TITLE: My Dear Love
LOCATION: DirtyOldTimer - USA
CLUBHOUSE: DirtyOldTimer
AGE: 51+
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As I sit here writing this note, I realize how much I really want you. You make me whole in ways that I never thought were possible. I drink in your glory with my eyes. I smell your heady aroma. I hear the tinkle of laughter in your voice. Your embrace ensnares me in a trap made of velvet, a trap I never want to escape.

As I think about your gorgeous breasts with their hardened nipples aroused by my mouth and tongue, my cock starts to grow and I release it from the confines of my underwear to let it bob free. Its purple head gets ever more engorged as I begin to dream of caressing you and kissing you from head to toe.

In my dream, I start kissing your face beginning with your eyes and nose. I then move to your ears and that sensitive spot on your neck, the spot that makes you arch yourself against me and hold me tighter. I pull away but only to kiss my way down to your two beautiful mounds with their hard dark pink peaks surrounded by the lighter skin of your breast. I pay homage to them as you moan and try to force more of your lovely tits into my mouth. Then, I dropped my mouth to the valley between them and kiss and lick my way further down your lovely body. My hands are everywhere and nowhere at all. My touch is so light that it, by itself, has you squirming, begging me for more of these wonderful feathery caresses.

My tongue worships your navel and I kissed and suck at it gently. Your body goes into small spasms as it reacts to the pleasure I am giving it. Your moans are growing louder and are like music to my ears.

As I dip my head even lower, I encounter the top of your unshaven pubic hair and bypass it going down the outside of your right leg. You groan your disappointment, but I continue downward worshipping the back of your knee and your calf. When I get to your feet, I take each toe and suck it as if it was a mini-penis. Your moans once again get louder. As I finish with your big toe and start up the inside of your leg, you make a grab for me head trying to pull me up, but I push your hands away admonishing you to let me love you at my own pace.

Once again, I reach your knee, but this time I am heading upward, up towards your womanhood, up towards the essence of your being. I start planting little feathery kisses along the tender inside of your thighs and approach nirvana. Your body is beginning it's dance of sex, but I by-pass your core and start down the inside of your left leg with my feathery little kisses. By the time I reach your feet and suck the toes of your left foot, you are ready to scream with joy and reach once more for me. Again, I deny you the pleasure of pulling me up. Again, I start kissing my way upward. When I reach your left knee, I move from the outside of your leg to your inner thigh. Again, I plant feathery little wisps of kisses on your leg, but this time I push your legs far agape and kiss my way up both of them at the same time.

I can smell you sex and feel the heat as I approach the soft lips covering the entrance to your womb. Your excitement has betrayed you and made your aroma even headier. My lust is rising as I approach the juncture formed by your legs. I taste your escaping juices and the tang makes my cock swell even more with anticipation. My tongue explores from your anus to your clit, lightly at first and then with more authority as our lust for each other rises.

I take a finger and gently widen the outer lips allowing my tongue to slip into your cunt’s opening and I taste even more of that delicious nectar, a nectar made for the gods, but reserved today only for my tongue. My tongue finds your clit and you almost come out of your seat as I press my tongue against this nubbin full of nerves. Your moans are louder and more constant as my tongue probes your depths. Your legs squeeze against my head trying to keep my tongue as far inside you as it can reach.

I probe your anus with a pussy juice drenched finger and the ring of muscle stems the invasion at first. Then I feel you relax and my finger sinks into the hot rear entrance to your body.

You can't stand the gentle torture any more and pull me forcefully up from my ministrations. You grab hold of my cock and bring it to your mouth. The head is a darker purple than I have ever seen it to be. My balls are tight against my scrotum. Orgasm is imminent, but you pinch off the base of my cock until the urge passes. You repeat this until I am ready to burst at the seams and then you remove your mouth from my prick.

Holding me tightly you guide my prick to your inner sanctum. I feel your hot pussy clasp my dick in its warm embrace as you pull me deep inside you, deep inside the fountain of life, the place of conception. You hold me tight not allowing any movement for several minutes, minutes that seem like eternity. Then with small slow movements you start fucking my cock.

I move my hips in a counterpoint to yours and we establish a rhythm that slowly increases in speed and force as our lust rises and threatens to overcome our mortal bodies, for what flesh and blood can withstand the primitive urge to reproduce? Our bodies are locked in a mortal combat that will end with both of us winning.

Our movements become faster and harder. Your slippery cunt walls milk my cock from the root to the slit at the tip. I can feel the cum building up within my balls. I can feel the added wetness of your pussy as your breath comes in shorter and shorter pants and gasps. We are both moaning our appreciation of the other as our movements become jerky and seemingly uncoordinated. Then your body stiffened and started a dance designed to draw the life giving liquid from my body. I oblige and flood your womb with the sperm seeking an egg to fertilize. My cock is harder than it ever has been in the past and I hold it deep within the confines of your clutching pussy. Your fingers dig into first my shoulders and then my buttocks as you seek to hold me where I don't want to leave.

Finally, we part with a soft plop and a stream of sperm finds its way out of your vagina. My dream comes to an end, but my cock is still being fondled by my own hands.

I cup my balls with one hand as I sit in my chair and stroke my stiffened dick with the other. I feel that familiar rush of sperm finding its way out of my body and my prick erupts splattering cum all over my body. I reach for a towel to clean myself up. Finding some cum on my finger, I stick my finger in my mouth finding that I do not mind the taste of my own sperm.

Then I finish this note to you and send it to you with all my love.