TITLE: My Ex Wife Slut
LOCATION: TheTeamLead - New York, USA
AGE: 31 - 40
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I met my ex wife 14 yrs. ago in the office where she and I used to work. She is much better at story telling and claiming through lies that I am the Jerk. Well Natasha is the type of fraud that any hustler could no doubt see, this is why she used and framed a shy guy like me. We met long ago during her divorce. She said he was a cheater and with him she no longer wanted to have intercourse. We started talking after work and minutes turned into an hour. This went on for a couple of weeks. I thought to myself that she still must be into me. As she always made it a point to come talk to me. We exchanged numbers though I expressed my reservations on hooking up. She was going through a divorce and all that goes with one, it was not anything I wanted to be a part of. When we spoke on the phone we would talk for hours. A few times we even awoke to each other breathing into the phone. She said she was living at a girlfriend's house but knowing what I do now I don't believe anything that comes out of her mouth. If you were to say you saw sperm from her lips while shaking her hips on another guys dick. With a cock in her ass double fisting jocks. I would say that's her, that's how the bitch rocks. Her need to fuck anything and anywhere is the reason why David's right, the slut bends over anytime and panties just get in the way and that is the only reason. My friends now tell me that when we would show up to their house there were many times that Tash would sit in the chair, legs spread. Their son had told them that she doesn't wear panties. Funny how I wasn't told until years later. Apparently they were to embarrassed to tell me!

My ex wife has been a slut and a cheater since before we were married. I often questioned her behavior and confronted here about several suspicions of mine and her co-workers. She had an excuse every time. Believing her I would do my best to let it pass as arguing only had her leave the house in fake tears and well. Up until now, I didn't know she left to get fucked by another guy. It became a habitual later on, that she started a fight just to leave the house. Coming home going straight to the shower. She would throw a new pair of panties mixed in with her clothes she just took of. Making it look like she had worn them. I knew better and well, they were like I said. Clean from the drawer, still with the crease by the fold like all the others in the drawer. I have never been very trusting but Tash always knew how to talk her way out of anything. That and I didn't want to have another argument. I recall our first date. After dinner at my place we sat on the couch. No more than five minutes as I laid down to start a movie. Tash put her hands on my waist and tried to pull my pants off. I want to suck your dick, were her exact words she coughed. I wouldn't have been so taken back had she not adjusted her mannerism weeks before and made me believe that she was more conservative being. During our talks while getting to know each other, she appeared to be less sexually aggressive and not anything like verbally expressive. This caught me off guard and Tash could see it in my expression. She quickly tried to regain control differently by hoping next to me and laid beside me saying let's start the movie. Though my cock is now hard from her breathing on my neck and the sent of her body laying on my chest. I would love to say we fucked or at least I got my dick sucked but I would be lying. I never expected to fall for slut as my views on women were much different and what I was looking for in a wife. Tash new from the beginning I wanted a serious relationship not a fuck buddy. The fuck buddy which I experienced a couple of times with two other women, just was not my thing. It's funny how I thought of most women wanting a man who respected them for their talents. I just didn't think most of them wanted to be respected for their slutty habits.

After speaking with Tash some more and her explaining she wanted to date to see where things led between us. We did just that and very shortly after, she moved into my place. The deal was that she would pay rent and it was up to her on where she wanted to sleep, she was free to come and go as she pleased. Once we established a relationship was known and wanted we would proceed with becoming monogamous, just as she and like I had hoped. So I thought and that's what we discussed. From the first night she slept with me in my bed. Well we didn't really discuss it, it just came to be that way as every night we fucked and it started off with me getting head. The first night was a Friday night. Tash sucked my cock for what seemed like an hour. I blew my load in her mouth after 15 min. I tried to hold off longer but I had to release. Then we fucked after I became hard for her pussy to shower. It started once we got into my room. She started to undress like a flower in quick bloom. Opening up removing a garment then her socks. The her pants and blouse hopping on my bed on all fours bum on her calves swaying with a seductive rock. She motions me to the foot of my bed and has me stand there. With her right hand she unbuckled my belt. My cock already hard. Seeing her lift her bum in the air as my pants dropped and her getting closer to my dick. It was a sight that got me hot I could do anything but melt. With both thumbs she hooked my shorts. With pull and yank she forced them off and was hit in the chin by my cock springing back up like a wooden plank. A giggle from her and quick exhale by me, it was seconds after she placed the tip of my dick on her lips. Hmmmmm, came from me as I anticipated while watching. She placed her hand around my shaft stroking it gently, while looking up at me. You have a wonderful cock, she said. Then placed the tip on her 👅 tongue.

As I watched I said I would love to feel your ass. She on her hand and knees shuffled to the side. As my hand went to her ass, she inhaled the tip and them more. All I could do was let out a sigh. I slowly pulled her panties off until they fell and stopped at her bent knees. Then she dropped her hand and started sucking my dick once and a while looking up at me. I let my head fall back as she gobbled up my dick not forgetting where my hand was and playing with her ass and her slit already soaked from her being wet. As my finger explored her below fighting through her bush, I placed my hand on her head and her bum she shook. Freeing my finger from being in tangled, she cupped my balls after bringing her hand up. She started sucking and playing with my balls. I knew at this rate I would be long. Several minutes of her oral and my hand exploring, I tensed up and bucked back then forward. She keep sucking and stroking allowing her mouth for me to explode in. She didn't waist a drop. Taking it all and swallowing it she gently let out from her mouth my half hard cock. Mmmmmmhmmmmm! She man with a devilish grin. Me still playing with her wetness my eyes gazed upon her with the eagerness of me wanting in. I removed my shirt as she moved to sit on her bum, feet on the floor at the bottom of my bed. Her panties drop to feet, she fell back on the bed and spread her legs for me to see. I must admit that I have never seen such an uncontrolled look when I had a clear view of Tasha's bush! How n earth will I find my way in, what will I do and wear do I begin. She looked at me while she got up on her elbows still laying back. She said she embarrassed as she has never allowed it to look like that. Could have fooled me, like an idiot I whispered looking at her with more than a giggle. She got embarrassed a little and tried to cover up. I gave her a whistle. Wear do you think your going I said, you can't close up shop now after giving me the best head. I'm sure we can manage to give you some pleasure, I'll be right back with trimmer. She could tell in my voice that I was genuine with a sincere smile not wanting to put down. Besides she felt empowered when she asked if I really enjoyed her mouth skills. I said you were great, I hope my dick can provide her with just as many thrills. Remembering our conversations I recall her saying she has had a number of lovers. I would bet money most would have been larger than me. Though my dick or the size have not been something I had any thought of. My girlfriends in the past never made me feel that I wasn't enough. If they thought that well they were very kind in not mentioning it to me. Tasha looked at my dick and then up at me. She smiled and said I loved sure king your dick and I know you can please me. With that being said I went to the bathroom. I washed my hands and brushed my teeth, came back in and put on. CD. I walked to the bed as she crawled to the top. I jumped with a flip landing on my back, which scared her and forced her to sit and look back. When she sat my face nestled in between her legs as I stared into her ass crack. She screamed with some depth grabbed my hair when I expelled breath on her pussy lips. She hopped off and said sheepishly, I feel bad that I'm not very neat. She asked to borrow the bathroom and if I would mind allowing her some time. I asked if she needed a time out from something that I did. Thinking I turned her off jumping on the bed and how she landed. No she smiled sounding shocked that I thought that. She just wanted to freshen up before we, I stopped her. Before we fuck! No she said with a larger grin. Her reply was one that would call her I am to any sin. I want to freshen up and regain !y composure.

After I fuck you, your going to want to explode all over. I kindly spoke and said. Take your time my deer, but I already have. Besides you blew more than my mind with giving me head. I still owe you now, don't forget that. As she turned to walk into the bathroom, I gave her ass a gentle smack. After several minutes and what I thought was a sigh of frustration. I knocked lightly and asked if she was thirst or in need of some assistance. She seemed disappointed and mumbled saying, that she hoped she didn't ruined this. Are you kidding I asked, don't be silly. I have had and I still am having a fantastic time. If your tired or not feeling like a finish is what you need. Please, I will make us a snack and we can do anything you please. I am going downstairs to the kitchen. May I bring up anything for you. A glass of wine, cold beer or something else to drink. She asked for some water and lots of ice. She then asked if I had razors, I told her to check under the sink. Before I left the room she opened the bathroom door. She instructed me to come look at her. I stood at the doorway admiring her spread eagle on my bathroom floor. She advanced me with her finger to walk up to her. Positioned me in front of her with my member in her face. She licked it and kissed it, and said. When I am done with you, you’ll close your eyes and drift off to space. I said, your that good of a treat. She said, No. But she won't be surprised if I roll over and fall asleep. My reply was, as long as you come and are sharing the same wet dream. I came back with the ice and much needed water. I Asked Tash if she minded if I had a smoke, she replied with a nope and she would take one too. She hadn't touched her bush since going into the bathroom. I asked if she had any idea about color or style she had chosen for her curls. She looked trying to see in the mirror and feeling her head. What's wrong with my hair, is it loosing its look. I laughed so loud I didn't even notice that I farted slightly. I said no deer for the curls down below, she embarrassingly shrugged with a smile. I said excuse me I could a match, apparently my laugh had me pass some gas. Tash looked at me and again gain her composure. The look in her eye let me know that it wasn't me who passed gas but it was her. I looked at Tash sitting on my floor. I asked her if she was having a good time. I asked if she was sorry that she had decided to move in and if she thinks we are going to become good friends. She looked down at the floor and rose with a grin. Her soft voice explained that we would become lovers and friends but it comes with much sin.

I look back now and recall all the sin but never remember us as lovers or friends. I could sense Tash didn't know where to begin. So a joined her on the floor and asked if I could help with the trim. I reached under the cabinet to retrieve my electric trimmer. As it inched from Tasha’s bush, She expelled a seductive purrrrrr! I looked at her and said, now this will only her a bit. With her now focused on my every move, I thought if she let's me go through with this. It would be so cool. It lasted less time then her or I anticipated but with that done and seeing her leaking fluid after that sex presentation. I pulled her up off the floor. Asked her if she needed more time o her self. With a smile and sip of water she grabbed my ever growing penis. She walked forward while guiding me backwards, on to the bed and said I am hers. I said before you have your way with me I have a request. She looked at me curiously and with clinched teeth said, yes. How do you feel about your man giving you oral, do you like or would you mind if I descend on you and with my tongue do some exploring. She giggled and said, you want go down and play with my what's it. I giggled with a big grin and said, yes. Reluctantly she allowed it but didn't say a word. I kissed her on her lips while caressing her whole body. She moved off me and went on her side while holding our kiss. As if nervous of my next movements, she fumbled while quickly trying to grab my dick. As I rose to my side and gently putting her laying on her back. I said with a grin, you'll need to let go of him while I go say hello and she very loudly laughed at that. My hand was still and had been resting between her thighs as we laid in my bed kissing trying to read each other's eyes. I started caressing her thighs, once in a while brushing over her wet slit. We started kissing while I played with her wetness and slowly and barely entering her pussy occasionally. I moved slow and soft and then removed my finger. While I sucked and bit her nipple. She would arch her back when I would rub her slit and re-enter her with added finger movements. As she arched I slipped my other hand beneath her just above her sexy bum cheeks. As I worked her wet box using two or three fingers and then moving in massaging her inner wetness.. she would wiggle her hips allowing me or at least giving me the opportunity to move my hand from above her cheeks down so that I could cup her in between her two bum cheeks as she placed her ass down onto the bed. Upon resting she felt my right hand working her slit and my left hand beneath her, caressing her asshole and slip into her pussy . Only up to the second knuckle and I flicked it about hitting the upper wall of her pussy. She bucked a little and gave out a light moan. As I removed my finger on my left hand, I slipped two fingers on my right hand in from the top. Tash started to wiggle and moan as my two fingers went in deeper as I flicked them about. Tasha's wiggles were allowing my finger that was no longer in her pussy to brush up against the tight brown sphincter, laced with her nectar. When she would rest back down on my left hand and I removed my fingers just to stimulate between her upper entrance. I would massage her slit, starting from the bottom by her ass and up. Applying some gentle pressure. Then a light massage in a circular motion with my other hand. Making sure to more often than not poke into her wet hole just enough to tease her. I was nearing the orgasm she had been building up too since giving me oral.

As I penetrated her pussy she tightened her belly lifting her ass ever so slightly. She moaned and dropped abruptly when her sphincter met my lubed finger and grabbed my hard cock as she screamed pleasingly. Her grip around my dick had my fingers inside her move frantically. My grunt was enough for her to realize and loosen her tight grip. Though she held it tightly before the grunt signaled her release it. I actually upon her release realized I e joyed that. So I repeated the exact movements which had her react in the same manner as before. To a tee she moved as I suspected at least hoped that doing so would cause a repeat. My fingers further inside her, both in her pussy and her tight ass. She bucked not expecting the full length of either and with that she said, yes. I love feeling your finger ass and my pussy. I nibble on her earlobe and whisper. You like feeling my fingers in your pussy while inside your ass. She sends out a moan while gently stroking my dick. Yes, she says, don't stop. As I grunt and move my hips gently. Then I say, I want to make you cum. Cum on my fingers. Will you cum for me. Her hips give a wiggle and my finger from out her bum hole gives a light pop. I push on the sphincter while rubbing in circular motion, once in a while applying a little more pressure. My right leg over her right leg, pushes her left leg open giving me better access. Her right ankle over my left leg trapped in the bend of my knee. As I lift up with left leg bringing her right leg up higher. Now I am able to work her pussy and ass with my right hand and spread her ass cheeks more open with my left. As I tease her slit my left hand spreads her cheeks. One cheek held to the side with my index and the other with my pinky and the one next to it. My long middle finger penetrating her bum hole, she moans turning to look at me. We kiss passionately then my fingers slither into her pussy. Finding the clit and just a few flicks with her ass being invaded. Is enough to send her almost over the edge. I break the kiss and tell her I'm going to fuck her. She moans and grinds my many fingers. My mouth clamps on to her breast sucking her nipple. My fingers in her pussy going deep, while the fingers in her ass pull out towards the sheets. A deep breath she takes and her body gyrates. Fingers pumping in and out of her bum. My finger working all the right spots in and out of her pussy. The final sensation before her climax. With that I whisper come and fuck me. She shivers and shakes a few gyrating wiggles from her hip. She quivers as she comes back down. She regains her breathing and loosens up her thighs. She looks at me with a lustful look in her eyes. Uses what energy she has left to roll over on top of me and says. I'm going for a ride. Straddling me as if I were a saddle.

My hand quickly finds her ass, which causes her ass to rattle. Slow gentle movement rocking back and forth. Then slowly and more intensely she starts to pick up her pace. She sees my expression as I watch her tits sway, she is relentless and moves slowly before putting them to my face. Then I realized she is quite the subtle teacher. As she lifted her breasts and my face Rose to meet hers. My dick of course in her penetrated deeper. Using the left cheek of her ass with my grip. I assisted her grinding pushing and pulling her as we both sexually fought were she would sit. After easing up on her to let her gain control. I sensed when my hand slowly left her ass cheek she sank back down as if wanting to tell me with out words to put my finger back in her bum hole. I complied correctly as she looked down upon me. She bit her bottom lip and started wildly grinding me. She leaned forward until her pubic bone was nestled on what seemed to be the right spot on my lower abs. With that repeated motion and my fingers working her ass. Her body spasmed jerked around and her head went back. I grabbed her right cheek in my left hand then spread her left cheek with the wrist of my right. Allowing my right fingers to move about, I used the longest three to push on and massage her puckered back door. Then penetrated her bum hole slowly and once in, Pumping my finger quickly in and out but not removing it. I then adjusted my left hand to be able to do the same. As I put my two middle fingers in her ass while she bucked and yelled out my name. She rode me like a bitch in heat my cock thrusting in her while she forcefully pounding on me and heavily panting. My fingers spreading her sphincter as she pushed down on me and briefly had a seat. It was soon after she had her hands on my chest, I took my left hand from her ass and grabbed her breast. Pinching and pulling at her nipple, while she entered her next orgasm then climaxing as finger in her bum provides just a little tickle. She yells "Fuck I'm going to cum". A couple more swift hip movements on me, she quivered and collapsed and says thank you sweetie. Her orgasm must have been far better than I knew, because not once did she notice during or after she climaxed, that I too came and in her a big load I blew! I slipped from beneath her and moved down to the foot of the bed. She to tired to look back at me. Willingly spread her legs as her thighs allowed me to rest between them with my head. Inhaling her wetness from her font and her back. It was an instant erection caused by her natural aphrodisiac. I propped her up just enough where I could lap and suck at her now trimmed rough. Rimming her asshole and then dipping my tongue in. She wiggled and moan which allowed my tongue easy access to dip further in. I had her flip over on her back, spread her legs and surrender as I claimed both soaked tender areas that had me going at them as if I was addicted to crack. Her hands, both simultaneously. Gripped my head tightly. She worked her hips and held onto my head. Wiggled and jiggled as her thighs loosened and then tightened. Moaning and groaning while humping my face. Then grunting moving frantically and still picking up more pace. She yelled out Fuck Mark don't stop. Tongue fuck my pussy, yes keep fingering my butt.

Oh my God Mark. Please don't stop, this is fucking great. With a couple more licks, few thrusts of my fingers. Tash tightened up, clinched bucked, wiggled then screamed while holding me in place. Another scream and buck, then released all over my face. One great big gush flowed from within and out of her. Still holding my head, she let out her last whimper of a purr. I laid there until she wanted me to move. I wasn’t going to move as I didn't want anything for her to be ruined. I must have laid there with my face in her wet tender place for at least ten minutes. She moved her and around my head and asked if I could breath. Chuckling I said yes, as she kept my head down. As I breathed heavily between her legs,, she began to move around. Moving her hips her wetness being rubbed all over my face. I raised my ass in the air and my sense was she had a little something left in her and I knew that I had the cure. My dick was harder then it had been all night. Not only because of her now expelled sent. But I was going for her ass which was oh so fucking tight. My head still at her pussy hands on my head. I muttered out to her, get on all fours on my bed. She rose happily not expecting I would have any more to give. She did as I requested and spread her ass cheeks for me. I adjusted my position and set myself up for the mount. Taking her by the hips Penetrated her pussy one twice and three times then out. I worked my thumb vigorously at her back door, she looked back at me and said, fuck me like whore. With that said, I put my dick at her puckered up sphincter. Applied pressure and with much assistance, I slowly began the intrusion. Watching my dick disappear ever so slowly was like some sort of illusion. I had to stop about half way in as Tash was whimpering and started to clinch. She froze but told me not to remove it. So I waited there until she begged me to fuck it. Stick that wonderful cock in my ass, fuck me Mark blow your load in my ass. I didn't need a second invitation. I drove it home and we enjoyed the invasion. I rocked in and out with a few extra dips, driving downward as I dropped and dipped. Slow out quickly in. I remember her saying something about sin. As my dick and my pleasure could take much more. I bucked a few more times and yelled out Fuck me I'm going explode. She wildly started humping me even more in the background we here, he shoots he scores! Well I wasn't shooting just yet, I reached around the front of Tash and used two fingers. She took to like a bee to honey. She tightened her ass and started to what sounded like a cry. She was squirming and shaking and said I'm going to fucking die. She burst out into a wild unfathomable scene.

Fluid came out of her onto me like I've never seen. My bed was soaked all around. We could here a squish squashing sound. Tash bucked like I never even seen people do in porn, I busted so hard that semen poured from my dick like well to long clamped hose, I swear Tash shot out my seed from her nose. I looked down as we very slowly were coming down. This was different I thought, When did I become so brown. I just about wiggled out my dick, not before I heard Tash say she wants my dick in her mouth, she wants to suck it. Me still rattled from that unbelievable orgasm shooting out my cum. I stutter as I try to speak but not able to put together one word. Falling back sitting on my bed knees bent, Tash out of nowhere inhales my cock and sucks down her throat. I'm have dead but the feeling of my dick getting squeezed by her throat then her gagging and drooling continuously while on my dick she choked. Guy, guh, guh. Hmmph hmmph gulp. She did her best to keep it all in her mouth. She waited with my dick trapped between her lips until she released me from her mouth. She fucking did it I said in my mind. She kept it down and after sucking me from her ass. My softer slowly become a flaccid cock gave one last blast. Unloaded on Tasha's well spent face. We fell asleep for several hours. I woke up with her ass in my face. She woke up with my sperm all dried up like icing on a cake all over her face.

To be continued.......