TITLE: Unleashed
LOCATION: Ian - Australia
AGE: 41 - 50
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We have been married for three years and we have a very strong and loving relationship, Louise is my second wife and is twenty one years younger than me.
Our relationship is built on trust.
Previous to meeting me she had a boyfriend that she was very keen on, however he didn’t feel the same about her.
He was playing the field and eventually to my wife’s surprise he chose someone else. She, of course, was upset and felt rejected for quite a while.
Eventually we met and married.
She would occasionally get texts from this guy asking to meet up for a coffee or lunch. Louise ignored his messages but eventually she told me about them.
I told her there was no harm in catching up for a coffee.
They made plans and met up to have coffee and to discuss the past. Louise soon realised that this guy may have been having reservations about his marriage as that was all that he talked about, oh and of course, is wife was not sexy enough, didn’t dress provocatively and you guessed it, they hardly had sex anymore!
Who would have thought that’s where the conversation would lead.
We discussed these coffee dates at length and eventually Louise said that she needed to have sex with him to get rid of past demons.
Arrangements were made to meet at his house on Friday night as his wife and children had left for the coast for the weekend, he was to drive down the next day.
Louise dressed very provocatively with no underwear, she was the huntress and he was the prey!!
He had prepared dinner for them and after the meal and a few glasses of wine the finally managed to blurt out that “i can’t take my eyes of your breasts”.
“Why is that?” She asked.
“Your nipples are so erect and hard”
The dress that she wore has snaps that she undid and said, “is this what you mean?”
The trap had be sprung and he had no where to go.
Being the gentleman? He asked “can it touch them?”
Louise said “be my guest”
He quickly began caressing them and tweeting her nipples. His mouth went down and he began nibbling and sucking her nipples.
He wasn’t going to last long at this rate so she began to calm him down, but then thought the better of that and reached down and unzipped his pants to get access to his hard cock!
She stroked the length of it a couple of times before he asked, “can I ask a favour, will you suck my cock?”
She got between his legs and proceeded to take as much of him into her mouth as she could manage.
It was unbearable for him and he said, “I need to fuck you now!”
Louise stood, her dress falling to the floor, he pushed her back and down onto the couch, thrusting his cock into her whilst thumbing her clit.
He had a moment where guilt overwhelmed him, he said I can’t do it this way I have to be behind you”. He turned her around and plunged his cock deep inside her while she smiled wickedly and chuckled to herself.
She was right, he didn’t last long at all, things hadn’t improved since last time.
After things had settled down she pick up her things and left.
His question, “will there be a next time?” went unanswered.
When Louise arrived home she dragged me into the bedroom and fucked me silly!!
He has tried to contact her numerous times but to no avail.

Miss Dessert's Out Of Town Visitor - Australia
Miss Dessert's Out Of Town...
Date: 2012-05-07