TITLE: Coming Home To Getting Cuckolded
LOCATION: betabf - USA
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Not long after my girlfriend started cuckolding me there were some times she surprised me with her lover and I ended up watching them have sex when I wasn’t expecting to. I got the slight impression that she may have done this more for herself in many ways and made it a “surprise” for me out of convenience. But I was too much the cuckold to raise any type of objection to her behavior, which made my dick rock hard. On this occasion, I’d had a long day and was looking forward to an evening at home with the woman I love. I’d called her before I left on my way but she didn’t answer. As I was on the way there I figured we’d have dinner, watch a movie, and maybe make some sweet love to end the day (oh yeah!). When I arrived home, my friend’s very nice, perfectly washed car was parked outside. I sighed as I pulled in, and before I went inside I closed my eyes for a moment trying to let it sink in but my heart just kept beating faster and faster. I knew there wasn’t anything I could do to stop what would be happening the rest of the night and so I might as well make the best of it.

I walked in to my bedroom and saw them kissing. Her pants were undone and his hand was down there, playing with her pussy. She was obviously really into it. I stood there feeling like I was interrupting but also transfixed by the scene, surprised at how quickly things had progressed before I’d even arrived. They looked at me, got up, and went into the living room. She pecked me on the cheek as they passed by, saying hello and innocently informing me that her lover was there, as if I hadn’t noticed… For some reason it was then that the gravity of what was happening really started weighing down on me and I felt the pressure like I was standing between two giant magnets. She was about to get fucked. I waited for a moment not really knowing what to do. It felt a little odd that she had him over and they had already started without me even knowing anything about it. My thinking was interrupted when I heard them talking but couldn’t understand the words. I changed clothes and walked back into the living room where he was standing with his back against the wall as they embraced each other as close as possible and made out. As they were kissing he started rubbing and massaging her back and then grabbing her ass with both of his hands. I just basically stood there with my boner straining against my pants. Her long, beautiful hair swayed gently as she moved her head kissing him. His big hands and arms looked strong on her back and ass. I felt the cuckold burn as I watched them.
I watched them kissing and feeling each other for a little bit. Then he slowly brought one of his hands up really high in the air, almost straight up over his head, and then brought it swiftly down and stopped inches from her ass cheek. He did this several times and then finally when he brought his hand down he smacked her ass really hard. She moaned in response but didn’t stop kissing him. He did that whole routine a couple times more, very slowly raising his hand, rocketing his hand down to fake smack her ass a few times, then raising it high and really spanking it hard as they made out. The sound of her stunning, gorgeous ass getting slapped like that rang out loud and it sounded painful. My heart was thumping in my chest.

They’d been making out in front of me for about ten minutes and the room was silent except for the rustling of their clothes and the sounds of their kisses. The air was thick with my cuckold jealousy and their connection. She broke their kiss to turn her head to the side, smiling, and looked at me. Before they went back to passionately kissing she said, in a calm, sexy voice, “Do you like to watch this, hon?” Her voice sounded like a slap in my face. I blushed a little as I silently stood there, digesting the irony, the taunt, the waves of realization that I was about to wait it out while my friend fucked my girlfriend right there in front of me. I was just going to watch and probably beat off. She was loving it all and so was he. A short time later I was outside of my own bedroom peeking through the door and beating off to the rhythm of the bed banging against the wall. My girlfriend’s moans filled the house and I had quietly gone up to see what I could see after listening for awhile. I could see her lying on the end of the bed as my fucking cocky friend handled her like I used to pretend to before they started cuckolding me. I hid behind the door tugging on my hard dick, hoping they wouldn’t see me. I watched as much as I could and grimaced repeatedly as angst, awe, pleasure, pain, sadness, and lust repeatedly rose and died in me. About fifteen minutes after that I was on my knees cumming into a towel in front of them as they relaxed on the bed.

As a cuckold, I felt embarrassed for my friend having shown me my place by taking my woman in ways I hadn’t really known she wanted, for losing her sexually to him, for him making her so happy, and for him knowing all of it. I had thought that my girlfriend was the one thing I really had over him now that his job and everything else was taking off so quickly. We’re good friends but at some point it gets difficult to see him succeed at everything while I seem to struggle so much more. It’s not like he didn’t basically have it all already and now… fucking her too? I didn’t exactly want their connection to be out in the open and real, I wanted it to be different, but there it was and I had already accepted it. However, on an even deeper level, my girlfriend is the most beautiful, intelligent, and attractive women on this planet. I’ve always known I’m lucky to have her. So when my friend and his charm and ability turn her on, when they flirt in front of my other friends, when she tells him he’s the king of her pussy as I hold our bed steady for the two of them… well, I’ve learned to adapt. I give in to the feeling of how much being a cuckold turns me on and I stroke my little dick to the sights and sounds of her enjoying life and getting the fucking of her dreams, which is exactly what she deserves.