TITLE: Izzy's Journey
LOCATION: Queendonk - Indiana, USA
AGE: 31 - 40
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“Mmm don’t stop, I’m going to cum.” He moaned and held my head down, exploding down my throat.

“Shit, Jack, I told you it’s extra for me to swallow. You got the cash? Jesus.”

He smiled at me and opened his wallet, tossing a hundred-dollar bill in my direction, “Happy now? I can’t help it, you’re too good, baby. Sametime next week?” the congressman slipped his pants back on and straightened his tie.

“Same bat place, same bat channel.” I said with a wink and walked out the door, my heels clicking on the pavement as I ran-walked to my car. It wasn’t the nicest vehicle, but it got the job done. “Yeah?” I said, answering my phone, “I’m back in my office, I’ll be at his place in like 20. I just need to grab a snack and brush my teeth, Jack was up to his usual shit, but at least he paid me for it this time.”

I put my car into drive and left the motel, my stomach growling. I decided to stop and grab a burger before meeting my next client. He tends to wear me out, and as it turns out, you can’t live on sperm alone. Go ahead, google it. I pulled up to my restaurant of choice (by restaurant I mean fast food) and got myself a baconator. God’s greatest gift to humans, aside from me, of course. I pretty much inhaled it, considering my throat was already stretched out. Ha-ha. Defuckinglicious.

“Alright, time for the main event,” I said to myself, turning my music up and lighting a doobie. I was 3 minutes away from my clients home when I saw the flashing red and blues, “Shit, was I speeding?” I muttered to myself.

The officer tapped on my window and I rolled them down, “License and registration, ma’am.”

“It’s in the back so I have to get out and actually dig around, I just switched vehicles over and someone had tossed my glove compartment.”

“Out of the vehicle, hands on the hood ma’am,” she said without hesitation.

**Now, let’s take a second and understand that in my profession I sometimes dress…quite provocative. It just goes with the territory. I usually keep a change of clothes in the car but just hadn’t found the time to change. Figures.**

I got out of my haven, and exposed myself to the elements, my skirt barely covering my round ass, my breasts ready to make their entrance and any moment. The thrill of it was intense, knowing if I bent over anymore, I would be exposing my most intimate parts. Yes, I know I get paid for it, but it’s part of the consent thing. I wasn’t really consenting to being exposed like this, bent over on the side of the road, my pussy millimeters away from saying hi to the world. And it was making me wet. My clit was beginning to tingle, and I could feel my body heating up.

“Do you consent to me frisking you, ma’am. I can’t be sure you don’t have a weapon.” She said, slipping a latex glove on.

“Whatever you need officer,” I said with a smile.

Her hands caressed my upper body, stopping to cup my breasts.

“Ma’am, I need you to remove your top, you could be hiding a weapon under or between your bosom.”

“Ummm, I’m naked under here and we’re in the middle of the road.”

“Ma’am I need you to comply or I’ll have to place you under arrest. There’s no one out here, my safety is the bigger concern. Either you take it off or I’ll take it off.”

I nodded and took my top off. My erect nipples saying hello to the world.

“Hmm,” She said tracing my nipple with her gloved hand, “Nothing hidden here, great rack though. Turn around and spread your legs, shoulder width apart then bend over.

“Oh fuck.” I thought, my mom was right, I really should always wear panties in case of emergency.

I bent over, my breasts resting on the cold hood of the car, my tiny skirt no longer hiding a thing.

“Miss, are you hiding anything in you?”

“What, in me? No.”

“I’m going to have to check anyhow, I’ve seen many women hide weapons in orifices. This is routine procedure.” She said as she began to rub my clit.

“Umm that’s my clit, are you sure this is totally normal,” I said, fighting back moans.

She rubbed harder, “Mmhmm, the lubrication helps with the investigation.”

“Ohhh”, a moan slipped out of my mouth.

“Sshh.” She used her free hand to press my body flush against the hood and inserted two fingers into my cunt.

I moaned again.

“Nope nothing hidden in here, but you need to be punished for speeding. And there’s only one way to punish a slut like you.” She began to finger my pussy harder, and faster, stopping every so often to add another finger. It wasn’t long before she was fisting me on the side of the road. I couldn’t stop cumming. It was squirting all over the patrol car, the ground, dripping down my legs. Finally, I heard the rumbling of a truck and got hopeful that she’d stop. She didn’t. The truck stopped though.

“She’s ready for you. I don’t think she can walk after that.”

I heard a truck door close and the sound of gravel crunching under a heavy boot.

“Mm mm there’s my girl. Did you enjoy my surprise?”