TITLE: We Had To Be Quiet
LOCATION: Fisted Kitten - USA
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I secretly dated a girl named Marie while I still lived with my parents. She was curvy with beautiful bell shaped DD breasts and hips to die for. I was not quite as curvy, but had an hourglass figure and large, perky DDDs.
We planned a sleepover at my place with a friend one night. My girlfriend and I were joking with our friend Tish about girls being more fun. She didn't know we fooled around.
We were drinking Boone's farm and laughing. We all took a bath together in the garden tub of my mom's room Afterward, we were putting on lotion...
In various stages of undress. Towels wrapped, wife beaters, boxer shorts. She was more modest than my gf. The friend was sitting on the floor of the bedroom. Marie was standing and kicked her leg up on the bed. Her towel barely covering anything, I caught Tish peeking between her thighs...
I asked her if she ever kissed a girl. Marie whipped her head around like wtf are you doing.
"Come on, we can show her. Itll be fun" I was slightly drunk or I would never have been so bold.
She looks kind of confused and then her face changed and her eyelids dropped a little. She smirked and dropped her towel.
"Do you want to play with us, it'll feel good. If you don't like it, we can stop and never say a word about it."
I had on boxers and no top. Marie sauntered over to me and put her arms around my waste, pressing her tits against mine. She kissed my neck and then kissed my lips. I kissed her back, sneaking my tongue into her mouth. Biting her lower lip and sucking on it.
Tish had her eyes wide and her mouth fell open slightly, leaving her lips separated enough for her nervous tongue to dart out, moistening her bottom lip. She was wearing a tank top and boy shorts, still sitting on the floor.
Marie's hands were wandering now as her mouth traveled down my neck, biting and sucking. She left several marks on my neck and breasts.
She slid her hand in the back of my shorts and squeezed my ass while her other hand played with my nipples. I know I was breathing so hard.
I pushed her away slightly and kiss her before grabbing the comforter and throwing it down on the floor. I kneeled down in front of Tish.
I was shaking like a leaf. I had no idea what was going to happen or how far this was going to go, but I was soaking wet with excitement.
She had one hand under her tank top nervously playing with her own nipple. Her other hand was on her knee.
I grabbed her hand off her knee and lifted it towards me. Marie got in the floor with us, but kneeling behind me to begin with.
She grabbed my tits from behind and sort of lifted them towards Tish as I was grabbing her hand. She just barely cupped one of my breasts and gasped. I think she was shocked that we were actually doing this.
Her hand was still under her shirt. I reached forward and lifted her tank top. She obliged and raised her arms eagerly. Her tank top slid up exposing nice C cups breasts with half dollar sized dark pink nipples.
I scooted forward until one of my knees was between her legs and the other was against her hip. Marie wasn't far behind me. We each took a nipple in our mouths and worked Tish over with our hands. Her hands had begun shyly exploring our bodies as well.
My hand found Marie's knee next to mine and slid up and back towards her girl parts.
She was completely nude. It didn't take long for her to part her thighs for me. She was so fucking wet!
I slid 2 fingers inside of her and my palm was against her clit. She rocked back and forth, fucking herself with my fingers while we fondled and kissed Tish. I kissed her mouth and ran my tongue across her lips. Her chest was rising and falling with each ragged breath.
I eased my hands across her bottom and gently prodded her to sit up on her knees. I slid her shorts down to her knees and she wiggled them down her calves and over her feet.
My shorts were soaking wet. I found myself rocking my clit back and forth on my heel. I just needed some pressure there! I turned and kissed Marie and she lifted her breast to my mouth. She came on my fingers. I could feel her squeezing me.
Tish was anxiously rubbing up and down my thigh. She acted like she wanted to touch me but she was nervous.
I took my soaked fingers out of Marie and rubbed them on Tish's nipple before eagerly sucking it into my mouth. Marie took my fingers, still wet and put them in Tish's mouth. She licked hesitantly and then groaned and sucked each one completely.
I was the only one left with shorts on. Marie urged me to take them off and she laid me down next to kneeling Tish. She spread my legs apart. Tish was leaning down and grabbed my nipples one with her teeth, the other with her fingers. She gently massaged and teased them.
Marie grabbed Tish's hand away from my tit. "You should feel how wet she is before I eat it."
Her fingers slid up and down between my swollen lips. I was so slick with pussy juice. I rocked against her hand and she slid a finger inside of me.
Marie was on her knees, ass in the air chest down, face right between my legs watching Tish finger me more and more confidently.
My hand moves over next to me and I find Tish. Her legs are already parted. I cup her sex with my hand and just press against it, feeling its heat and wetness.
I roll to my side a little and urge her to slide more towards me. I want her to sit on my face, but I don't know how to tell her. Her fingers are sliding in and out vigorously. I can feel myself swelling in anticipation.
I roll to the side slightly and kiss the pad above Tish's sweet, wet pussy. I dart my tongue into the crease and her legs start shaking.
I pull her knee and Marie steadies her as she finally swings her leg over my face. Her pussy was literally dripping. When her legs spread, a few drops splashed on my face. She is bending at the waist and watching her fingers play with me.
I lifted my head and wrapped my arms around her hips for leverage. I buried my tongue in her hole. I wanted to taste her so bad. I had only ever tasted myself and Marie. It was wonderful. When my tongue parted her lips further, the juices just flowed down. I lapped them up and spread them all around her pussy.
She stopped fingering me and just held completely still. I focused only her clit after I spread her juices all over. It was a hard little bud under my tongue, flicking back and forth.
Suddenly, Marie's tongue is on my clit. She pulled Tish's hands around my thigh so her fingers were going into me from the side. She added one of her own fingers in with Tish's and started rubbing upward towards my clit. I don't know that I've ever found my "gspot" but that is a nice motion to make, like a come here.
Her tongue knew my body well and she licked me just right. I loved what was happening. I kept trying to focus on Tish. I wanted to make her cum. I could feel her tensing up like I was close.
I wrapped my arm around her thigh and slid my fingers inside of her wetness while I continued to lap at her clit. She started rocking her hips. I let her do the work. Marie hand grazed across my belly and I could feel her teasing one of Tish's nipples.
Tish was rocking on my face grinding down on my tongue. I almost couldn't breath, but I wanted her to cum so bad I just gulped air when she was on the up stroke. I started arching my hips up towards Marie's constant, steady come here motion. It felt delicious. I was bathing in Tish's fragrance and about to cum in my girlfriend's mouth.
When Tish finally came, it was exquisite. I could feel and see her throbbing and her juices running out and down tongue. I swallowed over and over again. She was so sensitive when my tongue touched her again. She couldn't stand it. She shakily unstraddled my face and joined Marie between my legs. Marie kissed her sloppily with her wet mouth. I sat up on my elbows and watched.
It was the hottest thing I've ever seen. 2 girls kissing with my juice all over their faces.
I couldn't hear her, but I guess Tish said she wanted to try. Soon she was lying on her stomach and barely touching me with her tongue. Marie was moving up. She kissed me, pushing her tongue between my lips. I could taste my own pussy on her mouth. Her hands were on my tits.
She told me she wanted to cum on my tongue. She could always talk so dirty. My words get stuck in my throat.
She straddled my face and she leaned forward. Pressing her tits into my stomach. She was whispering to Tish. Her pussy was so pretty. She always got so very wet. I just teased her with my fingers while she held me open for Tish.
Tish started pressing deeper into me, adding a little more pressure. Her tongue found my hole and Marie held her hair and led her to push it deep inside of me.
When she came up out of my hole, she ran her tongue up between my lips and found my hard, swollen clit. She worked it over really nicely. She sucked it between her teeth and moved her tongue quickly back and forth against it.
I was almost bucking against Tish's tongue but Marie held me steady with her arms pressed into my thighs. I put my whole mouth around Marie. Sucking hard. Filling my mouth with her.
I sucked on her to keep from squealing. I was losing my mind. I wanted to cum, but it wasn't working. My juices and their spit were running down my ass, leaving a puddle underneath me.
I started trying to focus and work on Marie. I wanted to taste 2 girls cum. I would've let them just take turns riding my face.
I felt her clit growing as I sucked gently. I wanted her to rock on my tongue. I grabbed her hips and encouraged her movement.
She didn't hesitate to feed me her pussy, rubbing herself from hole to clit against my tongue and lips.
Tish lifted her head and started fingering me again. Marie alternated between tonguing my clit and rubbing it with several fingers back and forth.
My legs were trying to close desperately. I was so sensitive. She wouldn't let me. She knew I would cum.
She rocked on my mouth and Tish slid her hands up my body and started squeezing my nipples. I could hardly stand it. I felt Marie's breathing grow ragged again. I knew she was close. I started playing with her nipples too.
When Marie came on my tongue, her stroke on my clit got more firm. I couldn't hold it anymore! I came all over Tish's fingers. Drenched her hand. Marie bent down and lapped at my pussy while I came for what felt like minutes.
Tish just laid her head on my thigh and cuddled up to my other leg. Marie collapsed onto me and then rolled to the side, also laying her head on my thigh. My legs trembled in the afterglow. I couldn't believe what we had done. We dozed lying nude on the floor in a pool of mixed girl cum and saliva without a care in the world.
We fooled around a little bit more over that weekend. Nothing quite so amazing due to privacy.
Marie and I fooled around for years. Tish moved away shortly after this. I never heard from her again.
I do occasionally rub my clit and think about 2 girls cumming in my mouth in one night.