TITLE: Wife Cheats With Neighbor
LOCATION: handoverfist99 - USA
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Hey there, I have something to tell everyone and that I am happy, actually very happy. Now people would ask why are you happy, and the answer is my wife cheats. Most people would find that strange and even I would at one time except of how things turned out. So let me just tell you of what’s been happening in my life and I will start by filling you in. Rick is my name and I am 42 while my wife Heather is 40 and we have been married for 19 years, we met at college dated and had limited sexual experiences with other people before we married. Now my wife is a nice looking woman, black hair and green eyes, she has a one nice body at 40, her ass is slightly large size but its nice and round and i love it, I love ass and I will explain more of that later. Both of us work but my wife has only had part time jobs in her life because she wanted be home when our daughter came home from school over the years. But our daughter is now grown and living on her own for the past year, which seems to be the beginning of this whole experience I am sharing with you. Sexually my wife and I had sex about two or three times a week most of our our marriage but it had slowed down over the previous years but the sex was still good. My wife has never been the one for anything like anal, bondage, rough sex or other things of that nature. But again over the last year she relented and wanted anal sex and even things somewhat rough even though she had turned me down through out most of our marriage.

Of course for me sex has become much better since of my wife’s change in attitude about it. My wife and I have lived in our home for about 12 years and we know our neighbors well, but we are close to one family and that is our neighbor Karen who is divorced and has one son and daughter, Jason 18 and Samantha 19. They are almost like family because we have helped each other and been involved in school activities together, like football games. Myself I have fixed both k**s bikes when they were little, done some repairs on their house, my wife has bandaged there cuts, scapes when they hurt themselves so they are also like our own k**s because they used to play with my daughter. Karen is a nice looking woman herself, her hair is a brownness red and she has pretty green eyes, while Samantha or Sam for short has slight curly red hair, blue eyes and fair skin. Jason is 5’ 11” has the brownish red hair like his mother and the green eyes and built from playing sports which Ive seen him play over the years. I know the girls like him because he does have something about him, in the way he carries himself, he always seems to be confident in his abilities or in everything he does. l never knew their dad, maybe he had the blue eyes which Sam got and the confidence Jason had. As I said we are close because I know almost anything about them.

It’s been about 11 to 12 months when my daughter moved out of the house and my wife of course missed my daughter not being at home anymore. Heather changed after that looking back on it now. I have to say something here, I do have some sexual fantasizes which I have shared with my wife, all but one, One thing I have always been turned on by is young men with older women, when I was young I always wished I could have had sex with older women because it always got me so horny. I even went further and told her of my mommy and son fantasy. I finally ended up sharing this fantasy with my wife when we were in bed together and just had sex, because she asked me what I thought my strangest fantasy was. Well when I told her she did not believe it or she was surprised by it. That a young man would want an older woman, which I explained many young men do have that same sexual fantasy and she said ”really, they do” sounding some what receptive to it as I assured her it was true. While having coffee later in the day she bought it up again to me. i assure her a second time it was not uncommon for sons to lust after their own mothers or women more then double their age. Well that was a while back and it never came to light again with me and my wife, meaning she never talked about it to me anymore. But one strange thing did happened several months back. During sex she was highly aroused and moaning, when I thought I hear Heather say softy “fuck mommy”. i didn’t question it later because I was not sure she really said it, but just thinking she did really got me going more and our sex was terrific and carried on for several hours.

My work is full time so I don’t get home until 5:30 or even 6 with traffic sometimes where Heather would have dinner waiting but she seemed to be somewhat in her own world at times when we ate together, she stayed on the internet a lot more while I watched tv and even sometimes after I went to bed. She still does this today and I never really thought anything about it until later on. One day while I as off from work and my wife was working I saw Sam with her car, its an older model and it had problems with it and I knew she needed help, so I came over and asked her what was wrong which she told me it was having problems starting. I ended up jumping it and got it going but the battery did not seem to hold a charge well so i told her she needed to get a new one. Of course she didn’t have the money and being she was like my own daughter I told I would buy her one and she promised to pay me back for it. Well anyway she and I took my truck down to the auto place and I bought her a new battery and she thanked me and offered to buy me something to eat. So i told her yes and we went inside a place and got a burger and sat there and ate. We started chatting about things, laughing and having a very good time,I asked her how she was going and she replied “great”, but I noticed something seemed funny when my wife’s name came up, as if she wanted to tell me something, I asked her and she just said its was nothing and we talked some more, but still I noticed she seemed to be bothered when I mentioned my wife, so I asked again. This time she said, “alright, but you will not like it, but I think I need to tell you anyway”. I asked her what it was. “I have always thought of you as my dad which is why I need to tell you, Heather is fucking around on you. “What?” I laughed, “no not Heather”, Sam nodded her head and said “yes she is”, “oh and how do you know”, I asked her , “because I know who it is or who they are and I’ve seen video of them.

“Video”, how do you see video of my wife and who it is or who are they?” I said to her. “Nobody goes anywhere these days without a cellphone “she said, I still doubted her, but that seemed to make her more determined to prove herself right. “You think I would lie to you” she asked. “Well no” I said, “how long have you known about this”. Six or seven months she replied. “You been like real dad to me and I just don’t feel right knowing something like this and not telling you about it”. “Well I still don’t believe that about Heather,” I told her, “but thanks for thinking of me as your dad because I do think of myself as him in many ways”. “So you do think I am making it up?, I will get you proof of what I said. “How” I asked, “well I will get the video and show it to you myself. “Ok do that” I told her, “how soon can you get it”, “it may take a few days but i will get it”, she assured me. When you get let me know, I said to her as if casting it off as nothing. Sam nodded her head saying “you will see” .

But it didn’t drop there. “You said you saw it” I said to her. “Well its actually about 13 videos now ,but only 7 when I first found them along with some pics and some text messages, but the first two videos don’t really show anything. She went on to explain it to me, “well Jason had a football game last year and you did not go because of you working. “ Heather came with us, it was me, my mom, Jason his friend Sean. “The game was canceled because it rained so hard and so windy before it was supposed to start that they called it off”. What happen”, I said. then Sam started to explain the video. Jason as using his phone to record us and it shows us all in the SUV laughing and talking, including Heather”. “My mom ended up dropping them off in front of the house, after she and I decided to do some shopping instead” . “That was the first video, the second just shows them all over at your house and Heather is making them some sandwiches and getting them something to drink. So! , I said to her. “Ok, but the next one is where things happen. It starts with a lot of talking and camera looks like someone turned it on quickly because the camera moving a lot but you can hear Sean saying to Jason ,”show her”, “show her”, as if egging him on. “Where was my wife”, I asked, “She’s standing near Jason” as they come into view on the camera “What was he doing” I asked, really wanting to hear it. “Jason has pants open and his hand in his shorts. “Then you can hear Sean say, “show her, pull it out Jason let her see it”. Then my brother pulls out his cock which is hard for Heather to look at, who from what I can tell wanted him to also see it as she is now standing in front of him, then you hear “it is big” from Heather. You can see she’s smiling and joking with them before the camera, she then says “ I see I am going to have to do something about this”, just before heather gets on her knees and took my brothers cock in her hand and stokes it a few times . Heather then says “I shouldn’t be doing this for you”, but starts sucking my brothers cock while Sean saying something like” yeah, suck it Mrs. Greer ”. Heather sucks my brother, while he holds her head and starts fucking her mouth. And!, I was getting excited hoping Sam didn’t notice. Sam again tells me more “Jason ends up cumming in her mouth”and you can tell she swallowed it and then licks his cock up and down before looking at Sean and saying “I suppose you got all of that”. “Is that all, was she finished i asked. No, after she finishes licking it she says well “I’ve given into my own temptation and gone this far, so anything else I do is easy. She then ask them both to come into the bedroom, where the video drops down to the floor and starts to moving, then ends. Anything more. “A lot more, but I thought you doubted me. “Well I do”, i told her. “Bullshit!, you know it’s true, Sam said. I didn’t argue with her, but just told her we better go.

Well we left the place and she took my hand with her own and walked with me side by side and saying , “i wish you were my real dad “,which I smiled and thanked her. In the cab of the truck we k**ded while driving back about other things and then she leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and said she would be a wonderful daughter for me, which I guess I misunderstood her in a way at that time. I installed the battery which was the problem and she thanked me again and hugged me before I said to her that I had to go, making my way back to my house. Then she called out to me, “remember when I get it I will show you and you will see”. I nodded but didn’t say anything and went inside. My mind did questioned the reality of what she told me and I began to wonder about things my wife might be doing, so I thought I would satisfy my curious side over this.

I did get up in the middle of the night a few days when she did not come to bed and found her still on the computer although she didn’t know I was there. I managed to get off work early one day, to find her home and cooking my dinner, called her a few times and she always did answer. So It seemed to me that Sam had been pulling my leg because I never even saw Jason much around these days anyway and a couple weeks passed and I saw nothing that would be suspect to her story and still no videos. I could not resist teasing Sam for making me suspecting Heather, but that made her angry at me and she said “fuck you , fuck you Rick”, I didn’t lie, it’s just hard to show you because he always has his phone with him . Hey clam down I said, why don’t we just forget the whole thing because you were just k**ding me. “You son of bitch, it’s not a joke, I could tell you got excited with me telling you about it ”. I am getting that video for you and you can see for yourself, Going to get it when he goes to sleep and then I will text you and you meet me on our back patio deck. Jason should be asleep by at-least one, then I can steal his phone and show you. My heart began to race little and thought is she really telling me the truth by going this far to text me and wanted me to come over.. Ok, you’re are on . Then I prodded her for more information because it did turn me on when she told me these things and she gave me a look and chuckled ,”Heather has some interesting fantasies”. .Since my wife never told me of any I wanted to know what they were. “Older woman and young boys, my eyes opened wide and Sam could tell something as there, it seems my fantasy had become part of Sam’s story she was telling me. I could not stop asking her now and she knew it. She told me more of some text messages, saying Heather texted to her brother “mommy’s been bad and needs a spanking”. Fuck my cock was so hard now and Sam knew what was going on and just gave me big smile. I made an excuse and told her I had to go, which she being a smart ass, she said “sure, I am know you got something more important to take care of.

I immediately went back inside my house and to the laundry hamper my wife uses and took out a pair of Heather’s dirty panties, which smelled like pussy and were dried in the crotch from her juices. I laid back on the bed and held them to my nose and wrapped my hand around my cock and stroked it up and down building up my excitement further over images in my mind of my wife which Sam had created by telling me nasty things about her and what she had done. Making me so hard and as big as I have ever seen myself. I sniffed her dirty panties and sucked on the dried juices within them thinking of Jason pounding my wives hairy pussy while she performed my fantasy for him. It didn’t take long and I came like a geyser with two large steaming squirts all over me and the bed. My wife would becoming home in an hour of so and I didn’t want her to see the bed that way so i stripped it and washed the sheets and blankets. Of course when Heather did get there i was horny again and wanted to attack that ass of hers. But I thought if anything was to happens as Sam had told me, we better not have sex so my wife would be good and horny for Jason, if ever they planned to meet again.