TITLE: This Woman's Cum Game Was Strong!
LOCATION: Npglvr - St Louis, Missouri, USA
AGE: 51+
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OH. MY. GOD. DON’T FUCKING STOP! My wife and Maggie’s husband could hear it at the opposite side of the house. I had never seen or heard a woman cum that hard or that much in person. How did I ever manage to not blow my load right there and then? Her hips were moving fast and hard. It took all of my self-control and focus to not swell up beyond capacity and spew my spunk inside her gushing cunt. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

To get your rocks off right, you really should hear how this all started. I never thought that my sex life would have ever gone in this direction. But, my days of being jealous were long gone and the desire to see my wife fucked by a “stranger” had been filling all of my shower time fantasies. Nothing got me harder and made me cum, while I still had hot water, than imagining her “accidentally” letting strangers see her naked pussy under her skirt. It would quickly move on to her blowing him and then ridding his massive cock. She would never cum, because I would always blow my load in the shower at that point in my fantasy.

A couple weeks previous, my wife Jackie and I had our first swinging experience. If you read my first/previous story, then you know that my good friend came over and helped me make Jackie cum so many times that she didn’t walk right for the next several days. We both REALLY enjoyed ourselves and decided we wanted to try some more. Over the next several years, Jackie, Jeff and I fulfilled good number of our fantasies. But this isn’t a telling of those stories. This story is about our first time swinging with another couple.

A week or so after jumping into the deep end of the threesome pool, Jackie decided to see what she could find online. As you can imagine, a woman looking for sex online didn’t have a tough time finding somebody interested in smashing with her. She struck up a conversation with a local guy named Tim. Tim didn’t waste much time trying to get Jackie worked up. To be honest, he really didn’t need to. Just getting on the chat made Jackie wet since she knew why she was there.

Jackie was pretty well hooked on Tim from the first few lines of chatting. And it didn’t take Tim long to realize that he had a legit shot of actually tasting Jackie’s juices. They started talking about possibly meeting up at a bar. It was at that point that Jackie let him know that she was married and that I was aware of what she was wanting to do with him. Much to our enjoyment, Tim let her know that his wife was sitting next to him the whole time, watching the conversation. He said that she was actually giving him a hand job while he was chatting with Jackie.

Good grief…just sitting there listening to my wife read the chat to me, I had a raging hardon and my underwear was wet and sticky from all the pre-cum. My wife had one leg crossed over the other and it was swinging back and forth. I could tell that she was doing that so that it made her pussy lips rub back and forth. It’s not that often that my wife doesn’t wear a bra, but she wasn’t then. It gave her long thick nipples, solid erections. They were pushing out the material of her cotton t-shirt so far, that it almost looked like the shirt was holding on to her nips. Side note: I LOVE LOVE LOVE Jackie’s nipples!

So what else could we do at that point? We had to meet them in person…right? Thinking that we would probably set up a meet and great for the following week, Jackie asked Tim if he and Maggie wanted to meet sometime. “How about tonight?” was Tim’s reply. I could tell that Jackie wished her pussy lips that were sliding against each other right now, were actually sliding up and down the shaft of his dick. So we invited them to come over and have some drinks at our house. They excitedly accepted and let us know they would be to our place in a couple of hours.

We both got in the shower. Of course, being in the shower with Jackie, I had to make sure her tits were clean. So I grabbed the soap and made sure they were squeaky clean. Just a service I offer 😉. Jackie suggested that I try something new and shave my balls and the rest of the curly blacks from around my hard, soapy meat. Glad I listened to her. The feeling of bare, hairless skin against a soft wet pussy is my new jam! I’m a big fan!

I’m also a big fan of seeing Jackie in lingerie. Black stockings hugging her long legs all the way up to her smooth, soft thighs. From there, the black garter straps were extra visible against the deep red silk panties that were covering her well groomed and still soaking swollen lips. Not sure which I like more, silk or lace. Glad I don’t have to choose. Her outfit had both. She wore a sexy gold waste chain that went perfectly with her bellybutton ring. The see-through lacy sports bra put the outfit over the top. I often think back to that outfit if I ever need/want to make myself hard. All that sexiness wrapped up in a short black skirt and silky purple shirt, unbuttoned enough so that you could see how sexy her bra was. Nipples. They were erect. They were highly visible through the shirt/bra. They were magnificent.

Ding Dong. “FUCK! This really is about to happen, isn’t it?!”. It’s one thing to fantasize about this. It’s another thing to try and make it happen. But now it was time to put up or shut up. It’s time to go answer the door and meet two strangers that we’re hoping we get to cum with. We had only described ourselves to each other, so we weren’t totally sure what we were going to find when we opened the door.

ZERO worries there. We were extremely pleased when we opened the door. And by the look on their faces, it was obvious they were pleased to. Maggie was as advertised (and then some). She was tall, thin, with an athletic build. She was wearing a sundress that fit her very well. She was braless and her b cup tits were so perky that your initial impression would be to assume they were fake. They were not. And they required a LOT of my attention.

Tim was right smack in the middle of Jackie’s wheelhouse. He was tall. Very fit. He wasn’t overly muscular, but well-toned muscles. He had dark hair and a full, well kept beard. He had a huge, contagious smile. And I can only assume that his lips were soft, because Jackie sure spent a lot of time that night with her lips pressed against his.

We all grabbed a drink from the kitchen and headed to the basement. It’s the same basement from my previous story. As I reached the bottom of the stairs, I saw the seat where my horny assed wife rode the cock of my friend for the first time. It made me smile to think about it.

The conversation flowed easily. We told them about what happened with Jeff the few weeks prior. Maggie told us that she had her clit pierced. She said that she cums very easily and often. If she wears jeans with no panties, the clit ring rubs on the jeans and give her orgasms throughout the day. What a wonderful ability!

I excused myself to run upstairs and pee. I also wanted to wipe up all the pre-cum that I could feel in my underwear. Maggie pointed out my erection as I stood up. There was no hiding it (not that I was trying to).

As I came back down the stairs, I could hear Tim say “red…my favorite”. Maggie explained that Tim had asked what color Jackie’s panties were. She was showing him just as I came down the stairs. My erection came back immediately. Instead of sitting back down next to Jackie, I went over and sat next to Maggie.

Her perfume was intoxicating. She wore minimal makeup. She didn’t really need any. I asked her to show me her “magical” clit ring. I looked over at Jackie to see what her reaction was to me asking that. She was still showing Tim what was under her skirt. And he was paying full attention. It was like red rover, red rover, because Tim came right on over to sit next to her.

A small gold hoop right under the hood. FAN FUCKING TASTIC! As she stood in front of me and sheepishly pulled up her sundress to show me her jewelry, due to the lack of panties, I immediately saw that she was completely shaved. Her pussy lips were moist from me asking to see her clit ring. They were a bit swollen and dangled a little. I wanted to ask her to shake her hips back and forth to see if they would wiggle. But I thought better and didn’t.

Across the room I could see my wife’s hand on a cock that was not mine. It was obvious even through his jeans that he was at full attention. I was a bit concerned for Jackie’s safety, because through his jeans he looked like he has an above average tool. Maybe even well above average. They were passionately kissing. I could hear their heavy breathing and the smacking of their lips. Tim’s large hand was cupping her tit. Jackie once told me that she loves long fingers when being finger banged. My hands are not that large. Seeing his long thick fingers on her tit, I knew she was in for some hardcore orgasms in her near future.

And here I am with beautifully pierced laughy taffy hanging in front of me. I reached out and grabbed Maggie’s hips and pulled her right up to me as I sat forward on my seat. She dropped her sundress over my head. I started kissing her stomach and slowly worked my way down towards the wetness. My lips slightly brushed over her lips as I moved across it to kiss her thigh. I heard her gasp slightly and her legs buckled a little bit. She put her hands around the back of my head that was still under her dress, to hold on.

As my lips kissed her skin and then came up away from her skin, she was trying to push her lips to mine so that I would suck and lick on them. I did not oblige for a bit. Her breathing was getting heavier and heavier.

I’m not sure what was happening on the other side of the of the room, but I know I could hear a lot of sloppy sucking sounds and a lot of moaning from Jackie. Since I have brought Jackie to orgasm too many times to count, I know her rhythm. And based on what I could hear, she was about to have her first orgasm of the evening. I found out afterwards that I was his long thick fingers that had slipped under her red silky panties and was deep inside her. The sloppy sucking sound was actually from her squirting with his fingers working their magic deep inside her. I love it when she squirts.

As I hear Jackie starting to orgasm, I reached up and put my hands on each side of Maggie’s pussy and firmly pulled to each side to expose her pussy and her clit ring. I flicked her clit ring with my tongue several times. I had never played with a clit ring before, so I didn’t want to hurt her. Um…she was not having that. She aggressively pulled my head/mouth to her pussy. So I flicked the ring aggressively with my tongue. I could feel her trying to spread her legs more as she stood there. Her legs started shaking a little bit. I allowed my tongue to slip just a little bit into her so that I could taste her. She was incredibly wet. It was then I noticed that her cunt was dripping on the floor. She lifted her dress up off my head so that I could see her excitement better. The more if flicked and sucked on her clit, the wetter she got, the more she started to moan, and the more her pussy muscles squeezed, trying to grab on to a soft tongue or a hard cock. I sucked her clit ring into my mouth and played with it with my tongue while my lips squeeze around her clit. She immediately orgasmed. She came HARD. And she kept on coming as long as I kept doing that. She finally had to make me stop so she could catch her breath. She also was struggling to stay standing.

So instead of standing, she knelt in front of me, pulled down my pants and underwear and began to play with her new toy (my dick). As she started to stroke my cock her other hand began to play with my balls. It immediately made me want to cum. They were aching as if they were full and desperately needed to be emptied. She must have sensed that because it was just about the tipping point when she abruptly stopped. She licked all of the pre-cum that was now running down my cock. The skin on my cock was as tightly stretched as I can ever remember it being. Every vein popping out and pulsating. The head swelling and relaxing, swelling and relaxing. It almost looked like it was breathing. As the need to cum started to subside, she grabbed my balls again. She squeezed at the top of them and then put them both in her mouth. She sucked on them both until I reached that edge again. She managed to keep all that hot sticky cum in my balls. They were swelling up and aching for relief. She worked me to the edge several more times. I had no idea how I was going to be in her soaked pussy for more than a few seconds without cumming.

Maggie and I decided to head upstairs to the bedroom so that she could receive a proper pounding. As we headed upstairs we watched for just a minute as Jackie is being rammed from behind. You could hear the “SLAP, SLAP, SLAP” as Tim’s oversized dick stretched Jackie’s cunt to it’s max. From where we stood you could see his balls slapping against her clit as he rode her to another orgasm.

I watched Maggie’s pussy as I followed her up the stairs. The 30 seconds it took us to walk upstairs to the bedroom was 30 seconds too long. As soon as we entered the bedroom, I grabber her and threw her on the bed. I wasn’t waiting any fucking longer. I grabbed my cock and put the tip between her pussy lips. She pulled her legs back to open her hole wide open. I pushed my hips forward, sliding my cock inside her. I was totally expecting to have to pull out right away as to not cum already. But much to my surprise I was able to fuck her to multiple orgasms without cumming myself.

Typically when somebody screams “OH. MY. GOD. DON’T FUCKING STOP!”, it makes me cum almost immediately. I managed to enjoy the ride this time and held out until she was too tired to have any more orgasms. She said that was all she could take. She was wrong.

Because when I got my wife’s vibrator from her drawer, it turned out she has one more giant cum left in her. As I laid on my back, she laid on my stomach facing up. As I drove my beyond stressed cock in and out of her, I played with her clit and ring with the vibrator. The second the vibrator touched her clit she started cumming. She did not stop cumming until after I finally unloaded everything that had been building up since we started chatting with them online.

That was definitely in the top 5 hardest cums I have ever felt. The four of us got together several more times over the next several month. EVERY time we got together was hot as fuck.