TITLE: Girlfriend Cheats - Fantasy
LOCATION: Atslover101 - Canada
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It had been a long day of work and with my girlfriend waiting at home I was anxious to leave. Lucky for me, I got to leave a bit early. I thought about texting her but I decided i'd just go straight home and surprise her. Maybe catch her in the shower or something and join her, fuck her, have dinner and then sleep. That sounded like an amazing plan. Little did I know that she already had other plans, and that I wasn't going to get what I wanted. I drove home with traffic more heavy than usual so I had to slow down. But eventually I arrived as I pulled into the parking lot and parked the car. I went ahead and headed to our apt. Wondering just what she was doing at this moment. That she would be so happy to see me come home so early. I got to the door, thinking about knocking but I figured I should just let myself in. I quietly slid in the key and then turned the knob. The apt was empty as I looked around. I closed the door and made my way to the kitchen throwing my keys on the counter before walking to the bedroom. It was then that I saw the light on, and heard the water running. "Yes..." I thought to my self.

This was just as I had wanted. I came home at such a perfect time. She was such a good little asian slut. Saying that she loved white cock would be a great understatement. She had a nice pair of tits and her ass was nice for being asian. Her body was perfect for being a little fuck doll and she even enjoyed it. While there, I went ahead and started to undress as I threw my clothes in the laundry basket. While I was taking off my clothes and getting completely naked, it was then that I heard her laugh. Odd.. I thought. Why would she be laughing by herself? Oh well... as I continued to take whatever I had left off. Seconds later I then heard her say something and I swear I heard a response. With the water still running it was unclear. So I listened. Finally the water was turned off and I could clearly hear two voices. The voice of my gf and the voice of another man. I panicked not knowing what to do. Should I go in there? should I leave the room and house? This was all going way to fast. "Can you grab me a towel too?" he said. I looked over at where we kept the towels, she was going to be out here any minute. Without thinking I slid into the closet and quickly closed the sliding doors. Luckily that was the only door in the house that didn't make any noise when opening and closing. I peaked out into the room with what little opening I had left, and there I saw her walk out naked, her body shining wet as she grabbed a towel and wiped her self and then went back to the bathroom. I could hear laughing and giggling from the bathroom and minutes later, they both came back into the room. I could not recognize who he was. But whoever he was, they seemed to be quite comfortable with eachother.

He carried her in his arms, her legs wrapped around his waist and her arms around his neck as they kissed. Both his hands holding on to her ass as he lifted her up, slapping her ass and spreading her ass cheeks as she laughed. "you want to fuck me?" she asked him as he replied yes. "Where?" she asked. I watched as he slid his finger and rubbed it all over her asshole. "Right here!!!" he yelled. Making her jump as she kissed him back. "You're too big!!!" she yelled. they both started kissing again as he went ahead and put her down on the bed. He stood there and I could see the full length of his cock. A good 2 or 3 inches longer than me. Thicker too, definitely thicker. she crawled over and grabbed his cock , stroking it with her hand as she stuck out her tongue, she licked the tip teasing him, licking it repeatedly just like how she did to me. I knew that he was enjoying it. I loved it when she did that to my cock.

Speaking of my cock, it was then that I reached down and felt cock. It was rock hard as I grasped it in my hand. I was so fucking hard. It was crazy. I looked back and watched as she started to suck him, he reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair. "It's so fucking big...." she said looking up at him as he smiled , so satisfied. I watched her as she let go of his cock and opened her mouth wide, he went ahead and started fucking her mouth, his cock going deep in the back of her throat as she gagged, but she didn't stop him. His thick cock getting covered in her spit as he continued to fuck her face. She only stopped once to gasp for air for a short second before finding his cock back in her mouth. I spat in my hand as I started stroking my self. thinking about that mouth that I would fuck. He pulled his cock out as he grabbed her by her face and kissed her. sliding his tongue deep in her mouth as they kissed moaning. "you're such a good slut." he moaned. "do you want my cock?" he asked. as she smiled answering yes. "Where do you want it?" he teased.

She hesitated smiling before finally answering, "In my pussy..." looking at her in the eyes he kissed her some more before getting on the bed. She went and climbed on top of him as I watched his cock slide between her legs and he slapped it against her ass. the sound of it smacking her ass, it sounded so thick and hard. I let out a slight moan with them as they both started moaning as she attempted to slide him into her pussy. grabbing that cock in her hand, she aimed it at her tight wet asian hole. she slowly sat back, pulling his cock forward and I watched his cock spread her open. Watching it slide into her , the view of her ass sliding on to his cock. It was something else. I was actually enjoying this. I didn't even realize it but I was. This was making me so horny. I wanted to watch him fuck my little slut of a girlfriend. I watched as he slapped her ass. "Ride me, come on." he demanded. she let out load moans as she started to slide on his cock, starting to bounce up and down. Moaning each time his cock slid deep into her. his hands grabbing her whole ass cheeks as he made her fuck his cock. "Yes... good girl... fuck my big cock." he said. "do you like my cock in your pussy?" he asked. "I love it.... it's so fucking big... it's fucking my pussy so good." she said back to him. He went ahead and grabbed her, pinning her body against his as he started to thrust. Pounding her tight pussy as she screamed. "Oh fuck …. yes! fuck my pussy!! "

I watched as she went crazy while he was fucking her little pussy. His cock going all the way in her. his sweaty balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. Both of them moaning and breathing so hard onto eachother. He was fucking her so hard his cock would slip out, and being the slut she was she'd reach back and push it right back in like a good girl. She always told me she didn't want to fuck big cocks, but seeing this now, it was all a lie. She was taking his cock so good and loving it. I watched as she then took her finger as she started to rub her ass hole. I knew all too well what was coming next. she repeatedly sucked on her fingers and then slid them into her tight ass. fingering herself as he fucked her pussy. he repeatedly slapped her ass as it started turning read. "I love your fucking pussy." he said looking at her. "Yeah? fuck it.. fuck my pussy! fuck me!" she yelled. he fucked her harder , both of them kissing. It was then that his cock once again slipped out. he reached down to grab it but she grabbed his cock first. "let me do it.. let me please. let me put that nice cock back in me!" he threw his hands up and waited , sucking on her tits making her moan. I watched as she slapped that cock repeatedly on her ass and pussy and then she let out a loud moan as she shoved it inside her, not in her pussy though as it ended up going into her ass. Making him sit up as he grabbed onto her ass with both hands again. "Oh fuck!!! babe!!!" he said as she smiled. "You want my ass!? take it!! take my fucking ass!! fuck it !!!"

He grabbed onto her tits with his mouth as he held onto her, pounding her as if he'd never get to fuck her again. his cock fucking her tight ass just as good as how he had fucked her pussy. she was loving it as she had this slutty smile that came across her face. moaning in both pain and pleasure as she took his thick cock deep in her. "Fuck... im cumming…. im cumming in that tight ass!" he yelled. "Cum for me! cum in my ass! cum in my tight ass I want it!!!" I watched his balls twitch , his cock throb, all the muscles in his cock, working to pump cum into her tight asshole. His hands spreading her ass so wide as if to let me see what was happening. I held onto my cock, trying not to cum myself, but as soon as I saw my gf, shivering on top of him, telling him she was cumming, I had no choice but to finish with her. I shot my cum all over the closet door as it dripped down to the floor. My last spirts shot out onto the floor as cum dripped down my hands. my gf laying on top of him as her ass tightened around his cock. Both of them tired from fucking so hard. I watched him pull his cock out and cum came dripping down her used ass hole. Moaning as he did so. They took a few minutes to just lay there before finally showing life. Kissing again and telling eachother how much they liked it. I stood there frozen still with no way of getting out, just listening again. "You fucked my ass so good." she told him, still stroking his semi hard cock. "I'll fuck it better next time." he said making her laugh before she realized what time it was. She got them up and they headed into the shower to clean up. I finally got out and went to get dressed again.

Listening to them talk in the shower. I didn't know when or what they were going to do next, all I know is that I wanted to be here again...