TITLE: Submissive Veronica
LOCATION: Troy - Australia
AGE: 22 - 30
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I met Veronica in a vineyard when we were both picking grapes due to a high unemployment rate where I lived at the time. There were a number of us out there picking grapes (shit job don’t do it) and one day I noticed a new girl who had joined the crew along with her mum. Her mum was a grumpy old thing but Veronica had what I noticed to be a great body. She definitely didn’t show it off and was quite subdued and didn’t say much. She was very shy but I could see she had a great set of C cup tits and a nice perky arse. She was by all means a normal sized girl for her early twenties. On the day I saw her she was wearing a large brimmed hat, long sleeve shirt and long pants. Hardly anything to see which was a pity. Once I noticed her I thought to myself I want to fuck this girl and see how things eventuate. I slowly worked my way towards her and said “hi how are you?”. She looked a bit freaked out by it but said that she was good. We just did some small talk when after a while I said I was going to the drive in this coming Saturday night and if she wanted to join. She looked pretty happy about this and said yes. Great ill pick you up on my way through.

Saturday night arrived and I went to her house. Knocked on the door and she answered. Man she was one boring dresser. She had no sense of fashion and could really do with a hair style but what the heck lets go to the drive in and watch a movie. So we arrive at the drive in and the movie is about to start. I said should we hop in the back to which she said sure with a smile on her face. It was a relatively cold night so I bought a blanket to keep us warm. Anyways during the movie I thought I will make a move and went to kiss her. To my surprise she had no idea on how to kiss. WTF? She was a complete and utter virgin and had never been kissed. Surely not? Anyways I said would you mind if I showed you how to kiss? So we eventually end up pashing in the back and I thought to myself I got to feel those nice perky tits. I worked slowly up to her tits and I could feel her breath get faster. I ran my hands over them and she just went with it. I then went under her shirt, played with her tits some more and then pulled down her bras to get a good feel. Great tits! Nice and perky and a good handful but not too much.

After playing with her tits for a while I thought lets see what happens if I run my hands down between her legs. I slowly worked my way down to between her legs and she stopped kissing me. She wasn’t sure what was happening. I said I was just going to have a play with her pussy and she may like it. She went back to kissing me and I slowly undid her zip, eventually pulled them down enough to get good access to her pussy and pulled her knickers to the side. I ran my finger up and down her pussy pressing gently on her clit. She sighed and I could feel her pussy getting real wet. I put a finger in her pussy and started massaging her G spot whilst also playing with her clit. She was groaning more and more and after a short while tensed up and came all over my hand! She then told me she had never had an orgasm before and even much more to my surprise had never played with herself! Surely not?? Shit was she for real? Anyways I needed to cum and quick. I was rock hard. I’m not massive but have a good average sized cock which also has a good circumference ive been told. It also gets rock hard.

So I grab her hand gently and move it to my aching cock on the outside of my jeans. She has no idea what to do. So I instruct her on how to play with my cock. She starts to squeeze it and gently massages it on the outside of my jeans. I’m going to blow my load if this keeps going but I need to release my cock from my jeans. I undo my zip and pull my jeans down to expose my undies. She keeps playing with it not really knowing what she is doing. I ask her do you know what to do? She says no she has never felt or seen a dick. Man this show keeps getting weirder lol. So I pull down my jocks and expose my raging hard cock. I show her what to do by pulling up and down on it and to do it at a nice firm but gentle pace. After a while I get close to the point of no return and lift up my shirt and rope after rope of cum goes flying everywhere all over her hand and all over me! Man that felt good! I had cum all over my stomach and all over her hand. I cum big and always have. She has never seen cum so was quite surprised when it happened. I told her what it was and what she did felt great. She smiled. I gave her some tissues to clean up and also cleaned myself up at the same time. I thought to myself this is enough for tonight ill show her some more next time we catch up. Don’t want to over do it ;)

To this day I still cant believe where we started and eventually how far I took her. I have plenty more stories on Veronica to cum. I still masturbate over her to this day and we have been apart now for over 15 years. I have no idea where she is or what she is doing now. Veronica if you read this we have to catch up :)