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To start with I’m a middle age white married woman. I’m extremely fit for my age. Barely over 5’ with 36 D tits a small waist and nice ass and muscled legs. It all comes from my cheerleading and gymnastics back in my school days. My husband and I have an excellent sex life. But he has been trying to cuckold me forever. He has always wanted me to fuck black men. So he always introduces fantasy into our sex. It always about me being slutted out to blacks. I have played along with the fantasy but I always let him know that I don’t have any desire to do this in real life.
Now for the truth. I’m very afraid of going black because I don’t think I would ever stop after that first one. I’ve secretly been fighting off the urge to fuck every black man or boy I see all my life. It started back in Jr High. I was a blond hair blue eyes cheerleader/gymnast. I realized early on that I found the black boys cute. I was nice to everyone and was very popular around school. All the white boys wanted to go out with me but I couldn’t date anyone because my parents were so strict. Especially my mom. By the ninth grade my mother was taking me regularly to the doctor to make sure I was still a virgin. I think that gross old doctor put her up to it just because he wanted to touch me. Anyway there was no way I was ever going to be able to fuck anyone and get away with it. I was very a very horny young girl. I got myself off almost every day by rubbing my very sensitive clit. Never sticking anything inside me. But I wanted very badly.
Anyway like I said I was friendly to everyone so the black boys always talked to me and I was always nice to them just like I was to everyone. Secretly I loved getting attention from them. I loved the way they strutted around at the games. I cheered my little white ass off but nobody thought anything of it because I acted that way about the games all the time. I was just a great cheerleader. But secretly inside those black boys got me going.
I lived pretty close to school and we had a swimming pool. Now I got home about two hours before anyone else did every day but I was forbidden to go swimming unless someone else was home. But I could lay out and tan so I did that daily. I had a pink two piece swimsuit and pink pumps with 2” heels that I always wore to tan. Unless someone else was home then I would just wear flip flops. My mom thought the heels were slutty. So I’m laying out tanning one day and I hear noises coming from the back fence. I walked to the very tall fence and ask if someone was out there. Not a peep for a few seconds but then I heard it’s me Ben,.....Ben Smith. My heart skipped a few beats. Ben was one of the Black boys from school. I asked what he was doing. He said they were just cutting through the neighborhood by walking down the alley. I said “they” who else is with you. He said Terrence Jerome and Kevin. My heart raced. They were all black boys. I said ok see you at school. Ben said wait a minute, I heard you had a swimming pool. Yes we do but no swimming is allowed because no one else is home. Then I thought “Damn I shouldn’t have mentioned that little fact. Ben asked if they could see it. I don’t think that’s a good idea I said. Please please just a look. This went on and on until I finally said just a quick look but then y’all will have to go before I get in trouble.
So I opened the gate and they strutted right in. ( oh my god they looked good) I said there it is now you have to go. Not so fast girl we just got here. I know but I’ll get in bad trouble if someone catches you here. Why because we’re black Kevin asked. No I can’t have any company if no one else is home I replied. Damn that’s a pretty sexy little swimsuit you have on Terrence blurted out. Thank you I said stammering. Now go please. But they all four just sat down like they owned the place. Don’t worry we’re fixing to leave just lay back down and continue toget your fine ass nice and tan Ben ordered. I sat down but all four were very close and I became very nervous. Suddenly I felt a hand on the small of my back. I jerked a little but then another black hand was on my leg then another on my arm. I felt like they were trying to hold me down. Let’s stop this right now and y’all leave I demanded. No response. Now they were beginning to kind of rub their hands on my bare skin. ( god it felt so good) I tried to move but I could tell that they weren’t w to let me. The rubbing intensified and my virgin pussy was beginning to betray me. It was getting very moist. Suddenly I stood up and said now that was really nice guys but nothing is gonna happen and y’all have to go. Ben grabbed my arm and pulled me back down very quickly. He said now we know you like us and your always teasing us with that nice little ass. But but but I like everyone and I’m not trying to tease anyone I kinda mumbled. It’s all right girl you’re about to like us a lot more. I struggled to my feet but he was still holding my arm. It’s like this I’m a virgin and my mom has me checked out by the doctor all the time so nothing like your thinking about is going to happen. Ben’s tone changed and he asked me to sit back down. He said they would not do anything to me if I would just let them touch me and kiss me. I said you promise? I have your word that your not going to try and fuck me? I still can’t believe I said that word out loud. All four laughed and said we promise at the same time. I sat back down. Deep inside of me I just wanted to spread my legs and take all four of those black cocks in my pussy. The touching and rubbing began instantly but this time I relaxed and let them have what they wanted. I knew that my tits were going to be next. My breathing was picking up fast almost panting like a bitch in heat. Then there it was a black hand fondling my now exposed breast. I was in heaven. My pussy began to steam with desire. I have eight black hands exploring my small white body. Ben was the first to kiss me. Our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I was in love with this feeling. They each took turns kissing me and sucking on my very hard nipples. They passed me around making out over and over. I couldn’t even catch my breath. Then they lay me down and started to pull off my bottoms. I grabbed at them and cried you promised. Don’t worry we’re not gonna fuck you but we are going to make you feel really good. I relaxed again and let them continue to take off my bottoms. There I was completely naked with four black boys having their way with my tiny white body. Then I felt the tip of someone’s tongue touching my pussy. My hips pushed upwards and he began eat my pussy like it was a steak. I just couldn’t help myself i grabbed at his head and started grinding my pussy on his mouth. I came so hard. Then they started taking turns at eating my pussy. I lost track of the orgasms I had. Finally they stopped. But in a way I was sad. I have never felt that kind of intense pleasure and I didn’t want it to end. I slowly opened my eyes still so horny. What I saw changed me forever. Four extremely hard and large black cocks pointing directly at me. The slut in me took over. I have never really seen a cock being sucked but I had to try it. I took the first into my mouth. It was so delicious. I did my very best to make love to that black cock with my mouth. Soon they were fighting to get those Black rods in my mouth. I was sucking and licking for all I was worth. Soon I had a cock in each hand while one was in my mouth. Someone was constantly rubbing my clit. They changed positions regularly from my mouth to my hand. I didn’t know who’s cock I was sucking or who’s cock I was jacking off. I did not want this to end. Then the cock in my mouth tensed up and exploded. Cum started to pour out of my mouth. Instinctively I swallowed. Then taste was exquisite. I wanted more. Another took his place. I drained each beautiful black cock one at a time. I could not swallow all the cum. It was all over my naked body. I started to rub it into my skin. I was still delirious with lust even after cumming so many times. We all started to settle down.
The boys started to explain that they had been watching me sunbathing for several weeks through little holes in the fence. I just happened to catch them today. I responded that I was glad I did. So we worked out a plan that if I was wearing my pink heels that meant the coast was clear and we were going to have a great time. I was hooked on those black cocks from that day on. I made love to those black boys for almost two years. I came really close to letting them fuck me but I never actually let them inside me. Then we moved away suddenly. I finished high school in another town. I continued to cheer and do gymnastics but I didn’t hook up with any Black boys in my new town. Maybe because I knew I couldn’t trust myself. I did a little college but then decided to move away from home and took a job as a secretary in a law office. Then I got married and settled down. When my husband brings his little BBC gangbang fantasies into our marital bed little does he know what’s really going through my mind.
Sometime I may decide to tell the story about the one black cock that actually did fuck me before I met my husband. But I may just keep that one for myself.