us though about actual anal.

Don said, “okay”. With that he pulled his underwear all the way off and rolled over on top of me with his dick resting in between my butt cheeks pointing up. His dick felt really hot there and he started to rub up and down as he stroked his dick in between my butt cheeks. It felt really good as I could feel his balls right about where my butt hole was and I liked that too, but didn’t want to say or admit. He laid down more on me and continued to hump me, his dick started to leak pre-cum and make it really slick. I knew he probably couldn’t last much longer as his breathing increased and was right on my neck. His body started to shake and quiver on top of me as he said he was close. Then, he grunted and started to cum. His dick shot about 4 shots of cum on the small of my back as I felt the hot liquid there, I was really turned on by all of this.

After cleanup, Don asked if I wanted to do the same. The answer was a “HARD Yes”. He rolled over on his blankets and parted his legs slightly. I could see his cock and balls as I climbed on top of him. I reached down to position my dick between his butt cheeks like he had me. One thing I noticed, was that his butt was more muscular than mine as he was a runner. I didn’t have any pre-cum so it wasn’t as slick for me, but damn did this feel good, my dick really went in between his cheeks nice and deep. I started to hump his butt as I laid down on him and put my head on the back of his neck as my dick slid up and down his crack. I then placed my hands underneath him and played with his cock, kind of soft, but starting to grow again. There was more pre-cum as I played with him and continued my assault on his butt crack. We were both breathing hard at this point and I could feel his hard cock getting harder. He was actually humping my hand as I was humping him, what a very hot teenager-testosterone filled moment.

I was getting close and I told him I was going to cum. I raised up, with my hand still on his dick, and slid my dick up his crack and started to shoot cum. The first shot hit him on the back of the neck and the rest all over his back. Right about in the middle of my orgasm, he came again humping my hand. We both came together and were a hot, sweaty, breathing mess. Cum was everywhere and we were definitely exhausted.
Clean up time and we were off to sleep. We actually both slept naked next to each other and very satisfied. Next morning went better than the last time and wasn’t as awkward.

Until the next story……