TITLE: Step-Daughter Walks In On Me
LOCATION: Oklahoma - USA
AGE: 51+
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My wife was going to be gone shopping with her girlfriends and would probably be gone the entire day. I was feeling a little horny and thought I would enjoy a bit of solo pleasure.
I went into my home office and pulled up some porn on the computer. I found some really good girl on girl videos which is what I enjoy. I had brought a nice little towel to use for cleanup along with a little KY lube.
After starting to get hard, I pushed my pants down to my ankles and opened my shirt to give me really good access to my cock and balls.
Porn is going on the screen and I'm stroking away when a voice behind me said, "You having fun?".
First instinct was to cover myself with my towel and then looked over my shoulder and there was my mid-thirties step-daughter.
She had come to the house to get some books that her mother had left for her. She has a key to the house but rarely uses it. I had not expected her to come over, obviously. She is single, apparently bi and very attractive.
She kept standing there and was watching the screen at the lesbian porn going on. I suspect that she has seen a lot more pussy than cocks in her life.
Then she said, "Does mom know that you do this?". I said, "Yeah, she knows and she has her private moments with her toys too. Sometimes she likes to help or just watch. I like for her to watch."
Since she didn't seem to move and was still watching the computer screen, I uncovered by cock and started to stroke it.
"Do you want me to watch?", she said.
"Oh yes, definitely. I'd love that"
With that, I kept on stroking and moved my chair back so that she could see everything. Being watched makes me really hard. I decided to take my time as I'm sure this would probably never happen again.
One hand was stroking my cock and the other was playing with my rather large balls. She seemed interested in my actions and moved in closer.
She said, "Are you going to cum?"
"Getting closer", I said. Then I started to stroke faster and I felt the beginnings of my orgasm and I just let my cum fly all over my stomach and hand.
She said, "WOW, you really enjoyed that, didn't you?" "More than you know, especially with you watching", I said. "We probably shouldn't tell your mom about this". "Right", she said.
She just sat there and watched me clean up and never tried to touch me and I was not going to push it since we weren't supposed to be doing it anyway.
She then said that she had to go, picked up her books and left.
Nothing was ever said by either of us about it. It was just a one time, very fun event.